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Earthworm Jim WiiWare Details Emerge

Posted by Damien McFerran

Gameloft reveals more info about the worm that turned

We noticed that quite a few people are understandably excited about Gameloft's upcoming Earthworm Jim "update", so we couldn't resist reporting on this little bit of news from GamerBytes.

The site has spoken exclusively with Gameloft about the title and has discovered quite a few interesting facts. Firstly, it's going to be based on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive version of the game (some would say the BEST version) but will contain improved visuals, better animation and several difficultly settings. It will also contain additional content that was present in the Sega CD / PC version of Earthworm Jim.

Sadly for purists, neither Dave Perry nor Doug TenNapel will be involved, which is understandable as both have since moved onto other companies and have left Jim behind them. However, the game will retain Tommy Tallarico's fantastic soundtrack.

While the iPhone version seems to be the one that Gameloft are pushing at the moment we've been assured that all other versions - including the WiiWare release - will be equally brilliant.


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Omega said:

I'm not sure what we can expect from a company that produces shovelware like in assembly-line work. But since the original Earthworm Jim is such a great game, they cannot do much wrong by simply adapting it to run on the Wii.

The question is, like malnin said: Are the improvements worth the Nintendo Points if you already own the Genesis version?



Chunky_Droid said:

Well I never got the Genesis version on VC so I'll wait for this to release before making a decision.

But Gameloft doing Earthworm Jim is akin to Conspiracy doing a Metroid title



blackknight77 said:

"However, the game will retain Tommy Tallarico's fantastic soundtrack."

That is good news Now hopefully all of the EJ silliness will still there. I heard a rumor on Game Trailers that Clay Fighter will get the remake treatment.



deadly_by_design said:

I have no problem with them using the Genesis version, so long as it doesn't sound anything like it. It does have that bonus level...

Despite how much I love the EWJ games, I initially hated on this game for being 'just' a port. Now that it's been a while though, I'm warming up to it. I haven't bought the VC version yet, so that's likely why. Owning both would be pretty pointless. (and, somehow, I no longer have the original game for the SNES)

The great news is that both my SNES and EWJ2 cart still work. Groovy.



the_shpydar said:

I've always been pleased with every Gameloft release i've bought and never understad the hate they get. That said, i'm looking forward to this, but will wait for a review to see if it's worth picking up since i already have the SNES originals.



JamieO said:

I am with @the_shpydar on this one, most iPhone gamers will hold a completely different view of Gameloft. They have been one of its most consistent developers, continually pushing the hardware. I've said this before, but any Gameloft games ported to WiiWare or DSiWare are a good thing, especially if the controls are adjusted to each specific hardware's strengths and weaknesses.
Who knows if this port is decent, I may even buy the iPhone and WiiWare version. One for the train and one for the TV, I'm hoping that they go to town with all those visual improvements and added Sega CD content.
Perhaps when more Nintendo gamers get to experience Gameloft games, attitudes may start to change in respect of the progress they have made as a quality publisher. Their forte is no longer disposable mobile phone games, they have more depth than that.



Hardy83 said:

I like Gameloft, they really try with most of their games now.... At least on the Iphone... They are somewhat restricted with their ambitions with Nintendo's ridiculous rules.



odd69 said:

I'll pick this version up, i haven't bought EJ on vc yet. I'm glad i haven't now ,cause this sounds like the best version.



Ravage said:

lol EJ
I remember having the PC version, but it didn't work right. I might have played the SNES version as well, I can't remember. I might pick this up at some point.



bro2dragons said:

Earthworm Jim is one of my favorite classic franchises... but i already have the genesis version. if this were an all new earthworm jim game, i would be all over this like Robinson Crusoe on Megan Foxx. but i just don't think it's worth the money to by a slightly advanced version of a game i already own... pity they don't put more effort into these things. they could have done something really special with it.



Ren said:

I think all their games on WW are total trash, but I don't know the mobile stuff; thats kind of what you'd want for mobile games, I guess. If they just port it over it can't be that hard. I could see them making it all neon with somekind of club theme and a bunch of women in clubbing clothes, though. That seems to be what they live for.



Omega said:

Ren wrote:

I could see them making it all neon with somekind of club theme and a bunch of women in clubbing clothes, though.

Haha. That was a good one.



motang said:

Can't wait, I am huge Earthworm Jim fan and this is going to a first day buy for me.

Looking forward to killing some lawyers in hell!



brandonbwii said:

What's with the Gameloft hate? They always seemed pretty respectable (except for the "sexy girl" themes of many of their games which, interestingly, was nixed in the dsiware version of asphalt 4). Their Wiiware games can be a tad overpriced for what they are but are usually quite enjoyable. Maybe you guys are just feeling burned after Sexy Poker and Midnight Bowling as I can't find too many games from them that can be deemed shovelware. I also don't see how they are restricted by Nintendo's rules as Hardy says. None of their games uses Nintendo's haphazzard WFC and as for the 40mb thing, well, the sign of a truly talented developer is to make the most of such limitations.



SmaMan said:

Let's just hope this doesn't turn out to be... "Sexy Earthworm Jim"

Eeeuuughghghgg..... bad image of Queen Slug for a Butt...



BulbasaurusRex said:

Gameloft may have somewhat of a mixed record on WiiWare, but 5 of their 8 WiiWare games so far have scored at least a 6/10 on this site, and I really like TV Show King.

Even though it's a remake, it sounds like it'll be awesome. I'll probably get this even though I've already downloaded the Genesis version on VC.



Omega said:

brandonbwii wrote:

What's with the Gameloft hate?

Maybe I have misjudged them in my first post. When I hear Gameloft I must think of games like Texas Hold'em Poker, Sexy Poker or Midnight Bowling. But they have indeed also some respectable games like Brain Challenge or Block Breaker according to the reviews on this site.

So let's stop slagging about Gameloft and better wait for the final game.



Popyman said:

They aren't re-dubbing Jim without TeNapel, are they? I won't buy it at all if they do (unless they get the cartoon VA).



meh I have already the Genesis version. no reason for this one.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Now, if only WiiWare would get TMNT: Reshelled.

By the way, to those who say that they won't get it because they already have the Genesis or SNES version, does that mean nobody should get Cave Story on WiiWare due to the original PC version being available for free? The various improvements and addition of the Sega CD content sounds like it wil be worth getting again.



Bankai said:

The problem with Gameloft is that everything feels cheap.

Yes, they throw a lot of raw content into their games, but, at the same time, everything is so unpolished that, for me, it's unplayable.

Soccer games are poor imitations of Fifa, Ashpalt is a poor imitation on Need for Speed, the guitar game is a poor copy of Guitar Hero, Pop Superstar is a horrible mash of Sims and various music/ rhythm games.

I don't like games that feel cheap. I much prefer polished experiences, even in the core of the game itself is far more limited in scope.



RadioShadow said:

@V: That is a good point. I would still be happy if they used Homer Simpson's voice.

At least they are remaking it from scratch and not just giving it a HD lick. Although I had it in my head it was going to be 2D.5.



vakama94 said:

@ WaltzElf: those games are meant to be copies but with another name and what can you expect?, they are ports of mobile games, personally, once i get my dsi i will buy guitar rock tour and asphalt, as well as castle of magic

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