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First Bomberman Blitz Screenshots Released

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the brand new screens of the game in action!

The guys at Hudson were kind enough to send over the first batch of screenshots of their upcoming DSiWare release Bomberman Blitz in action.

You can check out a snippet of information about the game below, along with the set of brand new screenshots in the screenshot gallery.

Bomberman Blitz will allow on-the-go gamers the opportunity to showcase their bombing skills locally or across the world with the ability to play up to 8 players at home or online through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Bomberman Blitz will feature the ability to do battle in 10 unique locations, all making good use of the DSi’s capabilities with dual screen spanning arenas.

The power-ups that Bomberman fans have come to love are also all there, including the chance to increase the number of bombs, strengthen blast range, boost running speed and much more. For those who have always wanted to get in on the Bomberman action but didn’t know how, a training mode has been included that allows newcomers to learn the easy-to-play Bomberman gameplay and get in on the fun.

We'll have more information on Bomberman Blitz as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the DSiWare service.

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tambourine_man said:

I'm looking forward to this a lot. I liked the bomberman on the DS but thought it was too expensive to warrant a purchase as a full game.
By the way, "We'll have more information on Bomberman Blitz as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service." should be DSiWare




Im confused though, didnt Nnooo say that online was not allowed for third parties?



Malouff said:

Will this have a Download and Play feature to play with our DS lite friends locally that can't access DSiWare?

That or can we only play with other DSi owners that have also purchased this game.

What would be nice is if DSiWare was more like WiiWare and we could gift a free client to play with others like Dr. Mario Online RX.



Hardy83 said:


He did state that, but I'm pretty sure the word "Trusted third parties" was mentioned.
Hudson is a HUGE digital player for both Nintendo systems, so it's more then likely that Nintendo allowed them Wifi access... Or maybe in fact the rules have changed.



Drake said:

That's pretty weird, considering Nintendo of Europe said just yesterday that it would come out this month



RJay said:

There are already 2 DS versions of Bomberman available...both with online play!! Why would anyone still be excited about this one?



vakama94 said:

this is the kind of thing i want on dsiware, now this, thorium wars, and a lot more coming, i will have my pockets empty



Cryptonic said:

cool i cant wait for videos! hey cheezy, any links?

oh and this ds download right?....



Meffaliss said:

Jeez....I like that :3
Let'S hope it comes out soon! ( and i hope it doesn't use the L trigger... )



ReZon said:

The online multiplayer is a huge selling point. This will be a day one purchase.



FATEM said:

Good to see Europe getting a major release before the US.Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be like Flipnote how when the US got it released the day before Europe with no warning.



Mendoza said:

Looks like the new and stronger DSiWare era has just begun, with MvsD at the start followed by games like Castle of Magic, Draon Quest Wars and this one ^^ Can't wait to play them all



Nintendude92 said:

To those who have played either Bomberman 2 (NOT land touch) or Custom Battler Bomberman- the battle pak in those is what you would get here. The video preview of this game matches it in all regards. Not a bad thing, now we can actually have some life on the DS Bomberman scene.

So my assumption is like all NDS bomberman tittles is that the online will sport 4; not 8 players online. Hudson's advertisement on their site is very vague about it.

We can also assume that unless Bomberman 2 is compatible with this games online, it wouldn't be localized here. Will get, I love Bomberman. And Maybe hudson will have another contest..

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