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Nintendo Download: Pilotwings, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Pop Plus, Arkanoid and Bit.Trip (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

An all-star lineup for Europe this week!

There's a total of 5 new releases this week - And all of them are highly regarded games! Among them are two new Nintendo games, which, as Nintendo claims, are both being released because of this week's German Gamescom event.

The Virtual Console finally gets a certain SNES launch title which strangely hasn't been made available yet - Pilotwings, a flight sim which makes heavy use of the SNES's Mode 7 3D effect. You can fly around with a variety of vehicles or gadgets, and will have to complete various objectives while doing so. It looks like a calm, simple game, but don't let that fool you - It can actually be quite challenging and anything but relaxing. We'll have a review of the game up soon.

DSiWare gets Nintendo goodness as well - This week finally sees the European release of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, the third game in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. Basically following on from the previous game, you once again have to lead Mini Marios safely to the exit in every stage, correctly modifying the stage layout while doing so to avoid them running into any danger. Contrary to what some people initially thought, it's not simply a rerelease of some stages from the previous game - These are completely new! There's also a level editor for the creative types, including online level sharing. You can read what we thought of the game here. The game will cost you 800 DSi Points.

Don't let Mario steal the spotlight away from tonight's other DSiWare release though - Pop Plus: Solo is the sequel to WiiWare launch title Pop, the addictive bubble bursting game. With new modes and of course the ability to now carry it with you anywhere you go we're sure it'll be even more addictive than the previous game. It's also only 500 DSi Points! We'll review it as fast as possible.

But this week's WiiWare lineup isn't exactly weak either - Bit.Trip Core is the sequel to the highly addictive Bit.Trip: Beat, and surprise surprise, it's just as good! This time you don't just deflect beats which come in from the right side of the screen - They'll be coming from all four sides while you're positioned in the center, so you've got to pay close attention the whole time. You can read what we thought here. It'll cost 600 Wii Points.

The other new WiiWare game on offer is Taito's next remake. For now, they're done with the Bubble Bobble series, so it's time to move on to other classic Taito games - Arkanoid Plus! is a remake of the classic ball-bouncing game Arkanoid, where the objective is to break all the blocks suspended in mid-air by bouncing around a ball using a paddle you can only move left and right. As usual, Sean already wrote some first impressions of the game when it was released in Japan a few months ago - You can read them here, and then wait for our review! As usual, it costs 800 Wii Points.

A lot of good games this week! Will you be picking up any?


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Knux said:

This is riduculous! We Americans have not even recieve Super Smash Bros., and the Europeans now have Pilotwings!



Corbs said:

Wow, that is a fantastic update. Best I've seen to date, as a whole. And let's not begrudge the European gamers who typically are always the last to get many game consoles and game releases over the past years.



Terra said:

Sweet, that is one great update. I think I'd buy all of them if I had the points




At last, a good update. Arkanoid Plus, Mari v DK and Pop Plus are insta downloads for me and I even acknowledge the fact that Pilotwings SNES and Core are good games as well. Thank you NoE



Knux said:

I'm glad to hear you guys have Mario VS Donkey Kong 3, it is a wonderful game. When Pop Plus comes over to America, it is an instant download for me.



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

This is the best (Non-Japan) download update I've even seen since it all began, and I'm so jealous! However, Corbie is right. Europe had to wait 6 months for the gamecube after we got it, and 4 months for the DS, so it's only fair that they get some good stuff first, like Pilotwings, Maboshi, SSB, and Majora's Mask.

Overall, Congratulations on your awesome update Europe, and I hope to see the remaining 3 arrive in American shores soon.



Sneaker13 said:

Nothing for me this week. If I had a DSi, I would probably get Mario vs Donkey Kong. Currently playing the DS retail version and I like it so far.

Still no LiT for WiiWare . I want it. I want it. I want it.



blackknight77 said:

Wow! what an update all of these games are worth a look. Nice job Nintendo of Europe. I wish Arkanoid was only 600 points though. And Pop Plus is finally out. I think that game will be a good fit for the DSi Ware



Starwolf_UK said:

I wish Arkanoid was only 600 points though
If it follows the trend of all the Taito games (Bubble Bobble, Puzzle Bobble) it will North America.

Finally Bit Trip Core. I'm wondering if LiT and Mighty Flip Champs will ever come. At least NOE turned their sanity on and decided to release Maior vs. DK before the end of the year.



Stevie said:

Oh what a dilema, I just got Little King Story in the post today, and have been waiting for Pilotwings for a long time, what to play.

You wait ages for a bus then 2 come at once



Bass_X0 said:

Must keep on runway! Stop! STOP! Noooooo! I went too far and crashed! ARGH!!



Kokstra said:

Great update, but definitely not buying Arkanoid because Taito burned me twice with their Bubble Bobble releases when it launched in the US for 600 instead of 800 points.



jhuhn said:

This might mean North America may get Arkanoid Plus! very soon as well.....for only 600 Wii points. I'll be downloading Arkanoid when it comes out in my area and the other two additional stages at 200 Wii points each. Pop+ Solo will also be another game I'll be looking forward to downloading on August 24 in my region.
Download title: Marios are winging it in an ark popping bit trippin' adventure.



astarisborn94 said:

Europeans never had to wait long after us Americans, this update is totally unfair! We never get good updates like that anymore!



Alien_Jesus said:

All you americans complaining seem to forget that you have half these games already. Sure you'll have to wait a bit for arkanoid and pop and pilotwings, but you've had the other two a good month now. Seems fair that sometimes you get games first, sometimes we do, if you ask me. Especially since it wont cost you guys 800 points for arkanoid most likely XD



HEMIII said:

@SSBF'99 were you kept on the tit a little too long or what? All I ever see from you is whine whine whine. You need to change your avatar to a tear drop. BTW awesome update, Pilotwings was awesome when it first came out. @Bass yeah I remember yelling that too, ha.



touffeboy said:

Euh Alien Jesus, you say it's FAIR????!


Sorry but just with SSB, Majora Mask and Pilotwings it's unfaire ;l



Falk_Sturmfels said:

Arkaniod? Great, still have it on my C64 - with the Competition Pro hard to play. Maybe this works better.

Hey, I want Krakout - the music that day was awesome.



Super smash brothers fan1999 Yeah I agree we are now beginning to get the short end of the stick. No ssb for 2 months when uk got it wtf!? you know but start keeping that to yourself or these people will diss you no offense.



Metang said:

Scratch that comment (which has now been deleted), Corbie (#4) is right. For several years we've had things come to us first, some of it not reaching EU at all: SMRPG, StarTropics 2, etc. (of course with the advent of Hanabi, they have all that now ) and even then, we're lucky to have the games run in 60hz without those ******* black borders!

We've been luckier than EU for years, looks like it's finally catching up to us @_@ Have fun Europe!



Ristar42 said:

I'm surprised - really good update! Getting Pilotwings and Arkanoid, Bit Trip can wait a bit!



Bass_X0 said:

Pilotwings should get a 7 or 8. Its good but I don't feel it has enough content to score higher.



Metang said:

If Gabbo reviews it, he'll most likely hand it a 7. Remember his little philosophy about comparing games to others in the series? And Pilotwings 64 is, after all, superior to the SNES original and an all-around better game.



Nathan said:

Excellent. Just as I have been recently complaining about about the lack of the Pilotwings games, here's the original SNES game. Thanks Ninty!



SmaMan said:

@Falk #41

Amen brother! Krakout was awesome! I still have it on disc for my C64, but I would totally get it again. Especially now that I live on campus.

You know what would also be awesome? If Nintendo would give us Pilotwings next week (and really all of these!) Pilotwings was one of the games I wanted since the VC was announced!



Kenji510 said:

Good update for you guys EU and hope u will enjoy Arkanoid Plus, Pilotwings and especially Pop+Solo.. im waiting on that game and i cant wait now when it comes to Monday to hit the DSiWare store, wooooo!



OldBoy said:

Great update.Never played Pilotwings before so that's an instant download for me.Who said the VC was dead.



nix said:

Bang goes my points in one hit Arkanoid, im coming for you doh, Pilot Wings, im flying high, and Diirt need to get my super sprint skills back. Great releases reccomended



WolfLink22 said:

That's great for Europe and all but where are SSB 64 and Super Mario Kart for USA.I don't care which one comes first.I'd even settle for Tetris Attack or just something that was just as great Super Star Wars even if i did not buy it on the VC.

I just hope that we don't get another port of a game.I'm happy that we are still getting VC Games.I just don't feel that it should always be a port of an already released game.

In any case tho this was a great week for Europe.

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