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Tony Hawk RIDE Set For Wii In November

Posted by Jamie Giggs

Got a spare £100?

Tony Hawk RIDE will be released for Wii on the 20th November, Activision have announced. RIDE will come with a special skateboard peripheral and cost a whopping £99.99.

According to Activision, the new wireless controller will let players feel what it's really like to skate, allowing them to pull of all the tricks professionals like Tony Hawk can do. You'll be tilting, gesturing, lifting and rotating to pull these off. The company confirmed that the new game would deliver the kind of breakthrough the franchise needs. RIDE is also set to feature local multiplayer as well as an online Mode, and the famous 'create-a-skater' mode for the series will apparently return as well.

Sounds good, minus the high price tag. The question is: will the price be too much for most people? It's tough to imagine rushing out to spend that much straight away without knowing what you're buying is high quality. But then, that's why you guys have us.


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Knux said:

Dang, that's a high price tag! I think they are the first ones to charge that much for a third-party acessory.



supers0nic91 said:

Wow that's a lot of money. Yeah its a good job we have awesome reporters like you keeping us up to date



Croz said:

For £100 you could buy a decent setup & learn to skate for real!



Kangus said:

I saw a video on the development of this board.... the earliest R&D prototype was quite literally a Wii remote taped to the bottom of a skateboard.




I liked Dwnhill Jam but never liked any of the other TH's games. I doubt this will sell for that price tbh.



accc said:

Why not just let Wii owners use the balance board? Would that make too much sense for Activision?



SwerdMurd said:

I'll reserve judgment til the peripheral drops. Again, I paid 90 for a Wii Fit that I've gotten little/no use out of...paying 100 for a board that's implemented in a fun way on a game could be great, especially if the game has replay value. I look at all games as a dollar per hour system--if I pay 100 bucks, I'd like to get 100 hours of play out of it. If it's a fantastic skateboarding game that keeps me coming back for months, I could see myself paying double. After all, it's better than spending 50 bucks apiece on 2 peripheral-free games, both of which end up uninteresting in a few hours.



odd69 said:

I thought this was for 360 and ps3 only? Oh well, i'm glad we get to have it.Unfortunately I'd rather buy Skate 2 than this...



TourianTourist said:

WTF? Why don't they just use the Balance Board? At least some people have it and some more games using it can't hurt... And seriously, instead of spending 99$ on that thing, I could just go out and skateboard myself. xD

Good thing, I'm not interested in any Tony Hawk game anyway... or skateboarding in general.



Starwolf_UK said:

Why not just let Wii owners use the balance board? Would that make too much sense for Activision?
In a nutshell, Activision can't make money off balance boards.

Personally, its things like this (plus thier run Guitar Hero into the ground after it jumped the shark, release even more peripheral games, chargeing £55 for the new call of duty then say we would do it to everything if we could) which makes me want to see Activision suffer huge financial losses (and I don't care if they take Blizard with them, maybe then we'll see them release something that isn't a WoW expansion).

I usually don't want to see casulties in the industry (I even pity Sony right now) but I feel Activision deserves it for their complete disregard to the customer (in their words they exploit the customer) and failiure to notice basic things like peripheral games slumped last year so you don't release six times as many of them for the current year.



astarisborn94 said:

@Starwolf_UK: I agree, I'm worried that Activision could pull off another unacceptably gimped-up port for Modern Warfare. I don't say "Kill Activision", but they are not treating there fans properly, especially on the Wii.



Noire said:

I'd rather have the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater available for download on VC.



mjc0961 said:

"The company confirmed that the new game would deliver the kind of breakthrough the franchise needs."

Haha, of course they did. They aren't going to say "Hey guys! Our game sucks!"



brandonbwii said:

This is obviously talking about all plarforms in very broad terms as I'm highly skeptical the Wii version will include online. Likely just hotseat. Someone please prove me wrong.



Karch said:

That's way to much for yet another peripheral for the Wii.
Why not support the existing tech with the Balance Board instead?
I'd much rather see DVD playback on the Wii, a music/mp3 channel, a fully updated real Internet channel complete with email client, and more support for the virtual console then this mess.

I think companies are just getting really greedy here. First it was:
(All prices below on Us Dollar from
Wii Mote ($34.99)
Wii Zapper ($24.99)
Wii Balance Board ($89.00)
Wii Speak ($29.99)
Wii Motion Plus ($24.99)
Wii Skateboard ($166.65) as per currency converter from Pound to Dollar.

That's a whopping $221.63 in total if you get all those accessories. Not to mention a battery charge station ($30.00) as well as whatever price tag the vitality sensor is going to be.

I'm not to thrilled with Nintendo cramming so many bloody accessories down our throats, when the current ones that are out are not even being used by a handful, let alone multiple titles.

Hey Nintendo how about actually (GASP!) requiring gaming companies (yourselves included) to support the existing accessories we have right now, instead of trying to cash in on even more accessories.





Objection said:

O.o Wow, 100 pounds/euros? That's like GH/Rock Band priced, right? Better be the greatest skating game ever.



y2josh said:

So when I wanna do a backflip on my board how is that gonna work?

I don't like the price tag, but to all the people that say they could just go ride a skateboard please look up Guitar Hero on google.



Sean007s said:

Yeah not happening Activision.
Seriously....thats not happening.
Im not paying that much money for a skateboard with no wheels.
jeez....grabs a skateboard.....YEAH DUDE!!!



nintendoduffin said:

It looks like an interesting concept but I just don't have a hundred quid lying about to spend on a game.



Kirk said:

I really feel that gaming has become a bit of a piss take this generation and it just costs way too much if people really want to experience all the different games out there.

What with all the Guitar Hero/Rock Band peripherals, the Wiimote + Nunchuck + Motion Plus, the Balance Board, Vitality Sensors, then Magic Wands and Natal coming soon to, and whatever else, not to mention the 3 home consoles and 2 handhelds, it's just really expensive if people actually want to play all the different kinds of games out there.

I think I just liked it better when I got two controllers in the box and they played pretty much every single game on the system perfectly.

Way too much money is being asked of gamers like me for our gaming fix imo



Machu said:

So will RIDE support the balance board on Wii a la Skate It? If they ignore balance board support in favour of a new expensive peripheral, I will go no where near it.



JimLad said:

Doesn't that thing just make the game harder? I thought the premise of Tony Hawk games were you could skate like a pro by just learning a few buttons.
Why not just buy a skateboard for a lot less and you'll have a lot more fun.

...dunno, maybe it is good. £100 though... and it's not like you're selling it with a fresh franchise. They could have used the balance board and sold a lot more copies with a £29.99 price tag instead. Or support both and sell their board seperate, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing a LOT more TH games soon, ala: Guitar Hero.



mauzii said:

IT'S A very NICE object, i think who loves skateboarding could buy it, i'm not, i won't

does it fly like the movie Back to Future and M.J Fox ?



Objection said:

@Kirk- You raise good points but systems and games are technically cheaper nowadays (as $300 2009 is less than $300 1989 for instance.) Technology has made some things cheaper and companies have made others more expensive.



Terra said:

It's just expensive peripheral after expensive peripheral for Activision. Not buying



ArtMcCarthyDotCom said:

WHAT?!?! Wii Fit was only $90 and they think people are going to buy this for 100 dollars, they have lost there minds.



Machu said:

Ha, I just realised. Natal was announced say half way through this project of Activision's. Bet they fell off there chairs when they saw that kid in the demo, playing a skateboard game, without, ergh... anything. Beautiful! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Fail!



Slapshot said:

I play my video games sitting on my A$$ so thank you very much Activision, You can keep your $166 dollars Ill still be sitting there playing Skate 2 without your little wanabe skateboard that won't work near as well as anyone really wants it too.



SwerdMurd said:

I too realized this conversion recently (after making a post that 100 bucks didn't seem too, too bad...) and realized how much more absurd this price actually is. People just don't pay 160 dollars for a game--period.



Goldmidget said:

thats to expencive.
and how does it know when u do a kickfilp?
do u actualy have to do 1 because i can see alot of broken bords



noface said:

they could have dropped the damn board and it would be fine. i just hope the other TH game coming out doesn't force the board use.

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