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Aardman Studios Teams With Nintendo For A Dozen Flipnotes

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

The house that Wallace and Gromit built go DSi

In a pretty smart marketing move on Nintendo's part, Oscar-winning animation house Aardman Animations is set to create twelve Flipnote Studio toons for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Tim Ruffle, one of Aardman's animators, will be the one behind the stylus. The first of these Flipnote shorts, "The Sandwich Twins," will premiere Wednesday, September 16 on the Hatena site, with a new one each week until Santa comes.

Said Ruffle:

I had a lot of fun making these. Flipnote is so simple to use that it’s easy to make short, fun animations – but there’s a surprising amount of features there too, meaning you can make your creations more complex as your confidence grows. Budding animators will find this a great way to get creative!

The characters starring in these animations have been created exclusively for this Flipnote project, so don't keep your hopes high for your favorite Aardman toonies.

If the studio name doesn't ring any bells, you're most likely familiar with their output; besides creating Wallace and Gromit, the English studio is behind the movies Chicken Run and Flushed Away, shows Creature Comforts and Planet Sketch, and Purple and Brown on Nickelodeon.


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Odnetnin said:

Wallace and Gromit are SO awesome. I wonder if they will cameo in the Flipnotes?



Machu said:

Yay, I love Aardman's stuff and you can bet these will be really high quality, and really funny!



Hardy83 said:

I'm sure it'll be neat....But... This just seems like a lame way for Nintendo to get some quality content on Flipnote, which I don't know if you checked last, doesn't really have a lot of good videos. It's mostly petitions and a simple images where someone is talking.

There are good stuff, but.. how about a aardman art directed DSiWare game. I'd pay a ton of points for that!



Kid_A said:

Oh man I LOVE Aardman Studios! Flipnote Studio just got a whole lot more awesome.




Clever sons of guns. I am a fan of their work too, I think we may own some of their dvds in our collection.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Oh yeah. I remember Aardman. They had Wallace & Gromit in it. I use to watch that program all the time before in the past. That program was funny! I might want to watch it again since I still got the DVD's of those & they still run just like new.

One question though, aren't they going to continue making Wallace & Gromit again through out the future years? They made loaf & death this year. Still haven't watch that one yet. I did watch The Curse of the Were Rabbit. That was funny as well.

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