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Twin Galaxies Crowns First Wii Sports Resort Record Holders

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Still a bunch of records left wide open.

Twin Galaxies, the premiere keeper of video game records since anyone bothered to keep track of such things, recently began a record hunt for Nintendo's latest über-hit Wii Sports Resort. A few days later, the hunt has yielded some impressive results, but more are still needed!

Most of the records set are perfect scores on Expert difficulty, so many can't really be beat, per se, but matched, oh, they can be matched.

As of this writing, no scores have been posted for any variant of Bowling, which seems like the first sport that would get a record since it's been around for nearly three years. Other notable games up in the air are swordplay, table tennis and golf variants.

It's anyone's game at this point, folks. If you set an official record, let us know in the comments so we can ooh and aah your efforts.


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edofthe209 said:

I need to let my coworkers know about this. Our employers thanked all on our tech support team (about 100 folks) by installing a Wii game room with WS resort. Some folks have started bowling and archery challanges and I'm even trying to get top score on that damn frisbee dog game. We've got some real competetive spirits here, so they might be quite interested in this.



Alexei123 said:

I don't think gangbanger is the right word. Haha! Wii Sports Resort didn't partake in gang rape??




cookies where?
I'm really good at archery i did easy mode and i got like 80 points on it so i went right to expert and got ten I think i got a good chance of making a record (im jk)



LinktotheFuture said:

I've bowled 7 perfect games on Wii Sports, but Wii Sports Resort bowling is much harder for me. I am trying to get just 2000 in 100 pin, and I am stuck at 1994. Hopefully someday.



PSPTwinGalaxies said:

Thanks to the folks at this website for the story. Anyone with any questions on how they can submit scores to us, feel free to e-mail me or any of our staff via the Contact Us section of Edofthe209... if you could get your co-workers to join on in, get to it... that might make for an interesting story as well

Wii Sports Resorts rankings from our website will be going out in international press releases, so the whole world may soon know who's the best at this game. And even if you aren't... we want your scores, too. We rank contenders, too

Look foward to everyone's scores.

Patrick Scott Patterson
Twin Galaxies Director of Marketing
Twin Galaxies Referee

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