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New DSi and Wii Remote Colors Announced

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Nintendo adds a bit of color to the holiday shopping season.

For those gamers who've been wishing for new DSi colors to be released in North America, it looks like your wish is about to come true. Not only is Nintendo bringing out two brand new DSi system colors, but they're also bringing an all-new black Wii Remote and Nunchuk to go along with it.

You can check out a snippet of information from the official press release that gives a few more details about these new DSi and Wii Remote colors that will soon be available to consumers this holiday season.


Starting Sept. 13, Nintendo DSi will be available in White and Pink, joining the Blue and Black versions already on the market. Additionally, this holiday season, Nintendo will release a new Black version of the Wii Remote bundled with a Black version of the Wii MotionPlus accessory, which brings precise motion control to games that have been designed for it. A Black version of the Nunchuk controller also will be available for the holidays.

  • White and Pink Nintendo DSi colors: The two new colors give consumers even more options to personalize their experiences. All models of the Nintendo DSi hardware come with two cameras and interactive options to let users create and manipulate pictures or sound in fun and creative ways. All versions of Nintendo DSi are available at a suggested retail price of $169.99.
  • Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus Black bundle: The Black bundle is the first new color for the Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus.
  • Black Nunchuk: The Black Nunchuk will be available as a standalone purchase.

We'll keep you up-to-date on any new DSi and Wii news as it becomes available, and it's likely to pick up soon with the approaching holiday shopping season coming up.

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WolfRamHeart said:

Nice additions but I was hoping for the lime green or metallic blue DSi colors. I guess I'll just buy the matte blue after all.



Hardy83 said:

Yeah, who needs DSiWare to be good, DSi VC, or to fix the soon to be storage problem with the DSi... Or add video playing... Here's two new colours! Have fun!



LztheQuack said:

WHAT?!!! You mean to tell me that I wasted my money on a blue DSi when I could have gotten a pink one?!!!



Token_Girl said:

Lamezaurs! Oh well, I like my black's so soon after launch, I wish they had just launched with all the colors. Way to punish those who bought at launch.



paulcmnt said:

My European genetic leash forbids me to like any other color besides white when it comes to consoles.



Djrr-ific said:

Do these colors come to europe? I think I'm gonna find someone who can take the black plastic of my DSi and replace it with the lightblue plastic from USA... If that is possible... It worked with my original black DSlite to a red DSlite...



odd69 said:

Dammit, i have to get a black controller now. The black Wiimote looks WAY better than white which, by the way , turns yellow if you smoke. On the other hand the black wii could be worse if you don't mind finger prints , scratches, or polishing your wii with long slow strokes all the time.



rhythmheavenfan said:

I still am waiting for more colors before I buy a DSi. I think that dark green would be awesome! Even a regular green would be cool. My DS Lite is the black and dark blue one and I liked that so maybe Nintendo will release a dark blue one. I also would be fine with a silver one, that would be cool.



The_Cow said:

WOW; all of this amazing! I’m so excited that Nintendo has finally announced new colors for the Wii remote & nunchuck; & even the DSi!

Even though I have enough Wii remotes & nunchucks in the origonal white color; I’d so want to get a new black color! It’s just to pretty sharp looking!

It’s unlikely though I’d give up my blue DSi though; for I absolutely love it too much already! But I do got to say that thanks Nintendo; now you’ve just brightened up other future DSi ownsers with it’s unitended white color; & new pink color!

You’ve just made my day Nintendo; & this is a fantastic way to start the month of September!!



The_Cow said:

@Prochnow: LOL... well DUH; they didn't launch in white back in April for the US! Only Japan had it in white when they launched! Your comment seemed like a big LOL no brainer; so I couldn't resist commenting back! But I see you're from overseas judging from your flag next your username @Prochnow!



RedYoshi999 said:

Damn! I already have a white DSi and today in Australia it was announced that we are also getting two new colours. Metallic blue and pink! I want that metallic blue now! I also have to have that black wiimote! It's good that I only have 1!!



Supermarioman said:

Well opened up the white DSi looks nice, but I hate looking at the big fat camera on the front, that's why I'm just going to get a black one!



Kirk said:

Great Nintendo!

Now can we have a black Wii to go with the swanky new black controller please!



GamerZack87 said:

Ooh! I call first dibs on a Metallic Blue DSi! It reminds me so much of the Cobalt GBA SP, as well as my old blue Game Boy pocket, which I lost on a, it'd be so great to play Virtual Game Boy games on it, wouldn't it? I don't use L33T a lot of the time, but DARNIT THAT DSi IS SO KEWL LOL _

By the way, will a Japanese Wii Classic Controller Pro work with a Wii Remote of a different region? It'd just be so awesome to own one of each shade (one white, one black) to add to my collection. I think it would make playing Virtual Nintendo 64 games so much more natural-feeling controller-wise. Hooray for wings!



Ian_Daemon said:

"No more discolored thumb pad on the nunchuk! Yay!"

They'll most likely still discolor, but now you won't be able to tell. Wait...maybe the black analog will turn gray? Maybe your thumb will turn black? I dunno. I guess it all depends on the materials used.



JimLad said:

They should incorperate WM+ into that black controller and drop the price of the standard remote so it can take it's price point. Eventually making it the standard.
but it'll probably cost about $40 (without the nunchuk) knowing nintendo.
Nice colour though, the glossiness should make it look awesome.



Ark said:

I wish you could do that, but apparently it voids your warranty if you open up your DSi and start doing stuff (which would be required to change the shell case).

I'd REALLY like one of those pink things, almost to the point where I'd sell my black one and old PSPs in an attempt to get it. >.< But then I'd lose my downloadables....yeesh.



TKOWL said:

at least its not like the psp which is comin in a HANNAH MONTANA COLOR. bleck

in all seriousness, im gonna get the black wii remote. ive gotten sick of so much wii whiteness!



blackknight77 said:

This is all fine and dandy but can we get $10.00 Nintendo points cards ,so I can get split my points between Wii and DSi. It so much easier to pick up the Wii cards when I am out shopping, and $10 points card would be nice.



Noire said:

Well, if Nintendo is really going to make it difficult for me not to buy a DSi, the least they could have done is given me red. The pink one's pretty sweet, though, so I guess that's okay...



Wolfcoyote said:

I need an extra Wiimote/Nunchuck combo so that my younger sisters could play together. Though the black controllers will look odd when sitting next to the white Wii, the new color is almost too good to pass up. I just need a black Classic Controller to match...



Kelvin said:

If they can put the Motion Plus in the same box as the Wiimote, why can't they just put them in the same unit?



BulbasaurusRex said:

Aw, why does it have to be ugly black? I want a Wiimote color from somewhere in the rainbow (except pink).



mjc0961 said:

Oh sure, NOW we get a white DSi. Ah well, the black one looks nice next to my black GBASP anyway.



Klapaucius said:

"If they can put the Motion Plus in the same box as the Wiimote, why can't they just put them in the same unit?"
I guess because then it wouldn't fit in the Wii wheel or that Link's Crossbow Trainer gun-thing. Or maybe its too expensive to redesign the Wiimote to have WiiMotion+ built in.



Jolted85 said:

I bought the blue one, the black one looked fugly to me, i'm not to sure I like the new ones, allthough red would be nice.



ToadFan said:

I want a bright orange one ! But i am probelly going to get the light blue one .



court-court said:

sux! i like tha new colors!!! but i guess thats good cause i prolly wouldnt of been able to make my mind up btwn tha pink and tha white!!! PINK is pretty but its not bright enough! i like bright colors! -

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