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Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation"

Posted by Brad Long

You'll never guess what comes in last place...

A recent poll in Game Informer revealed that out of 5,000 people surveyed, only 6.8 percent of Wii owners had experienced a failure in their Wii console, a stark contrast compared to the 54.2 percent of XBox 360 owners reporting faults, and even lower than the 10.6 percent of broken Playstation 3 consoles.

That could be due to this next statistic, however: in the same poll, it was revealed that 360's are played a lot more than PS3s and Wiis, although the survey revealed little about how many TVs had broken due to Wii abuse. Probably a very, very high number.

It's good to know that it's a more reliable console than the competition, but 6.8 percent is still pretty high, given that the standard failure rate for electronic equipment is generally expected at 3 percent. Has your Wii failed on you before?


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Corbs said:

I'm on my 3rd Xbox 360, my first Wii (repaired by Nintendo once though), and my first PS3.



James said:

I had my original 360 for nearly a year and a half with no problems at all. I upgraded to a 60GB model and had to swap it twice in a weekend. My Wii, on the other hand, is the original baby I bought way back in December 2006. In fact, with the exception of my 360, all my consoles are the originals... I've never had to swap a faulty console until the 360 incident a few weeks ago. Now I think about that, I feel strangely... filthy :



ReZon said:

I thought my Wii (which is from December 2006) was going to be a goner after the 4.0 update as it was suffering from corrupted system files upon bootup once a day. Fortunately, it seems to have worked itself out as I haven't seen that message in about two months.



Metang said:

Yes, the Wii has failed on me before. In May 2008, the disc drive broke. (I think it had something to do with the Metroid Prime 3 copy that I rented from a local game renting store. I haven't rented a video game since ._.) Thankfully it was still under warranty, so I sent it to Nintendo to be fixed



Aviator said:

I had problems with the Disc reader. But I sent it into nintendo and the fixed it up.



SanderEvers said:

Well recently the R-button of my DSi failed working, so I sent it back to Nintendo. Still waiting...



Philip_J_Reed said:


Also, I'm pleasantly surprised by the low fail rate of the PS3. For some (obviously unfounded) reason I expected it to be higher. Maybe I'll consider that slim after all...



Chunky_Droid said:

My PS3 still works, though I was on my 4th PS2.

For Nintendo, every console I have is the first one I bought, except the Wii, I'm on my 3rd. The first got corrupted data, and got fixed by warranty, the second had artifacts (which I consider a fail).

Though in saying that, it's rare you find people on their 3rd Wii.

EDIT: Brutus, he snuck two in!



SanderEvers said:

It seems to be a frequent problem with the DSi, but not the older DS-es. (As far as I've read)



Useless_Account said:

My Wii actually gets really hot so I have to keep it unplugged until I want to use it. And it freezes on the internet channel ALOT, and the SD card channel fails to launch the games I want to play... I was going to repair it but then other things came up and now I don't have enough money to repair it. I got my Wii on release date by the way.



DiggerandIndy said:

I've never had my Wii fail at all! Then again, due to college work, I don't have the chance to play it that much.

I think the main reason the new systems keep breaking down is because of abuse to the system. That's my opinion.



Wiiloveit said:

@SanderEvers - I had the same problem after playing too much BOXLIFE. I gave it a rest, and then tried constantly pressing it to see if it was really not working or if it was my button-pushing technique that was flawed, and soon enough, it started working again.

As for the survey, I can't say I'm surprised, and only makes me stand by my decision of preferring the PS3 to the 360 if I ever had to make the choice between them. Also: imagine how high the rate for reliability in Windows computers will be...



SanderEvers said:

I tried that (didn't have boxlife though) but my R-button only responded when used some force to push it down and then only 1 out of 10 times.



jhuhn said:

I have the Wii for almost 2 years and it's still in good condition. But now with the possible wear and tear on the flash memory with copying channels from the SD card to the console, the Wii might start to weaken sometime in 2012.



Firefly said:

my wii broke down after 2 month (got it on release day)...I think, it was something temperature froze allot...nintendo replaced it...after that...never a problem again



Machu said:

Am I the only one who bought a 360, had it break, twice, then could not forgive Microsoft. They sold us a botched piece of ****, in my eye that breaks consumer laws, nothing will happen obv, but I'm just glad they have lost so much money fixing their own lazy efforts. And don't get me started on Sony and there hoover PC, 299 across the board(?!), are we thick or something? And anyway, it's ****ing ugly!

Nintendo, and only Nintendo, for the rest of my life.



strade said:

Never had any problems with the Wii. My 360 got the RROD once, so I replaced it at Gamestop. Of course they gave me one with the RROD already, so I had to replace that one. Now, my current 360( had it for about 4 months) got the RROD on Monday.



lester said:

Yes, but I did play it for a 9 hour session of Fire Emblem. It was the power cord that actually went out, and the process of replacing it was less painful than replacing anything for the 360.



Aenaida said:

The only system I've had die on me is the GameCube (couldn't read the discs anymore). Other than that, no other problems.



Linkuini said:

Artifacts? RROD? I don't even know what you people are talking about. I can only assume that that's a good sign!



Omenapoika said:

Every Nintendo console I have, except for the old Gameboy (but it's speaker hasn't worked since 1998), have had at least one tilt. My snes works great, N64 rolls on (the control stick is loosening, but as I know them, it's a wonder it's still playable), Gamecube has no problems. My Wii has tilted a couple of times, and once with a Nyko GC memory card of 251 blocks it wiped the memory clean and hasn't recognised it since. My cube still uses it fine. All in all, the home consoles are doing fine, haven't even needed fixing.

My GB has lost it's battery cover (common, eh), GBC was in my pocket when I fell in the atlantic ocean and that was the end of it (and my pokemon gold+shiny noctowl...). GBA SP is lost. Gameboy micro has got over 5 dead pixels. DS lite's shoulder buttons didn't work after a year of use! And it tilted about 20 times in numerous games.

My most reliable consoles so far are: SNES, GC and the fat DS (now in my friend's hard use and taking it well).



Chunky_Droid said:

@LegendofPasta99: Artifacts are little black dots that appear on your screen (or can be other colours depending), they are not welcome.

RROD (Red Ring of Death) basically means your X-Box isn't going to work anymore.



ejamer said:

My cousin wanted me to buy a 360. His sales pitch: only having to use the warranty to get it fixed 3 times so far. I've been waiting for a PS3 price drop instead. (hip-hip-hooray!)

My Wii has been running perfectly for three years. I did get a worrysome error screen once - something about corrupt memory - and was worried it might need to be sent away for repairs. But that message never reappeared after the frist time and everything has worked fine, so I'm not worried about it (yet).



calculon said:

Every Nintendo console I've had is my first, but the Wii definitely has the most minor reliability problems (from corrupt system files to corrupting the SD card to bizarre disc-reading issues)



Robster said:

After a year or so my Wii discdrive started making a lot of rattling noises while reading disks, really loud, like a broken coffee maker. I send it to Nintendo and I got a new one within a week!!! Top service! Only negative is that I lost all my save files, oh well.....



Other_Dave said:

Sony seem to have improved going by the PS3 figure. The original Playstation especially was very unreliable - every owner I know (myself included) had at least one replacement. No wonder it sold so many.

Only Nintendo console I've ever had to replace is my SNES but as that had coffee and fruit juice spill in to it - and then a TV fall on it - and it still kept going for about 15 years I think that's pretty impressive.



Mayhem said:

I've never had any hardware fail on me. Yet. In 30 years. I'm waiting for my 360 to be the first ever. The Wii is still perfectly fine afaik, although the disc drive occasionally gets in a tizzy.



jorenmartijn said:

I never had to send in a console or handheld for repair (had a SNES,| N64, Cube, Wii, GB Phat/classic, GBC DS Phat, DS Lite and DSi), but only on the DS Lite or DS Phat I had a little problem with the R/L-button getting stuck sometimes. SNES to N64 had no problems. GameCube very rarely has a DRE, same with the Wii. It's just a matter of cleaning the disc and retrying once or twice, then it works again.
The consoles I currently own are the Cube, Wii, GBC, DS Lite and DSi. They're all my first console/handheld and never had any repair. So I guess I'm either lucky or take care well enough of my systems.
Though I did accidentally spill some juice over my GameBoy classic (the ol' brick) in the airplane when I was little and it didn't like that. That's when my parents got me the GBC, which works perfectly still.
The most problems I had were more centered about controllers and stuff. My original Cube controller (from 2005) broke a few months ago, same with two third party Cube controllers I bought, so now I only have my WaveBird to play Cube games with.
I just wish Nintendo still sold Cube controllers in shops here in the Netherlands.



Mange said:

I have dropped my Wii from about 1 meter twice. It has some scratches and bumped corners but it working as well as when I bought it.



Corbs said:

I've still got the Atari 2600 I got for Christmas in 1981. Works like a dream.



astarisborn94 said:

This is good to hear. The only video game console that ever failed on me was the Playstation 2. Good thing to hear that the PS3 has a realitively low failure rate, because I'm now buying the slim.



Odnetnin said:


My old N64 still works, I sold my GameCube to a friend and it's still working fine for him, and my Wii hasn't experienced many problems at all if any.



SKTTR said:

My very first SNES and N64 still work fantastically (except the controllers).
I never had real problems with Nintendo products until Gamecube.
I had to buy another Gamecube after 2 1/2 years, because the old one stopped reading discs.

I have 4 DS and all 4 touchscreens won't re-calibrate anmyore, no matter what I do. (all old phat ones)

The Wii had some minor errors, the biggest flaw though is the bad disc drive that won't read SSBB/double-layer-discs. Every half year I have to send it back to Nintendo so I can play Brawl. I wish Nintendo could make better disc drives (and touchscreens).



Knux said:

The only problem my Wii has is it will not read SSBB. Besides that, it has worked just fine since I bought it late 2007. As for my Xbox 360, I currently own my SECOND one. I also own a PS3, and I do not have any problems with it.



Sean_Aaron said:

The only issue I had with my Wii (purchased one year after release) I caused myself and Nintendo fixed it pronto. I don't engage in marathon sessions (2-3 hours at a time tops) and I power it off (red light) every night which I hope will prolong the life of the components.

Good thing is with a large install base and the use of commodity electronics means that replacing the optical drive shouldn't be a problem (in fact I've seen them available on the net as mail order items).



The_Fox said:

Weirdly, I've had my Xbox 360 since about two months from launch and never had a problem with it (knock on wood). The only real system I had a problem with was the PS2, which broke on me twice. I've had my current PS2 (I can't bear to part with him) for 3 years without a problem, though, so it looks good there.



AUnkownFuture said:

I have a wii no 360 or PS3 well at the moment my wii is having problems About this buzzing noise out of the wii everytime it reads a disc for example mario kart wii it starts making noises i might have to get it repaired so ive tried other games and no problems id say it could be the wii



StarDust4Ever said:

Xbox 360 = Red Ring of Death = Flying into the Flaming Furnace of Hyades!!!

Most of the RROD errors are cause by bad solder joints - the "Lead free" formulation used on earlier Xbox 360s formed "tin wiskers" over time, resulting in random shorts and fried electronics. But that still don't explain why newer version Xboxes are having similar issues. Absolutely no excuse for that.

54.2% ??? Come on, Microsoft, that is terrible! A company that is best known for flawed software releases flawed hardware. The difference is that faulty software can be patched relatively easily whereas faulty hardware has to be sent in for repairs. Makes me glad that I don't own an Xbox !!!

No problems ever with my Wii. I also bought my first PS2 ($99) a few months back...



Incognito_D said:

I'm currently in the process of getting my Wii repaired. About 6 months ago the disc drive started making this annoying buzzing sound. It was out of warranty so I opened it up to take a look and managed to damage the case in the process <doh>. Now I'll have to pay even more to get it fixed. oh well.



blackknight77 said:

Sadly I am part of the 6.8 % I have sent my Wii in twice because the disc drive errors. I had it replaced twice in the span of 3 months. Everything has been fine since. My disc drive also made a loud buzzing noise as the post above mentions.



longtimegamer said:

I've had my wii since it came out at bestbuy. Sent in to get fix because of freezing up (mostly online?). Now I've been getting a corrupt files message. Here and there.



Pawtrick said:

My Wii disk drive stops working periodically ...but I come back in 20 minutes and it decides to work agian.



NeoRausch said:

had my first wii replaced once by nintendo for free (fried!) but working like a charm snce then.



Toddr said:

I'm on my second wii. My first one crapped out after playing We Ski for about 5 hours straight.



anthonyb said:

My Wii shorted out somehow and I ended up having to send it in to Nintendo. I paid them 70-80 bucks for the whole deal, which I can't complain about too much. I think it never should have happened though (I take good care of my hardware). If only Nintendo would create external hard drives! I had to download every game again (I have a LOT of VC/WiiWare). This was all before the SD card update, of course. And unfortunately all of my retail game data (Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP) was annihilated.

So it can be frustrating when your Wii needs to be repaired, but it's not nearly as frustrating as the fact that all data and downloadable content is contained the console, rather than external memory like the 360.. But now that I think about it.. Can you copy your save files from Wii games to an SD card? I assume you can, but I still have to complain about the hard drive issue.



ArtMcCarthyDotCom said:

My wii stopped working for a day but then when I tried it the next morning it worked perfectly. Same thing also happend to my dslite.



Buster13 said:

My Wii has been running great ever since launch. The only Nintendo system I ever had a problem with is the GameCube which stopped reading discs after five years (Which, thankfully, was only about a month before the Wii was released)



anthonyb said:

As for the 360 issue, it's amazing how many people have encountered problems! Even I have had issues and I've owned an Elite 360 for about 5 months now. But I have to say, the online community is so great and the games so epic that I'd do anything to repair it. XD Xbox Live is a killer service- not necessarily because I say so- but because of the fact that not only the hardware is faulty, you have to pay for a gold membership. Meaning that if so many people still participate in Live, with both of these points considered, it must be damn good.



DK_vs_KK said:

A few days ago, my wii wouldn't turn on after a power surge. I unplugged it for 5 minutes though, and it worked fine.



TourianTourist said:

Nintendo usually delivers quality products, all my old Nintendo systems still work like day one. While my XBox on the other started screwing around after a very short time.

You can copy save files on an SD card, but not the ones of some multiplayer games because of the unique code. Like Brawl or Mario Kart Wii. I think, the worst is definitely Brawl with all the unlockables, trophies and stickers... took me ages to get all those, if this was lost, I certainly wouldn't bother with collecting everything again... too much work. ^^



IAmNotWill said:

My wii hasn't failed me yet. Got mine on Xmas of 07, a year after release. But I am on my second gamecube though. The first one controller slot wouldn't work. I should have sent it to Nintendo, instead of getting a new one...



anthonyb said:

@TourianTourist: Thanks, that's good to know- I appreciate it. Now I recall that you can indeed save data on SD- a friend mentioned he had the same problem you did when trying to transfer his Brawl data. That's pretty frustrating considering it's such a popular Wii game! Well take care of your console, cuz if you have to send it in, it's likely you won't get that data back.



MetalMario said:

Only one of my consoles ever failed, my old GameCube. My Wii has had a small problem, but ever since the new update is working like brand new.



JonWahlgren said:

The GPU in my Wii melted and had to be repaired after two years, and my 360 is still going almost a year in.

(Fingers crossed)



rhythmheavenfan said:

I've never had a console that has broke. My 360 and Wii are both my first ones and no trouble with any handhelds either.



WolfRamHeart said:

I have never had a problem with my Wii or PS3. However, I am currently on my fourth Xbox 360 console thanks to the RROD.



Chrono_Cross said:

My Wii stopped reading discs.
I think it was because I never turned it off without having WiiConnect24 on or in other words that orange light.

I sent into Nintendo and they fixed it... for free so I`m happy.

Wow if I were you I would`ve given up at my 2nd lol
Your a trooper



PHANTOM93 said:

My Wii's disc drive was failing to read the disc at least once a day, from the day I bought it until I sent it in last January (bought Aug. 2007). Although that was probably my fault because in my excitement to play it, I put the Wii Sports disc in upside down.

My DS phat had its hinges break off yesterday.....

I have had one 360 RROD on me, but my second one has been going for about two years now and is still fine.

What really suprises me is that my SEGA Genesis still works (considering I got it second hand, for free!) but the audio cable is starting to fail on it.

My X-box original still works, but its disc tray won't come out unless you rapidly press the eject button.

So, the only gaming device that I have that hasn't had at least one problem with it is my Game Boy Color. (That thing is built like a freaking tank!)



Steve_Brule said:

My two year old Wii suffered from what I have seen referred to as "Wii Rot" where little pixels pop up all over the screen, especially over solid colors. I sent it in and five days and $80 later I got a new one from them. Had to re-download all my vc games, but the game saves were all there.
Had to send in my GC while it was still under warranty because of a disc read error. Never had a single problem with my still-working NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, or my DS. The solution is clear: Go back to cartridges, Nintendo!



MarkyVigoroth said:

I read that at a previous time, but that means that, out of 10,000,000 Wii Systems sold, 680,000 will fail!



AVahne said:

well my wii has started buzzing but its still running at full speed and hasn't failed me yet



Edwin said:

Other than freezing a few times in almost 3 years, nothing has gone wrong.



SwerdMurd said:

I had no idea the difference in these figures was that pronounced

And my Wii has some issues for sure--way-slow, noisy disc-loading on a lot of game and occaisionally buzzing.



TingLz said:

I knew Xbox would come in last place due to the red ring of death. As much abuse as my Wii has been through, I'm surprised it's still working perfectly except when it freezes once a month, but that's only a minor inconvenience.



TingLz said:

@Koto: Strangely enough, my roommate's Wii is also buzzing but still running. Mine only buzzes for a few seconds and then stops every now and then. I wonder what it is.



No never. I have a year with it and I have been playing with it every day.



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

All my old nintendo systems still work! Except the gamecube R.I.P.

And the wii has sold the most.... so that percentage is actually pretty high.



Ren said:

Mine just died, and I bought it at launch. After the latest update I got a corruption warning once and then it died a few days later, so I think that did it. Can't afford to get it fixed yet. I'm having withdrawl, but I'm getting more done, though.



Stuffgamer1 said:

How did we get this many comments without a single person questioning the poll that started this discussion? It sure didn't take them long to do so on Gamespot last night...and I agree! 5000 people, particularly taken from Gameinformer readers, is not enough to get a feel for what the overall situation REALLY is.
Then there's the problem where nobody specifies the time period in which their failure rate applies...with Gameinformer, it's apparantly however long the person answering the question happens to have had the system. A bit vague, don'tcha think?

To answer the question about MY hardware: Only Nintendo system I've ever replaced was the NES (had it for YEARS, but the infamous problems became too much and we got a replacement that works perfectly from eBay). I'm on my third Xbox 360 in two and a half years due to RRoD. Other than that, everything pretty much works fine, with only the occasional minor hiccup now and then (like you'd expect to get with electronics).



Jolted85 said:

my wii has been pretty good to me since I got it in 2007, allthough every so often the graphics will slow down noticeably in gameplay, this is rare though, i'd like to know what causes it, has anyone else had this problem happen to their wii?



Curt said:

All my console are my first of each kind. I've had my Wii for about 2 years, my 360 for a year, and my PS3 for 2 days.



Supermarioman said:

I have a lot of console problems but here they are:
1st Offense: My Gamecube Memory Card was corrupted because I turned the power off
2nd: Gameboy Advance Occasionly will turn off if you barely touch the power switch.
3rd: DS Lite has a blue light only visible on a black screens that I don't know where that came from, but it nevers interferes with gameplay.
4th: DS Lite shoulder buttons are going out, but i low on them and they work fine for a few months, I belive I wore them down on Mario Kart DS
5th: NES Problems (Need I say more)
6th: SNES RCA Cables died, but lucky for me the N64's still work so I just use that one.
7th: SNES Controller Just Died!
8th: RROD on Xbox 360, but what suprising about it is that it works until you put a game in it and then it gets RROD, WTF!
9th: Wii Felled to Read SMG once and then worked like a charm the next time.
10th: Wii Makes loud buzzing noise.
11th: My Orange NES Zapper died
12th: Sega Dreamcast makes same noise as Wii.
13th: Gameboy Original only works when it wants to.
Thats all so far



Noire said:

I had to send in my Wii for repairs because SSBB hated it. Darn dual-layered disks. Luckily Nintendo fixed the thing for free.




I've heard about the Xbox's reliability problems from friends of mine. Looks like the problem is global! Microsoft ought to be a little ashamed of themselves really imho



Incognito_D said:


The Dreamcast is just a loud console. The fan is pretty loud but at least it's not a buzzing noise like the Wii.
When I opened mine up, I found that the buzzing comes from a spinning piece of plastic grinding off a metal mechanism.
I don't want to send it in for expensive repairs if it's just going to start up with the noises again, but if it does that I'll just trade it in for a brand new sexy black Wii I think



Token_Girl said:

Wow, buying an Xbox 360 is like flipping a coin...that's ridiculous.

My Genesis works great (though my Sega CD broke a few years after I got it). My N64 I had no problems until I sold it. We have two dreamcasts, because they each choose to read different disks (weird), and it's a bit of an art getting them to work.

No problems with my GBC, GBA, DSi, Gamecube, or Wii thus far, though I've only owned the wii for less than a year. I've got a few friends with working NES and SNES consoles too, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.



FJOJR said:

Same Wii, but repaired twice. Latest system update improved it a little.



RaviC said:

Coincidentally, I bought an XBox 360 yesterday, and today it stopped reading discs. I will have to replace it, according to MS Support, and never once have I had to replace a console before..
My Wii still works as well as it did on the day I bought it.

EDIT: I put a game into it today and it said, to play this game please insert it into an Xbox 360 console!



odd69 said:

You guys remember the whole thing with Brawl right, my wii couldn't play it so i had to send it in so they would "fix it".Other than that my wii has been reliable



Tails said:

still have my wii going on 2 years only problem i had was 4.0 update and that my lens needed to be cleaned out otherwise its working perfecly i still have my fat ps2 all the way back from 2002 shes really old now... and my N64 same one from long ago all my systems have had no failing at all and i'm very proud including my DS's all still work great.



slambert215 said:

My original DS broke once when it wouldn't charge and the R button on my DS lite broke too and needed to be repaired.



Phalyn said:

My family went through 2 PS2s, first one my sister dropped, second one my brother installed a mod chip that went wrong. 3rd PS2 was my brothers but I bought it form him, so he could justify a PS2 slim. No problems with that one.

I've had my Wii since launch, only issue I had was once in a blue moon it will get stuck in between going from shop to main menu, so I have to unplug it.

No issues with my PS3, replaced the HDD from a 40 (i think) to a 250. Only concern with that is the motor gets really load from time to time, thats when I turn it off for the night.

I wont touch a X360



Jolted85 said:

i've only had the RROD happen to me once, it's almost been a year since it happened and it hasn't done it again, my warranty was out, but microsoft was nice enough to fix it for me for free, all I had to do was send it to UPS, and I lived close to the repair center so I got it back quick.



mrmicawber said:

None of those statistic are reliable - I am sure fanboys of all systems inflated their numbers for bad press...

Please, a game informer survey? Whats next a strawpoll on the NL forums???

Not news, nothing to see here, move on



ioioi210 said:

NES is cracked but works fine.
Super NES has a big hole in it works fine (i guess it was a pretty hard game...)
GB Colors (all 4) Work perfectly...
GBA has a lost battery cover, so i just stuck electrical tape to keep the batteries in works perfectly...
GBA SP my Dad still uses for LoZ games...
DS phat works fine, but there is a green pixel that just doesn't seem to go away, but i could care less
GameCube works like it has since Day one
Same with the Wii...

And people wonder why I'm a Nintendo FanBoy



Alza said:

I'm on my second Wii, the first began to refuse to read older games, so i sent it for repair and they changed the console (warranty not available...for a couple of weeks, i paid 140 CHF). It's the first time i have to repair a Nintendo console, all my others hardware work fine (GB, GBC, GBL, GBA, GBASP, DS, SNES, N64, GC).



Pupil_of_Life said:

Every video game console I've ever owned never failed on me (all Nintendo plus one Sega Genesis/Mega Drive), and I had my Genesis, first Nintendo 64 and first Super Nintendo sold just to get more games for my GameCube back then. However, I did accidentally broke off the lock on my GBA's battery cover though so I have to tape the cover back on every time I switch batteries and I had my first scratch on my DS Lite's touch screen, though its not damaging enough to mess it up a bit. I also had my fair share of buying unreliable N64 controllers as well with pre-broken analog sticks.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Machu: I already said that this poll probably wasn't reliable, y'know. No need to reply to mrmicawber that way.

Why on Earth was everybody apparantly having problems with Brawl, anyway? I never did, nor did anyone I know in person. Is everybody online just putting dirty discs in their systems or something? Of course that would make your lens dirty!



Cthuloops said:

First Wii, though the disc reader gets really, really noisy when I put in dual-layered or Gamecube discs...



SanderEvers said:

Everyone who's complaining of Wii Disc read problems, should try using the Wii Lens Cleaning kit. That fixes most of the "unable to read" problems.



tripunktoj said:

I have every Nintendo console released in North America and everyone works.

Just minor problems here and there, I had to fix a GBC IR port, AC hole on the original GB, and opened dirty consoles mostly to clear control issues. Nothing making them unplayable in any way.



Raptor78 said:

I owned every Sega console and never had any issues with any of them, as far a Nintendo products I started with the original GBA (launch day) then Cube, DS Phat, Lite, wii (also from launch) and finally DSi and the only problems Ive ever had have been mainly cosmetic with the DS Phat and Lite (hinge etc)
I will say this though, my Gamecube got kicked down a flight of stairs whilst plugged in, switched on and playing PSO ( accidently of course) and not only did it survive without a mark the game inside also escaped unharmed!!! Now that is a solid piece of hardware.



JimLad said:

Reliability is one of their highest priorities I think.
Ever since the NES, sure it goes grey sometimes, but it's just sleeping!



Chunky_Droid said:

As far as unreliability of the poll goes, I'll say this:

No poll is 100% accurate, but if you factor that the majority of people who would've been polled by Game Informer probably polled "gamers", now when you think of the usual gamer, they are the ones who seem to lean towards the 360 and PS3. Where-as a lot of families own a Wii (same as a lot of families own a PS2).

Now if said gamers were trying to skew the poll results, I would've thought they would've said their Wiis have broken, not their 360's?

In any case, I know polls aren't accurate, but if the people being surveyed are doing what you say they are, I don't think it'd be positive towards the Wii in general, since the majority of the self-proclaimed "hardcore" community love bashing the Wii more than playing their preferred console.



bestbuck said:

Never had a problem with a Nintendo console except my Wii wouldn't read SSBB which Nintendo fixed for free. I'm still on my first PS3 (touch wood) One of my PSN friends is on his 3rd PS3 but this guy lives on his PS3. I won't say much about the 360 because I reckon any that haven't broke will break thats why I ain't gonna go there



Kelvin said:

I was never interested in the X360, and the failures made the decision final, so yeah, not going there.

The only problem I've ever had with the Wii is that it sometimes goes into a black screen when I load the first Wii Sports, and stays there for a long time before the game starts. But I don't need to play it any more, now I have Wii Sports Resort.

I've never had a console failure, now I think about it. The power light didn't work on my Master System, but the machine itself was fine. My PS1 never had an issue, and my PS2 is getting on for nine years old and is just fine, which is crazy. My SNES was bought second-hand, and was covered in muck, and it worked perfectly. My wife has an original NES, and you have to occasionally do the blowy thing to get it to work, but it does work.



mjc0961 said:

"A recent poll in Game Informer revealed that out of 5,000 people surveyed"

Anyone with common sense didn't read past that. There are millions of each console sold. A mere 5,000 surveyed is nothing. It's worthless.



zeeroid said:

My Wii fails miserably at working with WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi networks, but it's going strong. As is my PS3, no complaints. Don't own a 360 though, and honestly, have no intention of getting one



Kelvin said:

mjc0961, it's called a sample size, and every survey uses one. 5000 is a pretty good sampling, in comparison to most surveys.




Im on my first american 360 since 2006 and my first jap 360 elite since early 2008,my first wii from launch day and my first ps3 60 gb from launch day,and i have had 4 ps3 80gb's since they launched! i do alot of network play with my consoles.And how is it more reliable if it's not played as much as the other consoles that makes no sense? 360 has been the #1 consile for awhile now because they actually have games to play and an online service which nintendo nor sony could dream of touching,long live the vc!



Useless_Account said:

Theres a way to fix your Xbox is out of it's warranty... take it apart and replace the heat aborbers from the chips that have them, replace with pennies on each one that are completely wrapped in electric tape and glue them to the chips after taking off the heat absorbers. Then put everyting back together and do the towel trick, because your system will still think it's broken. Then your Xbox will work forever. If you don't know what I'm talking about you don't care.



Useless_Account said:

By the way I'm talking about the Xbox 360, I'm explaning this because I've just said "Xbox" before and people still think I'm talking about the old one which no one I knew cared about.



jayo said:

My Wii is about 2 years old, and it hasn't failed on me yet! I did encounter some disc-read issues when I got SSB Brawl, but then I learned Nintendo offered free repairs, so I sent it to get fixed! Other than that, it works just fine!



jpmccord said:

My console history...

I still have my NES (new in 1987), Sega Genesis (new in 1992), SNES (used in 1996), N64 (new in 1997), PS2 (new in 2001), and Wii (new in 2008). The only one I've ever had any problem with at all is the original NES, and it's just the standard problems with blowing the cartridges and hoping it works. I'm thinking about getting the slot fixed at a local game shop.

I've been most surprised by the longevity of the PS2. Over the years, I have read countless stories about how easily they tear up. I have played dozens of games on it, and it had been my only DVD player since 2001 until I got a standalone player just a couple of months ago. It's been used more than any other console I own. And it still works great to this day.

But... I prefer the Wii and classic Nintendo games.

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