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More Metroid Prime in the Pipeline?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Developer interview hints that the series is far from over

When Retro Studios put the finishing touches to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it stated that it would be the final game in the series. The announcement of Metroid: Other M - which is being handled by Tecmo's Team Ninja - seemed to confirm this, despite the recent repackaging of all three Prime games in Metroid Prime Trilogy.

However, in a recent interview with Kotaku, Japanese producer Kensuke Tanabe seemed to indicate that there's life in the franchise yet. When questioned about the multiplayer aspects of future Metroid titles (not specifically those in the Prime series, it should be noted), Tanabe uttered these words:

As all I take part in is the Prime series, I am not capable of commenting on the whole Metroid series. But we will keep considering multiplayer for the Prime series. For instance, I think I can come up with some unique ideas using the Morph Ball, which is a specific skill of Samus.

Was this a case of misunderstanding the question or are Nintendo currently working on more Prime instalments?

While you're chewing over that little glimmer of hope, why not check out the entire interview, which sees Retro Studios look back on the Metroid Prime series. It's a top-notch read.

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vakama94 said:

im not surprised, everyone who have seen the 100% ending of prime 3 know that it has more things to tale



antdickens said:

Yeah, I hope they continue to make games in the Prime format, I really like them. However, it's quite likely we won't see another instalment in that format until the "next" console.



Metang said:

I can't get enough of the Metroid Prime series. Of course we want more!



Jockolantern said:

Like vakama94 said, the ending to Prime 3 very much left the hole wide open for the series to continue. Though I find it hard to believe how on earth Samus could manage to squeeze any more missions into the time between her defeat of the Space Pirates at Zebes and her eventual task to exterminate the Metroids at SR-388.



SanderEvers said:

They'll be making these games till the end of time. (Which will be around 21st of December 2012)



Pawtrick said:

Yes I would agree with Metroid Prime Online Multiplayer for the next Nintendo console, it would be amazing I said before I really enjoy playing Prime 2's multiplayer with 4 people.



Mayhem said:

@Jock - I agree... perhaps something set after Super Metroid... maybe the last Metroid didn't really die...?!



TKOWL said:

and lets make samus not be screwed up by the phazon or the light and dark forces? i always liked her perfectly normal in the varia suit



naut said:

I'm game for another Prime. Just please give me online multiplayer this time, Retro. I wonder what their new "mystery game" is.



Smoke39 said:

I've personally had enough of the Prime series. The first game was a good proof of concept and Echoes was pretty cool despite some annoyances, but I really wasn't wild about Corruption. I'm looking forward to seeing what direction Other M takes.



Objection said:

I'd love another Prime. It'll be interesting to see what they take from the previous ones and where in the Metroid chronology it takes place.



aaronsullivan said:

I actually don't want another Prime until the next Wii iteration. Out of all Nintendo games, I think the Prime series benefits most from graphical updates and actually relies the most on atmosphere. So, yeah, wait for the next one. That's why Other M seems like such a smart move to me.



Paperclip said:

That's kind of a bummer actually. Sure, the Prime series was great, but I'd really prefer a new sidescrolling Metroid.



XyVoX said:

I love the metroids, i actually played the SNES version for the first time 2 years ago after playing through and completing the 2 Cube titles, and could immediately see where the Cube titles had come from and that helped me to appreciate them even more, and the Snes title for being total quality.



ToneDeath said:

There's no reason why they can't make more first-person Metroid games, they should just drop the 'Prime' title, as that story arc is done. Maybe continue where Fusion left off.
Possible SPOILER here, but if my memory serves correctly, didn't Fusion have metroids towards the end? Sure, there were X parasites taking that form, but I seem to remember Metroids in tubes, as if they were being cloned by the humans. So unless I'm wrong, we shouldn't count the suckers out just yet (then again everything was blown up at the end, but why not pretend there were escape pods put to good use beforehand?).

Post-Wikipedia check EDIT: Ok, so the X couldn't mimic the Metroid, as the latter is the formers' predator, but there were Metroids being bred by the Galactic Federation. This would seem to contradict their sending Samus to SR388 to wipe the species out, but it seems they just wanted them all to themselves. They wanted to keep the X too, but knowing both species are too dangerous, Samus destroys everything.



BlueFlameBat said:

While I definitely look forward to Samus' future adventures, I think it's time to put the Prime branch in the series to bed. I'd be all for a third-person action game though.



ToneDeath said:

Continuing on from my previous comment (#25), by destroying BSL lab, along with all of the Metroid and X specimens and research, wouldn't Samus make an enemy of the Galactic Federation?
So how about a game where Samus is a fugitive? This could lead to having to kill humans, which I'm sure Nintendo would rather avoid, so instead the GF could send alien bounty hunters after her. Meanwhile, Samus' exploration and adventuring would lead to her exposing the GF's schemes to the public, or putting a stop to them herself. The whole conspiracy could be the work of a corrupt branch or faction within the GF, so that your name is cleared at the end. Or, you remain a fugitive warrior which is even cooler.



SKTTR said:

Yo, Metroid Prime Arena with online multiplayer was only logical, since it was disappointing for MP3C to have no multiplayer mode.



Martin1 said:

I would love to see a new respray of Metroid II - Return of Samus in some way. Maybe in 3D, maybe like Super Metroid.



StarDust4Ever said:

I started Prime 1 on the Trilogy - defeated the first boss only to get lost in the maze trying to find an exit to the ship. Not an easy game by far



Bassman_Q said:

Well I loved MP1, MP3, and MPH despite a few annoyances, so hopefully if this is true, they'll make another Prime for the DS, though this time sticking to Metroid's roots rather than making it totally different like MPH. Hopefully better puzzles and less annoying, Escape To Your Starship For No Apparent Reason sequences.

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