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Phoenix Wright Was Considered For Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

Posted by Jamie Giggs

Famous catchphrase kept him out.

Attorney Phoenix Wright, legendary Capcom character prone to much waving and dramatic poses, was originally considered for Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom.

Speaking to NGamer, Ryota Niitsuma, producer of the game, explained that the developer really wanted the character in, but that he really only had one move: "Objection!" So the developers crafted an attack where the letters of the word would strike the opponent.

However, "objection" in Japanese is "igiari" - it's four characters, whereas "objection" becomes ten. When we localise, the balance of the game gets destroyed because the move becomes bigger. There'd be no way of avoiding it! We had to remove him for these reasons. In the future, it is one of our aims to get him in.

Hopefully Capcom has found a way to get him into the localized version, as it would make a great exclusive character for when it hits the rest of the world.

Mr. Niitsuma also believed that Nintendo vs. Capcom is an "interesting idea," but he predicts that Capcom would win; as if the Smash Bros. series never happened. Imagine Mario Vs. Barry Burton for an epic showdown, sounds like a good idea to me. How about it, would you like to see a Nintendo vs. Capcom?


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Nintendo Vs. Capcom, no. I was thinking more of a Super Smash Nemesis: vs. Capcom. Or something of the likes. maybe even for DS. But that is just me



Will said:

Why didnt they just break the word in four? Like OB-JE-CT-ION ?



Stevie said:

Or just make each letter do less damage so all 10 letters equal to the same power as the Japs 4 letter attack.



Noire said:

OBJECT-Ahh, forget it. Too bad for Phoenix. He and I share the same first name, which means he is awesome in my book.

I would also like Nintendo vs. Capcom, though I think Mr. Niitsuma is right; Capcom would win in an actual fighting game. I think they'd win Smash Bros. style, as well; Mega Man is perfect for Smash and would own everybody.



Cthuloops said:

Nintendo vs. Capcom would be insta-buy for me!



BlueFlameBat said:

Wait! I thought there was no intention at first of releasing this game in the U.S. And even if there was, you could just make the English letters much thinner in the attack move ... or just keep the original Japanese characters as I'm sure most of us would know what they meant.



BlueFlameBat said:

As for Nintendo vs Capcom, I'd want it to play like a Capcom fighting game, not a Smash Bros. game. It should also be online-multi-player compatible with Wii Speak or a better Wii voice communication system that could be made in the future. If they decide to put some Resident Evil characters in, they'd better put Jill and/or Rebecca in before even thinking of inserting Barry.



Objection said:

If they put PW in, that'd make me buy it immediantly, instead of waiting for when it's cheap.



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

Capcom would win... they have dante...DANTE!
I prefer the other ace attorneys (to be in the fighting game) Ace is my fave though.



ReZon said:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.


Ricardo91 said:

"Why didnt they just break the word in four? Like OB-JE-CT-ION ?"

That's what I was thinking.



Cryptonic said:

this is the 2nd time....i knew this like 3 days ago. late yet again. i read kotaku



Astro218 said:

Nintendo would stomp Capcom into the ground.

I'd have had to buy this game if Wright was in it, though I think their excuses are nonsense. If HAL Labs could invent a moveset for Fox, Captain Falcon and ROB, I'm sure they could've come up with something for Wright.



SanderEvers said:

Nintendo vs Capcom? Hmm.. * Thinks of Link beating up Ryu *

Yeah, that would work

On the other hand, we really NEED a Street Fighter game for the Wii. Even if it's a remake of 2/3/etc..



Kirk said:

I think everyone would or should love to see a Nintendo Vs Capcom game.

Please let that happen, and please let Capcom make it, in the the style of classics like Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom etc.



Ryuuga said:

Nintendo Vs Capcom would be an instant win! I do hope this idea comes true!

Yeah, I agree with you, a Street Fighter game for Wii would be awesome!



BL_Donth said:

Why can't they just stretch the japanese characters?

Nintendo vs. Capcom
I think it's pretty even. Cpt. Falcon vs. Viewtiful Joe




Heh heh. I have that issue of NGamer and read that very article. That'd would've been sweeeeeet. Never mind eh.



TKOWL said:

Nintendo vs. Capcom would b extremelly cool, my team would be Luigi and Mega Man all the way!



BlueBandanaJake said:

Why argue who would win between Nintendo and Capcom? How about they just make the game and then we can find out the awesome way!



superkong57 said:

ITS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!!! super jump punch meets a shoryuken!! NINTENDO WOULD OWN!! nothing stops a FALLCCOONN PAAWWNCHH!!



superkong57 said:

if nintendo vs capcom would happen nintendo would probably only put the characters that seem really tough.
Ex: captain falcon, samus, fox, link, ike, roy, bowser, ganondorf , mario, and luigi. they probably couldn't have characters like kirby in. although they did have viewtiful joe so i guess its not a big thing for only tough nintendo characters to go against capcom characters like ryu, soki, morrigan, jill (or any other resident evil characters) hopefully they put in leon now that would be EPIC! of course if they put dante in that would make it the best fighting game of the year.

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