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Square Enix Drops Some Darklord DLC On Its PALs

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Available now, evil ones.

Got some extra Wii points burning a hole in your digital pocket, PAL gamers? Square Enix has proposed a solution: buy FFCC: My Life as a Dark Lord DLC!

First up is the Darklord Special Forces pack, which takes up 2 blocks and 500 space bucks. Included are six monsters: a melee Ogre, ranged Ahriman, magical Sahagin, some generic Coeurl and Chimera and healer Lamia.

For 300 points and 1 block, the Bedroom Set of three Artifacts can be added to your bag of tricks and treats. It'll give you a Void Fountain to restore monsters' health and cures status effects; a Summon Mirror to, surprise, summon random monsters; and the Drain Chest, which steals adventurers' health and gives it to your minions.

Lastly, there's the Beloved Wardrobe at 600 points and 7 blocks, which is a pack of three dresses for Mira. And hey, the garb actually helps you out in battle. Her Radiant Dress lets you cast Cure once per battle, the Dark Dress raises your starting NP by 50, and the Prim Dress lets you cast Hard Slash once per battle.

If you don't dig anything here but still want some DLC for the game, fret not: Squeenix has 5700 points worth of add-ons coming. Hooray!

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Curt said:

Square Enix loves to squeeze every dollar they can out of their fans. Hence the reason why we're still waiting for the final part of FF4: TAY.



Strofan7 said:

Lets see how many comments I can make that will get deleted... I wasn't trying to put down the game by any means, i love both this and my life as a king. I just don't feel that these add ons are a good enough value and will add enough playing time to merit the money when you can get an NES game for cheaper than the wardrobe... I think they would make more money if they packaged all of these add-ons into one cheap package like $10 for the whole thing!



KDR_11k said:

Considering the file size I wonder if those aren't just unlock codes...



Bass_X0 said:

I see the article takes a subtle jab at how much DLC there is to choose from. I've never seen it that you have to buy all of it just what you feel you need to help you progress or make the game more enjoyable for yourself. Download too much though and you've ruined the game for yourself as you will breeze through without any difficulty at all. And yes, they are unlock codes. Everything is already on the initial download and you pay to unlock it. That actually isn't a bad thing. The game clearly had a budget much larger than its cost of 1000 points. There would have been no way they could have made the same game without DLC and kept it at 1000 points. Even if you don't download anything, you're still getting it pretty cheaply for 1000 points. I'm interested in seeing how many people who have not downloaded anything and how far they got in the game - stage three at the most perhaps before giving up? Of course the game is doable without DLC but you do need to be a great strategist. Which I'm not. I think I should download some NP+ items since I keep running out.



Starwolf_UK said:

...why is this the only DLC that has an article?
Ask Nintendo of Euopre that (plus they mentioned it in the weekly update).

I have to admit this game with its crazy prices on DLC (a pair of dresses for the same price as Bit Trip?) are actually putting me off buying the game. Also the comments of Bass X0 which suggest the game has had an artifical boost in difficulty to force you to buy them.

As you can guess, I think they all are except the clothing. The first FFCC game was like this as well. Oddly enough all the other Square-Enix titles are not unlock keys but actual data or event data.



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah. The difficulty sharply increased around the end of the third stage with new classes that you're mentally unprepared for. Its probably Square's way of saying that you should be downloading some things by now.



Alza said:

@bass X0: by third stage do you mean third level or you mean the third series of stage? Because i'm on the third series of stages and i didn't needed any DLC to progress, it's quietly easily, beside some side quests...



Bass_X0 said:

I mean the third world if thats clearer. Someone not able to beat 1.3 would have problems.




I'd like more new games to download instead, though that may not be entirely relevent to this discussion.



Bass_X0 said:

Well DLC is much easier and quicker to produce than new games. Even 6000 points worth of DLC content. I think it would be kinda cool if they made DLC for existing Virtual Console games. Adding another world to Super Mario Bros for example should be possible. Hackers go into games and change the code all the time.



KDR_11k said:

I think the first wave of DLC for MLaaK was codes, the second wave was actual new content.

I'm interested in seeing how many people who have not downloaded anything and how far they got in the game - stage three at the most perhaps before giving up?

I didn't get any DLC and am currently in chapter 5. It gets way easier once you get the second mage monster (great for blasting everything except mages). Generally you should build just enough to deal with what you're facing, never overengineer, you can't afford that and remember that you can instantly spawn new stuff anywhere. The waves in each level are predetermined so you can use a failed start to figure out which order you need those defenses in. Small monsters are good in the early levels but later on you need the big ones. Big monsters also have the advantage of being very good for wiping heroes in one volley, they take a long time to reload but getting a full strike on a thief before she even fires can help a lot with maintaining your artifacts.

I don't believe that the budget for this was so high that 1000 points would not be sustainable. There's not a lot of stuff in the game, most of the characters and monsters were probably taken straight from FFCC for the Gamecube (except for the unique ones which are from MLaaK), there are no environments besides the tower levels and the cutscenes are just text too. Really, I don't see what would need a massive budget in this game. PopCap sells Plants vs Zombies for 10€ on Steam and that has no DLC.



Bass_X0 said:

I think the first wave of DLC for MLaaK was codes, the second wave was actual new content.

It was all available from the start in Europe for a few weeks before they realised and put a stop to it. I have Kain before he's supposed to be released.



stratocastx said:

@Bass X0 - I'm at the last level of the fourth chapter and haven't needed any DLC. I've had to put a couple hours in to a couple levels to beat them, and my only complaint about the difficulty is that you have to play through the levels to know what units come in what order. All of the levels are easily beatable once you formulate the right strategy, which usually just takes a lot of trial and error. I fully intend on beating the game without any DLC, and I usually play through 2 or 3 stages a day. It's a great value at the initial 1000 points, for sure.



Golgo said:

On first reading headline could've sworn it said 'Squeenix drops some dark LOAD'. I'm sure this was only an accidental allusion by the author...?!



damascus said:

Pass. The core game is enough. And I'm not really into DLC, much less DLKs (downloadable keys).

I'm not sending SE any signal that what they're doing is fine for wiiware.

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