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Rage of the Gladiator Coming to WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ghostfire Games announces their brand new WiiWare title.

Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games, has just sent over the official announcement of their brand new WiiWare title Rage of the Gladiator, along with a whole host of goodies to go along with it. See below for the trailer showing footage of the game, along with lots of screenshots.

You might remember Ghostfire Games from their first WiiWare release Helix. Well it seems they've decided to kick things up a notch or two with their newest offering from the looks of it. You can check out the press release announcing the game.

Ghostfire Games ( has just announced Rage of the Gladiator™, a bold and innovative video game for the WiiWare™ service for the Nintendo™ Wii™.

Rage of the Gladiator is a fantasy fighting game. You control a gladiator, fighting for your life in an arena. Armed with your magical warhammer and a trusty shield, you must defeat fantastic bosses including a Chimera, Beholder, and a Dragon. The game is set in first-person perspective.

“Rage of the Gladiator is a series of epic boss-battles,” said Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games. “There are no ‘fodder’ enemies – its all bosses, which we find to be the most fun part of games!”

In Rage of the Gladiator, each boss has unique abilities and powers that you need to pay close attention to. Exploit the weakness of each enemy by jumping, dodging, or shield blocking with the proper timing and agility. Then unleash your rage by brutally pounding your enemy with your warhammer and bashing them with your shield, and you will triumph.

Features of the game include:

  • Insane “finishing moves.” You have 14 finishing moves that destroy your opponent in over-the-top cutscenes:
  • Leap to the skies, then plunge your warhammer into the ground, creating a pillar of fire that burns your enemy to a crisp.
  • Transform into a hulking colossus 10 times the size of your opponent, pounding him into the ground.
  • Darken the skies with a solar eclipse, sending a beam of light to fry your enemy.
  • Customize your character. As you defeat bosses, you earn skill points. You can apply those skill points to one of three skill trees: Offense, Defense, and Magic. This gives you new powers. It also provides great replay value since you can replay through the game with different skill tree decisions.
  • Fantastic 3D-graphics. Fully rendered and realistic, you do combat in a fully lit 3D arena. This polish level is rare for a downloadable title.
  • Extremely realistic animations. When you attack bosses, the impacts and hits feel “real.” Each boss has been painstakingly animated to react properly to each of your attacks.
  • Outstanding replay value. Once you’ve beaten the first 10 bosses, you must face them again in Challenge Mode, which is a completely new experience – the bosses are more difficult with new powers. There are 21 total battles.
  • Epic soundtrack. The music has been designed to be exciting and memorable, and really gets your blood pumping.

“Rage of the Gladiator is a monumental undertaking.” said Mr. Roman. “It has content comparable to a full $50 store title, yet has a budget title price. We’ve tried to make a game that blows the lid off what people expect from WiiWare.”

The game is slated to be released later this year. For more information, visit

We'll have more information of Rage of the Gladiator as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service.

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ghostfire said:

Hey guys.. I'm Ed, the producer for Rage of the Gladiator. I'd be happy to answer any questions or hear any impressions so feel free to post away!



ghostfire said:

We actually tried out several different camera perspectives... it was a toss-up between an over-the-shoulder camera and a first-person camera.

In the end we decided first-person was better because the bosses looked a lot cooler and more realistic if they were in-your-face and big because you were looking right at them.




Nintendork said:

Does the gameplay feel like Punch-Out! in any way? That was the first thing that came to mind after reading the press release.



ghostfire said:

Yes, the game's combat system feels similar to Punch-Out. We absolutely adored the 1980s Punch-Out and some of the ideas in our game were inspired by that game, although we've been very careful to make the game distinct and unique on its own. We've been working on the game for quite awhile, far before Wii Punch-Out was even announced.



therick112 said:

How will the controls work? Will it be motion based, remote-nunchuk combo without motion, or remote only (NES style)?




Seeing the trailer I can say it can be really good. But again, it can go either way. I wont worry knowing you already made an excelent wiiware game. It certainly looks interesting and definitely new. I have high expectations. Dont ruin it! (kidding)



ghostfire said:

We're going for a lower-than-M rating. There's no nudity/blood. We made this decision so that the game was appealing to as wide an audience as possible. Although who knows what future sequels might bring

The controls are very simple: You hold the Wii-remote sideways. There's no motion sensing in the game, mostly because it is inaccurate for a fast-paced arcade game like this.



Man_with_a_hat said:

So sir. Ed, may i call you sir? do we have gruffy voiced, slighly fatty coach with a goatee ana an eyepatch? seriously, is this action or action rpg?



brandonbwii said:

1st person is also what gladiator A.D. is using. What are your thoughts, if any, on that game ghostfire?



WolfRamHeart said:

Hmm, a simple control scheme with no motion sensing. Sounds good to me. Consider me interested!



ghostfire said:

Great questions

I can't comment too much on Gladiator A.D. since I haven't played it, but we definitely are in the same genre and I think there are a lot of similarities in terms of the overall theme of the game compared to ours.

Our game is an action game, and not an RPG. 90% of our effort went into making the in-game experience as awesome as possible.

With that said, there is a very cool story, and its told by a series of 2D animated cutscenes with voice acting. The story is a tale of betrayal and irony. Hearing the full story is a nice incentive to finish the game.

The game borrows some RPG ideas from games like Diablo and World of Warcraft in that we have a full tech-tree. You can customize your character by choosing your path. Visit this link to see the tech tree:



therick112 said:

Do you have a release date for this game yet? It sounds like great fun and can't wait to download!



ghostfire said:

We don't have a release date yet... its hard to give an exact timetable due to the process for approving a game by Nintendo, but we are expecting Fall 2009.



Sephariel said:

This is great looking game, i hope there will be squel supporting WM+
Going to buy this for sure. How much Wii points will it cost ?




With those controls, doesnt the game tend to be repetitive, if not, how do you manage to keep the game, ummmm, unrepetitive? Also, how many different opponents will the game contain, and will you plan on any multiplayer options or online features?



Ghostfire will thier be Wifi or Downloadable content?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

So this was their next title! How interesting. Still hoping to hear more from them.

@ghostfire: Got any other WiiWare projects in the cards soon? I'm a big fan of Helix and I'm just wondering what other projects you have planned (perhaps a Helix sequel with online play/DLC?)



ghostfire said:

To keep the game from being repetitive we have designed the game as follows:

  • First and foremost, its boss battles, with no fodder creatures. I believe that fodder is the reason why games are repetitive. So our core game design lends itself to very intense and interesting experiences.
  • There are 14 combos you can perform, each of which have an over-the-top cutscenes. These combos give you nice variety when fighting.
  • Each boss has numerous different powers that you need to learn and adapt to. The boss abilities require good timing, agility, and determination to overcome. You can think of each boss as a little "puzzle" that requires both mental awareness and dexterity.

No new games are planned right now. We're making 1 game at a time, to make sure its awesome. But depending on how well sales do for this game we'd LOVE to make a sequel.

No downloadable content. No episodes. You buy the game once and you get everything. We don't like charging people over-and-over again




Hmmm, sounds a lot like Punch-Out. That is a good thing. So what price point are you aiming at? It seems to me all battles are boss battles, am I wrong? How do non-boss battles work then?



ghostfire said:

The price is set by Nintendo, not us, so we can't speak to the price at this time.

Yes -- its all boss battles.. the best part of games!

BTW, in case any of guys are interested... here's some links..

Join our Facebook page:

Follow our Twitter Feed:

Join our Forums:

Subscribe to our newsletter: --- Link at top of the page.



Streakk said:

I saw the trailer and I am impressed with the number of different enimies. But are there any different arenas or areas to fight in?



brandonbwii said:

sounds awesome guys, this coming from a guy who wasn't very impressed with Helix after the 1st 5 minutes. Keep up the good work. This sounds very ambitious and may very well pay off!



ghostfire said:

Its one arena. This is for technical limitations of the 40MB download. However, in exchange for only having 1 arena, we were able to cram in a lot of content, such as:

  • There are hundreds of hand-crafted custom animations on full 3d models for the bosses
  • 4 epic soundtracks -- available for download in the coming weeks in MP3 form
  • Tons of cool special effects
  • Full voice acting for each boss




Streakk said:

Okay. I understand about the size limitation of the game. And what you were able to pack into the game sounds good. I espically like the full voice acting for characters.



cr00mz said:

at first this game looked pretty bad, i got the impression its a first person fighter (fighting game in the vein of street fighter, guilty gear etc.) but now reading that the the combat is somewhat similar to punch-out (which i absolutely love) gets me intrested in this game, also the graphics look pretty good compared to stuff that is allready out on WiiWare. Hopefully the game will get a cost of around 1000 points havent bought alot lately from WiiWare/VC so this will hopefully be my first buy in weeks. Great to hear that you are aiming for a fall release



Sephariel said:

the more i know about this game, makes me wana get it more and more also looks like it could be sold in shops for normal price



BulbasaurusRex said:

Alright, another fighting game, even being announced on the same day that we get Overturn, currently the only other true fighting game available or announced for WiiWare!

Ghostfire, are there multiple playable characters or multiple playable weapon choices?



ghostfire said:

Great question... there's one set of weapons -- a warhammer and shield. You can attack with both of them (the shield can act both defensively and you can also shield bash with it). You also have a variety of "spells" at your disposal that the weapon summons, such as conjuring lighting bolts, a pillar of fire, a meteor, or a tornado.

We only have 1 character mostly because of the storyline. You play the role of Gracius, Prince of Avalance. You have been put into an arena to fight for your life. But why? And who (or what) has caused it? This is all revealed in flashback cutscenes as you defeat each boss.




Djungelurban said:

While this probably won't be for me it's always good to see someone trying to do something new.



Graph said:

I think I'm sold. I like how you went with a tech tree, this is a great idea. Allows for customization.



ghostfire said:

No pirate.. the closest we have is a snake charmer. You can see him in the trailer actually. He's the dude that chucks a molitov cocktail at you

Maybe in the sequel, if we're privileged enough to make one!



ghostfire said:

Yeah, we love the tech tree too. Overall our formula for making this game is:

  • Create a combat system inspired by some of the best ideas from games such as 1980s Punch Out
  • Create a fantasy world with interesting fantasy bosses, and an compelling storyline
  • Add-in music inspired from movies such as 300
  • Inject a combo system inspired by games such as God of War
  • Put in cutscenes inspired by games such as Final Fantasy for demolishing your enemy
  • Give the player a tech-tree inspired by games such as Diablo or World of Warcraft


Strofan7 said:

Haha I like the namedrops of the influencing games (and movie), its hard to find someone who doesn't love at least one of them. Nice tactic

Joking aside, after reading all of your comments on the game it just sounds better and better. Definitely will keep my eyes on this one.



Popyman said:

Hmm, looks pretty cool. The graphics and enemy animations look pretty darn good for WiiWare's limits.



sirgrim said:

I do like how the shield and weapon are semi-transparent. Allows you to look at the boss.



ghostfire said:

Yeah, exactly... we made the shield transparent when you block so that you can still see the boss. The shield is opaque unless you're holding it in front of you.

We're going to attempt as close to as simultaneous a release as possible, but that's out of our hands (Nintendo makes the final decision about when to release the game in each territory).



Awesome5 said:

Will the cut scene finishing moves be like the Force Unleashed where you press the indicated buttons/directions in order to preform different parts of the sequence?



Corbs said:

I'm still wondering how you were able to squeeze this down into 40MG. Wow.



Djungelurban said:

If "they're" able to fit Super Mario 64 on 8MB and Ocarina of Time on 32MB... Then I can rather easily imagine them fitting this on 40... I'm sure they're saving lots of space on only having one arena.



0-Watt said:

Interested. I liked Helix (though it was definitely flawed in a few spots), so I am intrigued in seeing what the second title from you guys is in terms of quality. And to think, a few weeks from now, Helix would have been a year old. Was going to question if a sequel was coming or whatnot



nintendo87 said:

looks really good im getting it when it comes out the fighting make me think of the old game immortal lol



rhytwo said:

IDK about this it looks like a 3D First Person Punch-Out Ripoff. Helix wasn't very good so I'm definatly not buying this.



AVahne said:

first person,weird but i can't wait to beat the crap out of that dragon in first person



ghostfire said:

Its a single-player only game. We decided that early-on since the combat system doesn't lend itself very well to multiplayer. We'd also rather do single-player really well than try to do everything just at an OK level.

The combo system is similar to God of War. It uses Quick-Timed Events where you need to press buttons in a particular order.



Karch said:

First let me just say thank you to you guys at Ghostfire games for making creative games for Wiiware. I tip my hat off to you and your team Ed.

Second, I'd just like to say you guys have hit the nail on the head with this. I love, LOVE punchout. One of my all time favorite games. To hear your going with a control scheme like this makes me very happy. I just wish more developers would remember that sometimes less is more in this day and age.

And when I saw this, you had me completely sold on this game:

■Create a combat system inspired by some of the best ideas from games such as 1980s Punch Out
■Create a fantasy world with interesting fantasy bosses, and an compelling storyline
■Add-in music inspired from movies such as 300
■Inject a combo system inspired by games such as God of War
■Put in cutscenes inspired by games such as Final Fantasy for demolishing your enemy
■Give the player a tech-tree inspired by games such as Diablo or World of Warcraft

You've just taken the absolute best qualities of each game, and remembered it's all about the fun. Something many developers these days just don't understand.

A game can have amazing graphics and still stinks, while a simple game (Ala pacman) can be a sleeper hit.

I'm thankful a lot of games are returning to the 2D route, with 3D backgrounds. Not every game has to be the "bleeding edge" in order to be a top seller of all time. (Super Mario Bros 3 comes to mind)

And how in the world did you guys fit so much in the 40meg limit is beyond me. Just amazing.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing this game in action.





Hardy83 said:

I love this site and how developers come to these chats. It brings a lot of insight on how Nintendo's online system works.

What I got from this is.
1. Nintendo sets the prices for the game.
2. Nintendo has the final say on when the games are released.

That's very interesting for many reasons.

Also this game looks really good for a WiiWare game. I know I'll get it. I like supporting developers who put a lot of effort into making good digital content!



0-Watt said:

@Hardy83 The two things you've gotten from this are indeed true. That's why some games end up cheaper in the US, as NOA chooses to sell a bit more by selling cheaper. Developers may get some input, but Ninty gets the last word.

Question: There are many mythological beings in the beings in this game, but I am wondering what criteria you had used to select what you did. Guess that's not a question <.<



BUB said:

@ghostfire. Will this game be in true 16:9 widescreen? The video trailer looks distorted. Also what about the sound? Dolby Pro Logic II? Thx.



ghostfire said:

As far as Dolby Pro Logic II, we are not adding in any special sound code for that, sorry. But the game does indeed support 16:9 and 4:3.



BUB said:

Nice to see 16:9 support. Pity about the sound. Is it a limitation of Wiiware storage size or you guys just thought it wasn't worth including PLII?



Corbs said:

It's funny because I was just thinking about Ghostfire Games a few weeks ago when I was going through our older WiiWare-World game pages and saw the Ghostfire interview I did with Ed. That was one of my first interviews for the site. Ahhh good times. Ed was great to talk to, very enthusiastic about his game, which I like. Can't wait to try this one out.



kelanflyter said:

this game seems to be inspired by "Crossed swords" from SNK on neogeo, that is a great source of inspiration.
Is it a coincidence ?




Hmmmm, think I'll be getting this from what I've seen barring any disasters uncovered by the reviews....



Jockolantern said:

I rather like the look of this game. I'm not completely sold but I do love the fact that Ghostfire themselves have been so upfront, open and honest about the developmental process and the kind of gameplay experience they're trying to deliver with this game... and telling it to us right here at Nintendo Life. Good on you, Ghostfire! I'm looking forward to trying this game out. In any event, I like the look of this style of gladiatorial combat game much better than the rather stilted and overcooked look of HVS's similar upcoming title.



calculon said:

Sounds like it might be better than Gladiator A.D. which in all honesty looks like nothing more than another tech demo from the house of HVS.

I'll be buying this if it holds up in the reviews. It looks good and sounds solid in terms of gameplay ideas. Good luck with this one guys and if all goes well, I look forward to seeing more of your other games in the future.



Kirk said:

This has the potential to be something special and right now I am 100% more excited about this than Gladiator AD for example.

It's good to see you actually have proper shadows in the game. If possible it would really good if you also managed to squeeze in some real time lighting effects from the various fires/explosions/magic too because I think the game would look pretty much finished/complete all round with the one little addition. I really like the art style and design so far and much prefer it to Gladiator AD.

Also, hopefully the crowd makes a noise and cheers etc during the fights because that really would be cool and add to the atmosphere. If the crowd noise wasn't just turned off because it was a trailer then I think that would be a cool little touch to add some nice crowd cheering.

If you ever consider a sequel I would suggest allowing the player to choose from a set of characters with different weapons etc for a bit of variety (maybe just 3 or so to fit in with the file size limitations), and it would be really awesome if you figured out some way to get a multi-player mode in there. I'm pretty sure it's possible with some creative thinking about how it would be handled in terms of the gameplay mechanics etc. Also, online leaderboards or something for best times and scores, if that's applicable, would be very cool and give the game a bit of a community buz outside of the main single player game.

It's looking really good so far and once again I really like the graphics, from an artistic point of view, and I also like that you have not tried to force the technical aspects and ended up with a dull looking but technically sophisticated Wii game. Solid, clean, bold and just all round pretty graphics will always make me happy.

It looks like you have basically gone for a fully 3D version of a game like Punch Out on NES with a gladiator/greek mythology type setting, which all sounds pretty good to me. It's suppose it's pretty much how a NES game like this would have been like if it were made back in the day and if 3D graphics had been available.

All I ask is that you keep polishing this puppy, in every area of the game (graphics, control, gameplay, sound etc etc), until the very last second to make this the best game in can possibly be. Don't compromise on the quality and polish because it is on Wii/WiiWare and I think it could turn out to be pretty kick ass.

I'm pretty optimistic based on what I have read and seen so far.



Archy said:

Will there be multiplayer? and if yes is it going to be splittscreen?



KrazyKain said:

I've subscribed to the websites RSS feed, day 1 download...

Ed, nice job! you look like you've made up your mind on the weapons, thats fine.. but consider for the sequal to have purchasable weapons with a very different playstyle for each...



Kirk said:

My question is can you detail how the controls are actually mapped to the controller?

I'm assuming it's probably d-pad, 1, 2 and maybe A but it would be nice to know what buttons are used and what they do etc.



Demonic_St33V said:

Helix was well designed and gets played quite a bit in my household. I liked what I saw in the YouTube trailer for this game, and from Ed's comments on Rage of the Gladiator, this title sounds right up my ally.

Although in regards to the possibility of a sequel, if the WiiWare game does well, I think I would prefer to see a sequel in the form of a epic-scale retail release.



ghostfire said:

Answers to your questions:

  • "Crossed Swords" inspiration: this is NOT a coincidence. I loved Crossed Swords, it was one of my favorite NEO-GEO games and this game definitely has a similar perspective to Crossed Swords.
  • Multiplayer question: See above
  • Are we going to continue to polish it? Absolutely. We're taking the Blizzard philosophy -- don't ship it until its ready.
  • Control scheme is indeed D-pad, 1, 2, and A. The mapping is:
  • 1 = swing left
  • 2 = swing right
  • down+1 = kick left
  • down+2 = kick right
  • A = block with shield. A can also shield bash if the boss is stunned. Shield bashing starts a combo. The combo system performs your magical spells/finishers. The combo system is inspired by games such as God of War in that it begins a series of Quick-Timed Events (icons appear on-screen that you need to react to and press quickly).
  • Plus button = Menu
  • Minus button = Cycles through your unlocked combo spells [this is the only button mapping that we don't like since the Minus button is so small, but there's no choice]
  • up = jump

These mappings took us a LONG time to get right. For the longest time we tried using the Nunchuk+WiiRemote and we eventually realized that simpler is better. It feels really good when you play it. If you hold your Wii-Remote sideways and look at the character in our video:

  • The A button is on the left-hand side of the controller, which controls your shield. Your shield is on the left-hand side of the screen as well, so it makes intuitive sense.
  • The 1 and 2 buttons are on the right-hand side of the controller, which controls your weapon. Your weapon is on the right-hand side of the screen, so it makes intuitive sense.


jangonov said:

wow, I am really impressed. Have you thought of supporting the classic controller as well? Either way this is an instant download for me. BTW, I know you are keeping t under 40mg but how many blocks will the game be?



Ian_Daemon said:

"Minus button = Cycles through your unlocked combo spells [this is the only button mapping that we don't like since the Minus button is so small, but there's no choice]"

Why not use the B button instead? It's bigger and easier to press quickly.



Corbs said:

I just love it when people talk about the Neo Geo. And Crossed Swords is the first thing that popped into my head when I watched the trailer for the first time.



vherub said:

ghostfire, thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions.
Have you played Dragon Quest Swords? That game was a bit of a letdown as combat was boring and repetitive. I see you are not using the nunchuk/wiimote combo as used in that game.



ghostfire said:

Answer to questions:

  • Classic Controller: This is currently a stretch goal on our project schedule (i.e. something that we can't commit to right now, but we'd like to have in the game if possible)
  • Dragon Quest Swords: I haven't played it but it looks pretty intereting actually, just Googled it for the first time. Thanks for the tip.
  • Why not use the B button instead of Minus? The concern we have is that when you hold the Wii-Remote sideways like an NES controller, some rest their left index finger hovering over the B button, while some people rest their left index finger on the top of the controller. For those who rest their finger on top of the controller, it creates an ergonomic problem, since its not natural to press it with your left finger. It feels a little bit awkward. We might still support it.. we're debating it internally all the time.


suburban_sensei said:

Doesn't really look like my taste (even though I love Punch-Out), but I still think it looks like a very interesting game.



odd69 said:

When i watched the trailer I immediately thought of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion .There is a part in the game where you fight in a arena.This was one of my favorite parts in the whole game. How much freedom will the player have with the character? Will we be able to run around, or is it more like Punch out where your character stands in one place? I would love to see your character circle around the bosses or even a backflip or something simple as a dash.Please add these!!! i just wanted to add that the character models are the best I've seen on Wiiware good job.
Another day one purchase...I just need to send my damn paychecks to Nintendo's office.



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

While I would prefer some one on one figthing against opponents I must say I'm impressed by what see and read. Any chance I could lend my voice to your next game? lol
Customizable controls and more controller support would be great.
Oh and please give me a lot of dragons I wuv dragons!

I say do what you guys think is best first then ...maybe i dunno a 3d fighter like....soul calibur but more of the gladiator theme you have going here!



ghostfire said:

Answers to questions:

  • It is more similar Punch-Out than Oblivion, in that you are restricted to dodging rather than moving around the arena. This is to keep the gameplay simple and striaghtforward where the player and boss are in known positions, so that each boss is a little "puzzle" that you need to figure out.
  • As far as voice acting.... we've got professional talent to whom we outsource And yes, we do indeed have a dragon.


Corbs said:

Better toss some kind of fish into the game if you want it to sell.



Awesome5 said:

1) On average, how long will each boss battle be?
2) What inspirations did you use for the story?
3) How fast does the difficulty ramp up?

Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions!



ghostfire said:

Great questions. Here are answers:

1) Its very difficult to say how long it will take someone to beat a boss. It can take as short as a few minutes to beat a boss, or as long as hours, depending on how skilled a player you are. Each boss must be defeated 3 times (he has 3 "phases"). In each phase he acquires new abilities and gets more powerful. Many bosses will require practice, careful observation, memorization, and dexterity to defeat.

2) The story was inspired by a variety of sources, mostly fantasy-based and political in nature. It pulls from several areas.

3) The difficulty is very reasonable for the first set of bosses. But once you get into Challenge Mode and have to defeat the bosses again with new powers, the difficulty becomes quite crazy.



zane said:

Hey Ghostfire, Im a future customer indeed... How about mapping the shield to both the A and B button, then we can choose for ourselves.
Great looking game looking forward buying it.



Kirk said:

Hi ghostfire,

Thank you for addressing my various points and answering my question so thoroughly.

What you have said so far sounds really good and I really like how you are actually taking the time to address our various questions and queries, so Respect.

As an extension to someone else's comment regarding circling and sidestepping etc, I have idea I'd like to share; How about maybe having it so that when you dodge it also makes the player step/rotate a little around the enemy as though they were locked on, similar to how it is done in games like LOZ or MP3 (so if you dodge the same way a few times in a row you could effectively move in a circle around the enemy and they would also turn to stay facing you), and then you could have the camera rotate to show the whole arena during the fights while still retaining the same solid 2D gameplay mechanics.

This could be cool if you want to show off some more of the 3D battle arena and it would help create the illusion that the player is actually moving freely around the area, even though it's a wee bit of a trick, and I think it would be pretty cool and nice little touch.

Also, following on from a couple of other guys comments about the controls; it might be cool to have a very simple customization option where we could for example map the likes of the Combo action to either the B or + buttons based on personal preference. You really could make the customization options as simple or as comprehensive as you want because thankfully it's a pretty simple set up anyway that only requires a few buttons to play the game.

Those are just some ideas I'm throwing out there and I personally don't think any of my suggestions are essential because what you guys have so far is a very solid game that looks really good and I think you guys have already mapped the buttons pretty much as well as they could be mapped as it is. They might however be cool little additions to consider adding, if you have the time and it's actually possible to do so, for those people who would appreciate little touches like that.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


PS. If you want to email me, and I fully understand if you don't or can't, I have had an idea for a very similar game for many years now that I think you guys might like to hear about and since I'm not making it myself I would be happy to share it with you for free. It's honestly pretty cool and I think it would be perfect for you guys and something that you could really do justice and make your own.



ghostfire said:

Answers to questions:

  • We haven't given the player customization options for controls due to a philosophy that I have... I've noticed many games have bad controls and rather than just deciding what's best, they give the player lots of "bad choices" as a way to resolve internal debates. But with that said, choosing between B or + for rotating combos is not that big a stretch, so we might put that in.. we'll see
  • As far as spinning around the boss to dodge him, its a good idea. We had that idea about 9 months ago ourselves. In the end we decided not to pursue that path, for these reasons:

1) Animation challenges. We really wanted to have the impact effects when you hit the boss look and feel "real" rather than have the boss spazz out randomly when you hit him (which is how most $50 games work!), and we hand-created animations for each boss to achieve that. But if you spin around the boss to dodge him, then attack the boss afterwards, he is going to be facing the wrong way and its not possible to line up those animations. He would need to "magically rotate to face you".

2) Many of the boss abilities are projectile-based... they require that you dodge in the correct direction (e.g. left or right). If you spin around the boss in a 360, then you would run into those projectiles.

3) Many bosses feint to the left or right when attacking you (allowing you to counterattack them in the correct direction before they hit you). If you spun 360 degrees around the boss, then you would walk right into the boss when he feinted.

With that said, it is possible to design a game like you describe, but it would play (and feel) very different.

Hope that makes sense.




Kirk said:

It makes sense and I can fully understand the reasoning behind the various choices you have made.

I definitely agree with you on the control thing and how some other games often try to cover up bad default controls by offering lots of customization options rather than at least getting a solid default setting that most people would be happy with.

Regarding the "magically rotate to face you" thing I suppose you could possibly do it in a similar way to Doom, where the sprites used for world objects and dead bodies rotate on the spot and always stay directly facing the camera no matter where the player moves, but I can see how that would then mean having to worry about lots of other things as well as the bosses projectile attacks and feints going in strange directions relative to the camera that you mentioned.

I can see that it would require a lot of time and effort to address and change all those other elements for this one small effect, rotating the camera with the player as they dodge/move around the boss, when in reality the effect would probably be so subtle that is doesn’t really warrant the amount of effort and change it would require to implement it.

It's great to hear that you guys have thought about these things though and have good reasons for not including them.

I mean people will always want these types of things but I think if they can understand why they are not in there then it helps them focus on the quality of what is in there instead.

So yeah, that all makes sense,




BulbasaurusRex said:

If you implement Classic Controller support, don't forget to please also include GameCube Controller support unlike what Eduardo the Samurai Toaster and Drift Mania did (CC support but no GCC support).

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