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Competition: Academy of Champions for Wii

Posted by Anthony Dickens

We're on fire with another fabulous competition for our readers - your chance to win a copy of Academy of Champions and a Wii to play it on!

Together with Ubisoft we're celebrating this week's launch of Academy of Champions for Wii with a very special competition: you can win yourself a Nintendo Wii complete with Academy of Champions to play on it! In addition to the main prize, we'll also be giving away five copies of the game, and all winners will also get an Academy of Champions T-Shirt and Academy of Champions Mini-Football. It really is the beautiful game.

If you'd like to snag yourself this prize and you live in the UK please head over to the competition page and submit your entry today.

Academy of Champions is out in the UK this Friday, September 4th, so make sure to get down to your local game store if you're interested in some manic footie action! We'd also like to thank Ubisoft for offering up the prizes.

Please Note: Before you complain about some kind of "anti-USA" conspiracy please read our recent competitions announcement on the forums.

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Roopa132 said:

Yeah I wonder that, too. Has this to do something with the marketing strategies you mentioned here?



opeter said:

Because their company is located in the UK. I will be happy, if I get my prize, that I won in the Conduit competition.



antdickens said:

@opeter, SEGA confirmed to me today that they have sent you the prize with a extra special bonus T-Shirt to say sorry for their delay email me when you get it!



Popyman said:

Hey, whatever happened to that soccer game Level 5 was making? It looked awesome, and it was going to have a anime and everything! Anyone know what it was/is called?



Crazed said:

Althouigh I'm sad that I'm not eligible for the competition, I can't wait to try this game. Hopefully the US release date comes soon.



harj said:

I love competitions!!!!

YEAH AND DID ANY of you win a wii and a game before



harj said:

have any one of u guys won a game befor on this website who would like to give the nentando game and who is the winner ???????????????????????????????????

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