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Overturn: Mecha Wars Coming to WiiWare on Monday

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The tournament-based battle title is on its way to North America.

Studio ZAN has just announced that their tournament-based battle game Overturn: Mecha Wars will be released on the WiiWare service in North America this Monday, August 3rd for 800 Wii Points.

They were kind enough to send over a host of new screenshots of the game in action that you can check out below, along with a snippet of information on the game itself.

Pioneer Year 76

A revolutionary tournament is held for the first time on the immigrant's planet

Now in its 59th year, the Overturn Mech Master Tournament is as popular as
ever. Tables begin to turn as newcomers defeat established pilots in battle.

Spectators and fans watch eagerly—will a new challenger score an upset
victory against the long standing title-holder?

Or will the defending champion remain undefeated for the 31st year in a row?
The epic battles rage on!

Overturn! Master your combat mech!

Online versus modes!

Jam packed with a full single player tournament mode, split-screen battle

Rise up the tournament ranks and unlock new mech parts!

Arm weapons possess various properties, utilize your mech weapons to the fullest!

Up to 4 players can battle simultaneously online in a battle royale!

Players can use the Wii Balance Board™ to control their mech by shifting their weight.

Feel in control, just as if you're a pilot steering a real mech!

OVERTURN Features:

  • Use the Wii Balance Board™ to pilot your mech!
  • Progress through tournaments and earn new weapons!
  • Customize your mech with the weapons you've earned!
  • Strategize and discover new ways to fight!
  • Fight fierce opponents online and aim for a top spot in the rankings!
  • Invite your friends over and battle offline, or play against each other remotely online!

We'll have more information on Overturn: Mecha Wars as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game early next week. If you'd like a little heads up before then, you can also check out Sean's impressions of the game from back in February.

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Toddr said:

I'm surprised this is coming to North America first, since it was announced for Europe a long time ago.



MetalMario said:

Of course, people are probably going to be mad about this one. It'll probably mean no VC this week.



fudgenuts said:

People have been anticipating this for a while, although I have already played the Japanese version so oh well.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I'm surprised, giant fighting robots is more of a Japanese thing.

I except a hasty review, particularly if it's by Corbie
Just kidding, but I do hope the review comes out quick. I have enough for this or NyxQuest (speaking of which, when will that come out).



emiru69 said:

This look really cool. I love the idea of using the balance board to pilot your mech!



SupermarketZombies said:

Ooooooooooooo I love me some giant robot action. I wonder if Luc Bernard is pleased with this games title? (Mecho Wars, Mecha Wars)



CanisWolfred said:

It looks interesting, but now that Virtual-On is out, I don't think I'll ever need another mecha fighting game ever again.



odd69 said:

I wanted this a while back. Infact i read about it here on Nintendo Life. I'm probally going to take the plunge and just buy it monday. I'm sure someone will make a first impressions thread and I will most likely post my thoughts there.



Ricardo91 said:

Yes, finally it's arriving to the states! Will have to check this one out for sure!



longtimegamer said:

This is awsome news!

@KnucklesSonic 8- You getting this right away?

@Bahumat ZERO - "More of a Japan thing".
Well they do make those shows and such about them, but that doesn't mean people in other parts won't like it.
I for on like mechs, robots, etc...



Sean_Aaron said:

I wonder if the different versions can interoperate online or if the Japanese version only works with other Japanese Wii owners...




Can't wait. Ever since Sean's impressions of the Jap version way back, I've been keenly anticipating this. It'd better b out in Europe this Friday or I will be vexed considered we were promised this and other games by the end of July....

Hasn't Sean got a sort of revw of this without a score on his blog??



Cheezy said:

It DOES look like Virtual-On, which I'm not really a big fan of to boot, so probably not for me...



Egg_miester said:

the wii needs good mecha fighting games, if i had 800 points i'd get this right when it comes out but i do plan on getting it tomorrow sometime



MarkyVigoroth said:

Crooked cucumbers! I am currently boycotting WiiWare, and THIS gets released!

...ah, well. I need to stick to my principles, especially during pressure, else my boycott would be worthless.



Starwolf_UK said:

What a pleansant Birthday tre...oh wait, I'm not American...well enjoy guys

I wonder if the different versions can interoperate online or if the Japanese version only works with other Japanese Wii owners...
They should be able to. Unless maps/modes have been added to the American release.



Sean_Aaron said:

@LEGEND: Yes I do and if it was coming to PAL territories first I'd be petitioning to do the review for NL as well, but it's cool. I hope to see what someone else thinks!

@Starwolf: I hope you're right; it would save me 800 points!



Machu said:

Ah what NA first, no fair you get all the good ones before us.

It seems like I've been waiting ages for this, looks like a great excuse to dust off the board. Battle Royale ftw!



Ren said:

I'm a fan of fighting robots as much as the next video game nerd but like so many other dissapointments in this area it already looks boring just in stills. theres a distinct lack of obstacles and scenery and variety and even, uh... legs. with a minor graphic adjustment this could be "Battle of Ducks in Backyard Pond". I guess that'd be the Hudson version; not that I'd mind that but just make it what it is.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Do you realize that IGN beat you to this announcement by at least two days? What took so long to post this?



ganondwarf16 said:

do you have to use the balance board or is it optional? is there local multiplayer? can two people go online on the same console? thanks in advance for any who answer



irken004 said:

@39 balance board is optional. Yes there is local multiplayer (idk about 2 person online though)



deadly_by_design said:

I can't see the video, since it's been removed from YouTube, but what I can see reminds me of CyberSled. (from the arcades ~10 years ago)



Chunky_Droid said:

@Sean: Looks like I've been called in to review this, this will be my first review, so I'll be sure to find out if I can fight inter-region for you It's currently downloading now, and I'm reading your impressions so I know what I'm to expect!



edofthe209 said:

Well, the first look at the japaense version seemed like a pretty good review to me. I tried playing demo's of both Virtua ON and Armored Core 4 (on 360) and found them both to be too extreme in opposite ways. VO was just too fast and too obnoxiously bright. AC was just too drab and felt too much like it wanted to be a serious game. It's giant robots fighting for goodness sake! THIS on the otherhand, looks cool, looks like it has a good inbetween the 2 extremes style, and it will give me an excuse to pull out the balance board. I've been wondering when they would impliment that into a shooter as a control option. I like that Wiiware games are willing to take chances that retail games seem not willing to do.

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