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Hudson's Calling Gets A Trailer

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

I wouldn't answer that if I were you

Hudson's new survival horror game Calling seems dead-set on making you develop a fear of phones, at least if the new trailer they've just kicked over to us is any indication.

Here's the scoop:

The space-between-space where the Calling revolves around is made up by the memory of dead characters and various locations in the space such as houses, schools and hospitals. Someone or something is drawing the living to this space for a reason that becomes apparently horrifying once the characters discover the truth.

Sounds spooky. There're some nice flashlight effects going on too in case you'd like some eye candy between wetting yourself. Check out the trailer below...if you dare.

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Supermarioman said:

This dosen't look like the Hudson that I know! It really looks kind of freaky and I'm just going to take a guess but its going to be average at best!



Knux said:

This looks scary to me! I think I will buy this when it is released.



Sneaker13 said:

I love horror games and I have been looking forward to this one. So bring it on.



bro2dragons said:

i like it. probably won't get it... but it looks like a horror movie... that's interactive. one of my favorite games ever is Resident Evil 4, and one of my most anticipated games is the new Silent Hill... but, i can't say that about either of those. this is good.



pixelman said:

OoOoOo. Well, Hudson's policy is to not have people get killed in their games, yet I saw bodies?



blasterof80 said:

Seems interesting.......but I'll skip. Seems to odd to me. Like, I know Japanese Horror is odd, but......



BlueFlameBat said:

Great. Now if people would stop labeling this as a simply U.S. replacement for Fatal Frame IV.



Objection said:

I'm not impressed visually and it doesn't seem that creepy either. I hope it turns out well, I'd like some good survival horror on the Wii.



vherub said:

great graphics aren't truly needed for a good scare- atmosphere and audio go a long way. I ws playing System Shock 2 recently and that still can be unsettling at times.
But with Calling, some of the human faces in the trailer are bad to the point of distraction.
High hopes as always, though.



grenworthshero said:

I'll be the first people to argue graphics don't matter, but come on; they can do better than this, even if it's beta



warioswoods said:

The laziness of most developers now on the graphical side is pretty depressing; play Resident Evil 4 -- on the Gamecube! -- and you'll see visuals ten times better than all but a handful of the Wii titles that are going for a realistic look. No one really bothers to push the system's capabilities like they should.



CJ1 said:

I loved the phonecalls in NMH

This could be good... a proper Wii game too



BleachFan said:

I'm super psyched for this!
While reading some of the comments, I notice that some of you might not find this to be scary...but that's good for me!
I scare REALLY easily, but I've always wanted to try a "horror" game. (Odd... ) So, this is perfect, creepy enough to scare me, yet not scary enough to make me pee my pants or keep me up all night in bed...

Also, I hope they do that whole "putting the Wiimote up to your ear to hear the calls" thing, cuz that sounded awesome in Lit (although I've never played it ) and would really put some atmosphere into the game!

Is anyone else reminded of Onslaught when they here this music? I know they are made by the same people, but it's kind of weird how they both sound so similar...

EDIT: Haha! I watched the trailer again and noticed that the girl who answered the phone mouthed "moshimoshi", which is the Japanese "hello" whenever they answer a phone!

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