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Japanese Virtual Console List - October 2009

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Two Nintendo games which recently got DS remakes are coming to VC.

Next month's Japanese Virtual Console lineup is quite surprising - Two games which weren't expected to be released on the VC anytime soon, because they just got DS remakes, will be released anyway! Both of them are from Nintendo. Perhaps they're trying to convince other companies to put their recently remade games on VC as well - Chrono Trigger, anyone?

Aside from those two, the list is quite small - As Bandai Namco still does not reveal their arcade games until the week before they come out, there actually aren't even any listed for October yet, because Japan still has a September update left!

Japan's October lineup (For now) is as follows:


  • Championship Lode Runner (Pretty much the same as the first in terms of gameplay, but it features 50 incredibly hard fan-made levels!)
  • Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi (Recently remade into Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, it's the game that started off this awesome strategy series.)

Super Famicom:

PC Engine:

  • Fighting Street (A CD port of the original Street Fighter - Now you can figure out exactly why this one isn't as fondly remembered as its sequels!)

Yes, that's all for now - Just 4 games in October, not counting to be announced arcade games! To make up for the lack of an update this last week, however, Japan will be getting a decently sized update to close off the month next week, on the 29th. This will consist of the following:

  • Bahamut Lagoon (Super Famicom - Another classic Square RPG never released outside Japan.)
  • Galaxian (Arcade - Galaga's predecessor and one of Namco's first shoot 'em ups.)
  • Märchen Maze (Arcade - Released in the west as Alice in Wonderland, in this game you make your way through an isometric maze-like environment made of floating blocks while pushing off enemies with your bubble blower.)
  • Tecmo Bowl (Arcade - Tecmo's original American football game.)


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User Comments (56)



AVahne said:

and how come WE don't get these games? I especially want the original Fire Emblem to come over here and every other Japanese only Fire Emblem



Bass_X0 said:

well Fire Emblem is a text heavy game and VC games don't get translated so...



Chunky_Droid said:

That's a shame, I played a fan-translated version of the original and found it very engrossing.

I'd pay an extra 200-300 points for a translation EASILY



Ratengo said:

Japan will have 496 VC games in total after next Tuesday and that's so great...! Please surpass the 500th mark as fast as possible. Hurry, hurry... Nintendo! Please!



Rensch said:

Super Star DS version is just out in Europe. Aren't they robbing themselves by releasing a slightly less expansive package for a much lower price.

Then again, they released super Mario 64 too and that game was already on the DS. But that version also featured many differences and not nearly as great controls.



Bass_X0 said:

Its not impossible for companies to translate their games for release in America on VC. Its just whether it would be worth their effort to do so. DoReMi Fantasy would not have sold a significant amount more had it been translated which would by why they didn't bother. And Rensch, it may take a very long time for Kirby to come out of Japan if at all. America is still waiting for Picross.



Roopa132 said:

Clinker wrote:

There goes our American exclusive VCA game!

You say that as if it was a bad thing...



CrazyOtto said:

@Roopa132 Oh sorry, I should've of said "Western exclusive".

About KSS, I would've have downloaded this If I haven't played through KSSU, but I guess some people get it both on VC and on DS, so they can play it on TV old-school style and on the road.



Metang said:

Kirby Super Star? Well, I suppose that doesn't matter now, because KSSU is better in every way possible.



astarisborn94 said:

People doubted that this game would ever see a Virtual Console release, you are wrong. This awesome game is coming. I can't wait for it's release on North American shores.



TheKingOfTown said:

Rensch said,
Super Star DS version is just out in Europe

no it's not. I have it right now. I'm an American even though my profile says I'm a South Korean. Well, I live in the Korean army base so that's why.



Don said:

Since Nintendo trademarked Super Mario Collection in August according to Famitsu, I thought maybe Super Mario All Stars would be on there. Maybe next month?



blackknight77 said:

Well there goes North America's exclusive title in Tecmo Bowl But we will hold on tight to our Star Wars games until some of these Japanese exclusive games come our way. Welcome back PC engine



Knux said:

Kirby Super Star MUST COME to the North American VC! I'm jealous of the Japanese VC one again!



BlueFlameBat said:

Hmm. Unless the Turbo CD version contains something the others don't, I think I'll make due with the Street Fighter 1 on my computer and PSP.

As for Kirby's Super Star, I already have that for my SNES (which I recently hooked up again) and I would have bought the DS version if the developers hadn't messed with the control configuration. Honestly, am I the only one who actually prefers the original SNES control style?



touffeboy said:

I Just Hope than Diddy kong racing will coming ^^ with the remake of kirby and fire emblem all it's possible!



MarkyVigoroth said:

Yay! I was wanting Kirby Super Star for SOME TIME now!
(If only said scheme could come in Puerto Rico, as well...)



Nintendo64Dude said:

Kirby Super Star Confirmed for the VC! YAYZ!



MorriganIsHot said:

too bad this won't come here since noa stop releasing first party games. oh well at least the ds version was amazing.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I agree that Super Star is the best Kirby game ever made. After being incredibly disappointed with Squeak Squad, I sold it, but after awhile downloaded Kirby 64 as a second try. I liked it, and when I noticed the SNES Kirby was coming to DS, I picked it up and it is far superior to any other Kirby game I've ever played.



WarioFan63 said:

@24 NoA didn't stop releasing first party games just because it's been a while...geez

@25 Keep in mind Chrono Trigger is from a different company.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Woohoo, Kirby Super Star! I don't have a DS, so I need the VC version. I still have to finish Kirby's Adventure, before I'll get it, though.



JoeDiddley said:

I'm playing Kirby Super Star Ultra right now I'd like to try the original on the vc.
I got rid of Super Mario 64 ds when the vc version came out, that was down to the horrible ds controls though.



bboy2970 said:

To anyone anticipating KSS's release in the US, don't hold your breath. Don't forget we still need SSB and SMK before KSS even becomes a possibility. Plus we all know NOA's opinion on VC releases. They must think we in the US aren't into good games.



bboy2970 said:

Has anyone noticed how Japan gets AT LEAST 1 amazing VC game per month(usually more than 1)??? The rest of the world is rediculously lucky to get MAYBE 3 amazing VC games in the course of a year. It's stuff like this that makes me absolutely hate Nintendo sometimes.



Starwolf_UK said:

While Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi started off the series like most games of its era, it is unplayable in modern terms. The inventory management being so poor and tedious kills the enjoyment for the game (there is no trade command, only give, there is a storage depot but it is one title on the map and costs money to use, each character only has 4 item slots and no item management on the battle preparations).

Thankfully, a DS remake exists (even if it is a bit conservative on improving the most lacking aspect; plot) and as far the VC goes they've already got a variant of the tale in the SFC "Mystery of the Emblem" game (which is missing 5 maps and characters but has better inventory

I suppose the original FC version does have some utterly bizzare quirks (aka, not quite figured it out) not seen in later versions like staff uses not gaining EXP from using staffs but by getting hit by enemies in battle (which given how they tend to be able to withstand 2 hits at most, usually dead in 1), many classes lacking promotions and promotions only boosting stats up the promoted classes base stats.

People wanting Kirby Super Star. Ask yourself this? Has it done all it can sales-wise wherever you are? The answer is probably no for Europe since Nintendo of Europe only just released it (I was shocked, even South Korea has had it for months on end) but maybe or yes for other parts of the world. I say 'probably no' due to the fact it failed to even hit the DS only UK top 40 here suggests the game is dead on arrival for some reason (probably anyone who was interested bought it nearly a year ago?)



StarBoy91 said:

O_O Kirby Super Star is coming to the VC after all! I never thought it possible, considering the DS version. Amzing! I can't wait to try the SNES original once again (the SNES version I had briefly played during Hurricane Rita, the DS version I own).



TKOWL said:

ok this is a discrace. japan gets Smash, Mario Kart, and now Fire Emblem and Kirby Super Star. And all we get are crappy Master System ports each week in the states. Life's not fair



Ricardo91 said:

Bah, they can keep KSS. I'm fine with just the DS version (which I still need to get...).

I've seen Youtube videos of Championship Lode Runner. That game is freakin' INSANE!



Darknyht said:

Or watch NOA not release Mario Kart, Smash 64, Fire Emblem or Kirby Super Star because they are afraid of losing profit on their new versions. Why sell Smash Bros for $10 when you can charge $49.99 for Super Smash Bros on Wii? Why sell Kirby Super Star when they can get more for the DS version? Why sell Mario Kart when Mario Kart Wii still is selling? And as someone else pointed out, why sell the first Fire Emblem and have the expense of the translation when you can just sell the remake?



Metang said:

@Anyone waiting for Kirby Super Star (except for Bulbasaurus)
Um... Kirby Super Star Ultra is still being manufactured, you know. You can buy it for your DS.



abe8812 said:

Japan can now play the first Fire Emblem on this video game generation in 3 ways:
1) FE1 on VC
2) FE3 which includes the original on it on VC.
3) FE: Shadow Dragon on DS



astarisborn94 said:

@ Anyone doubting Kirby Super Stars Virtual Console release on North American/European/Australia/South Korea release.

Why do you doubt that this game will be on the North American Virtual Console? Sure we haven't seen a Nintendo game in months (And pretty ****ed off about it.), but NOA isn't abandoning Virtual Console support. If they did, the Virtual Console would be dead (Not to mention I would have sold my Wii). But they at least somewhat care and are keeping it alive. It's not like we'll have to wait for milestone numbers for a Nintendo title every time. Eventually, Nintendo of America will have to start put up there own Virtual Console title again. I can wait as long as the third-party games are good.

Beside, we are one step closer to getting Earthbound released on the Virtual Console.



Starwolf_UK said:

You did read my comment up above. If the DS version is a dud then the FC version is nuclear winter. But I forgot, Gamefaqs made it cool to diss Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon.



suburban_sensei said:

Even though I played Kirby Super Star Ultra not that long ago on the DS, I will most certainly buy KSS if it comes to America. It's just one of those SNES games that never gets old...Kirby at his best.



Viral said:

Kirby Super Star Ultra compared to Super Star regular, what's the big difference? Honestly, I'd just get it for the VC since it'll no doubt be cheaper than forking out additional money for that DS cashin..



Kevin said:

Figures. I bought Ultra three months ago and now its been announced for VC.



GamerZack87 said:

As long as the awful red flash after boss battles has been tamed like the Lightning in MK64, Kirby's Fun Pak is an insta-download!



Darkflash said:

I'll instantly get Kirby Superstar when it comes out in America. Too bad
we rarely get games like these.



MrLopez said:

WOW Nintendo is pretty stupid!! Kirby Super Star Ultra 50 bucks
Super Star on the VC 8 bucks.. Hmmmm..



DreamWatcher said:

Kirby Super Star? Seriously? Awesome. Wish Chrono Trigger would be added. I'd love a chance to play the original version (apparently the PSX version ruined the music...).
Jeez, I recall being absolutely hooked on KSS as a kid. The Gourmet Race was a personal favorite. (sigh) I miss the old Kirby days when I blasted through the game as a hyper little kid. If they're bringing the old classics back when there are remakes out...then maybe Yoshi's Island stands a chance?



StarDust4Ever said:

Kirby Super Star, Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario Kart = 3 AAA title SNES games that desperately need release in N.A. Question is: which one of them will be released for our 300th game???

Japan now has two of them, D'oh!



CanisWolfred said:

Man, I hope FE1 comes to the NA VC someday, it's the only game in the series I actually like, along with Fire Emblem Gaiden. I know it would be hard without a translation, but I still wanna see it someday.

Kirby Super Star would also be nice, if only to see if there actually is a good Kirby game other than Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.

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