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Nintendo Download 08-09 September 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

More arcade classics for the Virtual Console and DSiWare gets the spotlight as WiiWare takes another holiday

For a second week running there's no new WiiWare titles for Japan, but at least there's two VCA titles for the Virtual Console on the way next Tuesday. DSiWare definitely gets the spotlight next week with multiple releases, though the majority are part of a new Nintendo lifestyle series.

Virtual Console
Argus no Senshi (Arcade, 800pts - Tecmo) -- Known elsewhere as RYGAR, this is one of Tecmo's most popular arcade games and it has a sequel on the Wii in the form of Rygar: The Battle of Argus.
Dragon Spirit (Arcade, 800pts - Namco) -- Another vertical shooter from Namco, this one sees you controlling a dragon in some kind of post-apocalyptic future fighting assorted critters on land, sea and air. There's a passable TG-16/PC Engine port on the Virtual Console already, but there's no doubt the arcade version will offer a superior experience.

200V Challenge Spirit Mahjong (200pts - Tasuke) -- A mahjong tournament game for only 200 points? Yes it seems so, though it is only single player.
Saikyoo Yokosuku Action Volume 1: Noroi no Game Chi (500pts - Square-Enix) & Saikyoo Yokosuku Action Volume 2: Noroi no Game Goku (500pts - Square-Enix) -- These are the "cursed games" from the full DS survival horror titles Nanshi no Game and Nanashi no Game Me presented on their own.
Kyoo Kara Hajimeru Facening: Kao Tore-mini 1-5 (500pts - Nintendo) -- Rather than list each one separately let's just say that Nintendo are publishing a series of 5 different facial exercise programs designed to make one look more beautiful/youthful. This seems to be a popular thing right now in Japan with the idea being to improve skin elasticity, etc. These programs run you through a few exercises each and use the camera to, uh, track your progress. Right. It's probably just better to see for yourself!

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TingLz said:

I wonder why there have been no WiiWare updates for a couple of weeks



TourianTourist said:

Retro styled games on WiiWare/DSiWare always get me excited, I hope Nintendo does this theirselves one day.



Ratengo said:

@lz2009: Japan got 14 WiiWare titles last month, so that service deserves a longer break. I'm happy to see that the Japanese VC service still does well compared to that one in Europe.



Madara said:

@Ratengo: Ah, That explains it. Japan has been getting good WiiWare anyways, so I guess they're stepping down for the sake of NoA+NoE.
Hopefully, some of the games might get an English release.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: I read 今日からはじめるフェイスニング 顔トレミニ as 'Kyou kara Hajimeru Facening: Kao Tore-mini' roughly translated 'Starting your facening today: Face mini training'. Am I correct or not...?



Sean_Aaron said:

I checked a couple of Kanji translation sites and "今日(こんにち) / these days, nowadays, now, at present, today" looks like the right translation to me, though I'll confess to not being fluent in Japanese. If we can get a third party to weigh in before changing that one I'd feel better if you don't mind. I use the following sites for my kanji checking:

With regard to Hajimeru you may well be correct; I was just assuming it was the "wa" particle so I'll get that corrected. I'm really not sure about that last kanji. Gan and Kao both appear to be valid readings; I'm really not sure which is more valid in this context, however the URL for the site does have kaotore_mini in it so I'll defer to you on that one as well.



Adam said:

Saikyoo Yokosuku Action is described as a platformer, but the screenshot is definitely of an overhead game. Do you use the map to get to platforming levels? Also, what's with the blank bottom screen? We really need to see that?



Ratengo said:

@Sean: Thank you for the second site, which seems include useful information so I'll bookmark it. I myself usually check on Rikai, there you can enter a web-address or paste some text in the box and later move the mouse over any kanji (not kana!) to see the reading and definition of each word. I have always wished that I could read and understand Japanese fluently but will sadly never be able to do that...!



Metang said:

@Superman: Please. Shut up, stop trolling, and do something with your "life".

Anyway, I can say this much: I am very jealous of Japan.



Kafei2006 said:

Am i the only one who noticed that Noroi no geemu is featured among the old school phases of gameplay in "Nanashi no Game Me", released recently in Japan (the sequel to the game where the characters play a cursed handheld video game which influences their real life, leading eventually to their death) ? Can't be a coincidence that they released this old school title just after they revived it from the ashes in their new DS game .



Kafei2006 said:

Oh wait sorry this is just a DSiware game, i thought it was a VC title. My bad . So let's just say it's a "side game" to accompany Nanashi no Game Me". Oh i get it now ! Play this DSiWare title, and you'll get cursed just like in the retail game ! Clever Square Enix .



Sean_Aaron said:

@Adam, from the few screens I've seen it looked like a mix of overhead and side-on action hence my referring to it as "adventure/platformer" to cover the bases!

@Ratengo: After consulting my Oxford Japanese Learning Dictionary I think your initial reading is more correct so the editors will hopefully correct that this week-end. I always appreciate the corrections; it's helped me improve a lot, but ultimately the multiple readings that kanji can have make it challenging when you lack real knowledge of the language; especially given some of the funny titles Japanese games can have! I should be starting "Let's Learn Kanji" this week -- should be fun!

@Kafei: Good catch. I did think it might be some kind of 8-bit port, but I couldn't find anything in casual googling.




why cant theese games make it to NA i would love to try that Saikyoo Yokosuku Action Volume 1: Noroi no Geemu Ketsu game! looks awesome!



Adamant said:

I translated the titles for someone else, so might as well post them here, too:

The Most Evil 2D Action Game Ever Volume 1: The Blood of Cursed Games
The Most Evil 2D Action Game Ever Volume 2: The Dungeon of Cursed Games

Let's Start Facening Today - Face Training Mini 1: Plain Small Face Course
Let's Start Facening Today - Face Training Mini 2: Lovely Smile Course
Let's Start Facening Today - Face Training Mini 3: Youthful Face Course
Let's Start Facening Today - Face Training Mini 4: Healthy Eyes and Mouth Course
Let's Start Facening Today - Face Training Mini 5: Face Refresh Course

They're a bit freely translated (the facening titles don't liteally say "let's start", but it's the best way to get the mening across in English, really), but you should get the idea.

(the "ketsu" in the first title should be "chi", btw)

(the 2D games have somewhat of a pun in the title - "saikyou" would normally be understood as "greatest", so if you don't see the kanji used, you get the complete opposite meaning of what these games REALLY are)



Kafei2006 said:

@Adamant : Your translation would further confirm what i said : It's the cursed game the characters play on their DS in "Nanashi no Game Me" (which happens to be a retail game released on DS a few weeks ago). The few sections you got to play in the retail title showed a bird's eye view RPG style of game mixed with side-scrolling platforming elements by the way. And if it has the same story, then it must be a great title. Old style graphics but deep storyline, and a very heavy atmosphere to it.



Adamant said:

Sounds like it. Damn, now I want those games even more. Come on, Nintendo, I'll even buy a DSi for these.

(from what you're saying, the wording should probably be "Blood/Dungeon of the Cursed Game" or something like that. Silly Japanese and it's lack of plural forms)



Ratengo said:

@Sean: Making kanji your friends sounds like a beautiful idea! The studying will probably require blood, sweat and tears in years to come. You should enjoy the learning pretty much in any way so I wish you the best of luck then!

@Adamant: What about importing a Japanese DSi instead of waiting for several months or years for games to be released outside that country?



Sean_Aaron said:

I can remember the bitter disappointment of playing the NES version of Rygar at a friend's house expecting it to be like the arcade so I'm pretty thrilled about this!



Stuffgamer1 said:

That Squenix thing sounds pretty awesome from what I'm reading in Kafei2006 and Adamant's posts! Any idea if this retail/DSiWare pair of titles is headed over any oceans or continents?



Link977 said:

I remember that dragon spirit game from one of those Gamecube collection games... it gets hard at points!



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah, Dragon Spirit does get tough, but it's still a fun game -- not many games where you get to control a dragon (now we just need Steel Dragon on the VCA!).

The last of the originally announced Namco VCA titles was the sequel, Dragon Saber, so I fully expect that to come out on the 15th.



Adamant said:

@Ratengo: Yeah, to tell the truth, I'm actually thinking about doing just that. The Japanese DSiWare library is so much more impressive than the others.



WolfLink22 said:

Let Nintendo of Japan be happy with their release list.I'm still to mad at who ever is in charge of the NOA VC List to care at the moment.I want my SSB 64 and Super Mario Kart before the Wii dies out.The most that would get me to stop complaining again until those 2 games come out are if USA gets Tetris Attack the USA version of Panel de Pon or at least Nintendo World Cup.

Sure WiiWare will be seeing Contra Rebirth on Monday for USA.I wonder if we will see a big VC Game monday since we got Super Mario RPG last year for Labor Day.Labor Day is on September 7th this year.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: You forgot Dragon Buster...! I expect this game to come alongside Ganbare Goemon 3 on the 15th. Thus, I predict Dragon Saber and Bahamut Lagoon on the 22nd. 'Season two' of the long-running Namco VCA series will begin by two arcade titles coming out on the 29th. Does it sound good or doesn't it?

@Adamant: Then I'm sure you will make an excellent choice. Good luck with the import!

@WolfLink22: Since Europe didn't get any VC game last Friday, I don't think North America will see any new VC game tomorrow. If it actually happens, will you be very, very sad then?



Sean_Aaron said:

Oh, how could I forget Dragon Buster! Yeah, they'll probably need to have two Namco games next week. Dragon Buster -- another game like Baraduke which I have a fondness for and never would have known of had I not played it on the original Playstation Namco Museum series...

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