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Nintendo Download: Jedi, Drills and Bubbles (US)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

NoA takes a step back with only one game for each service.

It seems Nintendo of America has finally decided to take it easy for a week - There's only three new games this time. That's not to say they're bad though!

For the Virtual Console there's Super Empire Strikes Back, the second game in the Super Star Wars series, which is based on the movie of the same name. Like the first game, it's basically just a series of playable scenes from the movie, not just limited to platforming, with a few extra things thrown in here and there. As with the first game, it can be quite challenging, so beware! We'll review it soon.

WiiWare brings us a game which Japan has had for a while - Mr. Driller W is a WiiWare installment in the popular Mr. Driller series. As the name implies, it's all about drilling. Unlike most vertical puzzle games, blocks don't come from above, but rather from below - You have to try to drill as deep as you can before you run out of air, although you can pick up oxygen tanks along the way. And yes - The main character is the son of the main character from Dig Dug. We'll have a review available this week, but until then, why not read Sean's impressions of the Japanese version?

Today's DSiWare release isn't very surprising, because it was announced - Pop Plus: Solo is the sequel to WiiWare's Pop and once again sees you trying to pop seemingly endless bubbles in order to earn points. This time, however, there's also a multitude of other modes to keep the experience fresh. We think it's one of DSiWare's best games yet - We awarded it a mighty 9/10!

That's it this week! More from Nintendo's press release:

Aug. 24, 2009

Nintendo Download

Jedi Battles, Marvelous Bubbles and Frantic Underground Action

Faraway galaxies and otherworldly fun are within easy reach, thanks to the latest downloadable game offerings from Nintendo. If the recent Virtual Console™ debut of Super Star Wars™ had you cheering, you’ll be doubly pleased to see its action-packed sequel in this week’s lineup. Speaking of sequels, you’ll also find a new WiiWare™ title that puts a fresh spin on an “underground” favorite. Meanwhile, Nintendo DSiWare™ fans will discover a puzzle game that truly pops.

Virtual Console

Super Empire Strikes Back™
Original platform: Super NES™
Publisher: LucasArts
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Fantasy Violence
Price: 800 Wii Points
Description: Pursued across the galaxy, Rebel forces now marshal new strength on the remote ice world of Hoth. Though tracked by probe droids, attacked by ice monsters and confronted by an army of gigantic Imperial Walkers, you must not give in. You are the Alliance’s only hope. Learn the ways of the Force, then test your skills in this fast-paced, action-packed sequel to the hit game Super Star Wars.


Publisher: NBGI
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief
Price: 800 Wii Points™
Description: Mr. Driller W is the newly updated version of the exciting game that challenges players with level upon level of frantic underground drilling action. Experience more than 20 varied stages and missions. Drill through a seemingly endless onslaught of colored blocks while avoiding falling obstacles and strategically managing your air supply. Multiple degrees of difficulty now challenge everyone from novices to hardcore Mr. Driller veterans. A tutorial will even help first-time players learn the rules quickly and easily. Vibrant graphics, engaging game play and loads of characters make this a modern twist on a gaming masterpiece.

Nintendo DSiWare

Pop+ Solo™
Publisher: Nnooo
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: Pop bubbles, build chains and try to keep the timer alive in this awesome puzzle/shooter. Pop your way through 16 waves of bubbles in Adventure, Normal or Advanced modes. Race against the clock in a one-, two- or five-minute run. Try the new Bonus Round mode, where each bonus round can be played in three, five or 10 rounds of increasing difficulty. Or just chill out in the relaxing Chill mode with no score or time pressures to worry about. Pop+ Solo comes to the Nintendo DSi™ system with eight modes and five bonus rounds, plus plenty of new badges to collect. Adventure mode introduces some new elements to the game with mines, golden fish, jets of water and four boss battles. The new Challenge mode lets you create and customize your own challenges to play again and again.

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User Comments (115)



ReZon said:

Pop Plus? Check!

Mr. Driller? Definitely a possibility..

Super Empire? Still have the SNES cart.

Awesome update!



timp29 said:

Yeah, that is a pretty decent update even if it is light on games. Quality over quantity



blackknight77 said:

Not bad for a small update. I am really interested in getting Pop Plus and since Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie then the game is a must download.

I'm thinking Return of the Jedi arrives next week with a all-star lineup for September 7th



jhuhn said:

This should mean that we could expect Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi to be released on the VC sometime in September.

It's also the first time since May 11, 2009 when only one WiiWare release came out that week and the first time that only one new game from each system came out this week in this region.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wow. I wasn't expecting Mr. Driller W at all this week, nor was I expecting them to pull a turn-around. I'll be getting it. I seriously hope they return to the three-game pattern they had going by next week.



Blue_Protoman said:

Is there anything new in Mister Driller W to justify me getting it when I already have a (free) GP2X version?



Supermarioman said:

Yes. But I will buy everything, except for Pop+ Solo, because I still refuse to buy a DSi. Nintendo, pretty please an arcade title, C64 title, N64 Title, or anything that isn't Starwars, I enjoy the series, but I'm hoping they split up the releases of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, like they did with the original!



Supermarioman said:

Wait...... One WiiWare game, last year...... Could It be 2 VC Game weeks could possibly return for a while



longtimegamer said:

@KnucklesSonic8- I wouldn't hold my breath. Didn't we only get 2 wiiware last week? They were probably working us back to this instead of just suddenly doing one a week.

By the way...did we get more than one wiiware much, if at all last winter?



Knux said:

This update is awesome! I'm actually intrested in all these games!



Jockolantern said:

Excellent update, all things considered. And besides, these three titles are obviously not the big draw this week with Nintendo for two reasons: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Those are truly the two games to really care about this week, though I will definitely download Super Empire Strikes Back eventually and Mr. Driller W looks quite good.



Cheezy said:

Now can you believe this, for me, is one of the best updates I've seen this month, considering there are 3 games. And the funny thing, I started playing Mr. Driller on my Dreamcast again yesterday after not playing it for a year.'s also funny NintendoLife reviewed a Mr. Driller game yesterday, too. How strange



StarDust4Ever said:

Yay! Well, I'm getting Pop as soon as it appears. As for the virtual console, I'm not at all disappointed, as even though I'm not downloading the Star Wars games, at least they're releasing good games again...

In other thoughts, last year on labor day, they released SMRPG as the big 250th game, which I downloaded ASAP. This year, it looks like we'll get the third Star Wars game, but maybe we'll be surprised, who knows with Nintendo anymore. Just no more dry weeks, please...



AlphaNerd01 said:

Am I the only one excited for Super Empire? I know it was expected, but still not a bad VC release.



slambert215 said:

Yeah, where's Driift Mania? I stocked up on 4000 Wii Points and so far only bought World of Goo. Nothing else really interested me so far.



Rapadash6 said:

The Virtual Console release wasn't really much of a surprise either but I'm happy that they put out Mr. Driller. Not a lot of releases today but they all seem decent at least. Plus Prime Trilogy comes out today, so it's a good week for Wii regardless of this update.



Xkhaoz said:

Wow, amazing update. I might get Pop + Solo after school. First day of school.



rustythekid said:

Cool, Return of the Jedi, but I haven't finished Super Star Wars so I guess I'll be holding on on those points. It's good it's there though.



warioswoods said:

Time for a little Star Wars fun this week, methinks. I skipped the previous release because I despise the first film (actually, I despise episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 -- only 5 and 6 were solid, imaginative sci-fi).



Bass_X0 said:

A bad movie doesn't automatically make for a bad game. SNES Alien 3 was quite good.



warioswoods said:

@Bass X0

Good point; if I enjoy the second game, I might go back for the first and just pretend I don't remember the film.



Egg_miester said:

wow a great vc game and wii ware one at this point i wish i had some points
last time i checked super starwars was number 3 in top 20 vc games if we are lucky then more lucasarts games will come are way



Sean_Aaron said:

@Blue Protoman: Check out the First Impressions article; I've also reviewed it on my blog. Basically it's like the World Tour part of Mr. Driller Drill Land, but greatly expanded with many different difficulty settings and extensive use of leaderboards (all local).

Despite having Mr. Driller Drill Land I regard it as a worthwhile purchase for the drilling enthusiast -- if all you have a is a port of the original arcade game then it has a lot to offer seeing as there's multiple characters and levels to play. Go go driller!



Mike1 said:

1 game a week does really blow, but Mr. Driller I might have to check out. Still no SSB in sight though...



Mike1 said:

13. Bass X0
I'd be glad to trade the Star Wars to Europe in exchange for SSB.



antimarc said:

Sweet! Mr. Driller is an instant download for me... let's hope we see Driift Mania next week!



Edwin said:

Thank you, Nintendo! (for Empire)

Here's hoping for Jedi in two weeks.



Mach-X said:

Could the admins add a filter that removes 'Nothing for me this week'? I can't think of a more useless thing to post, and if I see that post one more time I think I'll pull my hair out. WHY is there nothing, what are your thoughts about this weeks releases, etc, etc. And cut out the SSB whining. When they release it, you'll play it for an hour then it'll go back in the bin of dustiness like most other VC releases. You people act like getting SSB64 will be the absolute holy grail PINNACLE of your gaming life. GET a life, please. Same with FF1 NES. It's TERRIBLE, and has aged badly compared to the fantastic GBA/PSX remakes. Get one of those already. You'll get beautiful graphics and a sweet remixed stereo soundtrack. Think first post second!



Stargazer said:

I am looking forward to Cave Story, Contra Rebirth and Drift Maniia!

But Metroid Prime Trilogy is in stores tomorrow, so I'm fine so a while

Can't wait to replay Prime 1 with awesome controls. Love that game.



Cthuloops said:

At least it's 3 good games this week. Too bad none of them interest me in the slightest.



brooks83 said:

Something tells me they are saving SSB for our 315th, 320th, or 325th game.

As for Empire Strikes Back, to those of you who downloaded it, does the title screen still show THQ or JVC? THQ published the re-release, while JVC did the original release.



Twilight_Crow said:

In an awesome twist of fate, my dad found some newly released Nintendo Points cards at a department store, and decided to buy me two under one condition: "stop bugging me with the credit card", and now I have a whooping 4000 points to spend, YAY , and what a nice week, I've always wanted to try Mr. Driller, never been able to acquire any version of it, and now it stands right before me, and I have the points , also I love Dig Dug, and, according to Sean, you find that character on this game .
I've decided that from the Super Trilogy I will only buy Super Return of the Jedi, my favorite, but the other games are good.
Oh! And congratulations to the DSi owners for finally getting POP+ Solo, cool .



brooks83 said:


I'm assuming you didn't grow up with the original Final Fantasy. I did though, and I would take it over the remakes (and yes I own Final Fantasy Origins on PSX) simply for nostalgia. It really doesn't play a whole lot different than the remakes, if anything it's more challenging.



rodoubleb said:

NES Final Fantasy's degree of challenge is superior. Playing the remakes is blah, incredibly easy.



Sean_Aaron said:

Taizoo Hori is said to be the hero from Dig Dug in Mr. Driller mythology, however, he's a middle-aged dude with a goatee wearing a white driller suit with a blue visor on his helmet, so don't expect him to look just like the little blue guy from the Dig Dug arcade game!

I'm sorry to say I've still not beaten the 1000m level in China yet; nor have I unlocked Usagi. I am ashamed!



Miyabi273 said:

Mr. Driller w looks like an addicting game for sure. I am tight on cash but my might scrounge some up for it.




OMG Outstanding update for NA. All 3 are sweeet downloads. I already have Pop Plus but me want Mr want it bad!!! That's been on my insta-download list for some time now! NoE don't deny us..give us Overturn and Mr Driller World v.soon please (Neves Plus and MFC would be v.nice too)



MrPoo6321 said:

Hell yeah. Can't wait to get Super Empire Strikes Back... Bring on Super Return of the Jedi!...... and Shadows of the Empire, please.



IAmNotWill said:

I agree with Mach-X. SBB is a good game, but it sequels are way better. Please, go play those games.

As for this update: Even only 3 games,this is still a great update. Never played a Mr Driller game and this one looks interesting. May get it in the future. (no wii points today )
Pop+ is an instant download, I have some points ready and will DL that in a couple of minutes. As for, Super Empire, still have to get the first game, so maybe not for a while with this one. Overall, good update.



Darknyht said:

"The Force is strong with you Young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet!" Best of the movies and best of the SNES games. Looking foward to an weekend of blasting stormtroopers.



naut said:

I've never played a Mr. Driller game so that kinda sparks my interest.



Objection said:

Mach-X, its easy to yell at people who are complaining that they want something when you have it. On a less negative note, I don't care when SSB comes out on VC because I still have the cart.



Twilight_Crow said:

Yeah, Dig Dug is great, I feel like buying the VC version since my Atari 2600 is not working as it used to , but I need to save points for SRotJedi and Cave Story.



Pablo17 said:

Well I picked up Mr. Driller and it is fantastic, of course I am a big Mr. Driller fan though. There are five profiles and then one guest profile, so even though there is no multiplayer, there are enough saves for multiple users. I also like how it keeps track of how long you have played. Overall, it is an excellent game and well worth the 800 points.



RadioShadow said:

Meh, another Star Wars game. Give us Zombies Ate My Neighbours instead!

Not a fan of Mr Driller but at least the game is decent.



SwerdMurd said:

Give us Secret of Evermore already!!!!!

It's the only reason I still hook my SNES up...I own every other game I have an urge to play (aside from Ys 3 which I've played to death) on VC or other collections (or rereleases for other platforms)



Bass_X0 said:

SoE isn't even on the horizon for being released. Best to forget about it for now.



Metang said:

Only three games today, but as long as they're good, I'm not complaining.

@KeroKeroCola: Either you have insanely high standards for video games, you haven't seen your psychiatrist in a while, or you just need to get a life and leave. What, are you an XBOX 360/PS3 fanboy?

EDIT: @KnucklesSonic8: You really should try Dig Dug 2. I used to have it on my Namco Museum Battle Collection. Until I sold my PSP.

ANOTHER EDIT: @Mach-X: I agree with you. That gets so annoying.



anthonyb said:

Well there's not really anything I see here that catches my interest. Back to XBLA... Speaking of which- If any of you have a 360, I'd highly recommend Shadow Complex and/or Trials HD. Both excellent games, and highly addictive.



@E-160 Ferallgatr don't be mean to him for saying its a bad week; its his opinion; he don't have to give in for peer pressure cause everyone are saying these games are good. Maybe he don't like Movie based games and a wiiware with atleast 20 levels/missions; depends on the persons taste of games. I was set back without Worldwide leaderboards but what the hay Ill get this anyway.



Twilight_Crow said:

Oh my God! Mr. Driller W is pure awesomeness, I've just played it for two hours! (didn't notice that at first ), it's so addictive and fun, and I've only finished one level, Japan on easy ; great value for my points.

Dig Dug 2?, I didn't know there were a sequel , certainly I want to try it too, I really hope they release it on VC, and also the Arcade version of Dig Dug .



Sean_Aaron said:

@Twilight Crow: Dig Dug and Dig Dug 2 have been announced for release in Japan before year's end (I'll be impressed if that happens); I cannot see any reason at least the original Dig Dug arcade game wouldn't show up here. If you're really keen you can always pick up Namco Museum Remix which includes that and other arcade greats from Namco.



WolfRamHeart said:

@Twilight Crow: Mr. Driller W is definitely awesome! I am so addicted to it right now! I just unlocked Egypt and I'm trying to beat each stage with top scores on easy and normal modes but hard is really brutal.



marktheshark said:

@ 52, Mach-X

I disagree. It seems that you're getting opinion confused with fact & that's sad.



XCWarrior said:

I'm glad for all the Star Wars fans out there, but I want my original Star Fox already. Come on Nintendo, stop holding out!



astarisborn94 said:

This has been an very good week. Hopefully, I can eventually get Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. LucasArts is really supporting the service. Indiana Greatest Adventures for the SNES anyone?



Ricardo91 said:

Slow week, but at least the games we got are good.

@WhoKnew. Don't you understand? Every week has to have a Nintendo game in it, otherwise it's completely worthless.

@Twilight. Yes, Dig Dug II wasn't nearly as successful as DD1, which is probably why you've never heard of it. It's a decent little game, but nowhere near as good as the original.



I didn't expect this to be on other than jp shop. Lets hope we can get the others they have. Starting off is the ones that are crazy and don't make sense. Theres a Warioware wiiware I remember seeing on youtube.



Alright the wario wiiware is called Asobu! Made In Ore! 1000pts in japan I believe. I don't think you can make your own microgames like the Dsiware too bad.



Twilight_Crow said:

Didn't know Namco Museum Remix had Dig Dug, thanks; I'll put it on the list, still, I won't be able to get a new retail game for awhile, sigh so many games that I want, so little money .

I love Mr. Driller, but I stink at it, I can hardly finish China on easy , but with some little practice I'll get the hang of it .



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Glad you guys are enjoying the game!

@Twilight_Crow: NMR is how I got to experience Dig Dug and Mappy for the first time - I instantly fell in love with both! I got NMR for only $10 sometime last year. Also, I'm hoping both Dig Dug VCA and Dig Dug II VCA come to NA. I'd be really happy and plus, it would re-assure me that Namco does have plans to bring more VCA games here. It's unfair how we haven't seen any other Namco game and there are over 8 of the games they've released that I'm waiting anxiously for. Anyway, let's keep our hopes up. There's little reason why they wouldn't release Dig Dug VCA.

@Ezekiel: The WiiWare version has its own microgames and you can exchange them with others. It does have some editing functions last time I checked but either way, I'll be getting both.



Slapshot said:

Im really curious about POP. UMMMM Maybe after I hear more about it in the forums. Looks like one that you really have to play to understand.




It takes some time to appreciate it, but I gaurantee it is the BEST version of Pop yet!



The_Cow said:

I won't rest until I've spent my last 1,000 Wii Points for SSB64 though; I've been holding onto them long enough for almost about 3 months now... since mid June! Plus you don't know how bad I've been suffering and been aggrivated with Nintendo over the past 7 months without SSB64!
Count them; it's been 7 months... January, February, March, April, okay May was the only good month with Zelda MM, June, July, & now August!

And the reason why I keep saying I been hating Nintendo since then is because I only care about the games I like; everything else I'm never interested in because I don't care for anything most of the time!

On a side note; I sort of enjoy the Star Wars movies! But most of you stupid fanboys will hate me when I say say this: I have ziltch/zero/nada interest in the Star Wars games... period end of freaking story!

We have until August 31 or all of September to wait for SSB64 now; so Nintendo SERIOUSLY needs to get on the ball and catch up with the releases here in NA!!!

Edited to save you some grief -- please chill!



Bass_X0 said:

I'm entitled to my own opinions!

Yes you are. But repeating your opinion many times does nobody any good.



longtimegamer said:

Hmmm. That cough must be catching.

The Crow said,"Most of you stupid Fanboys will hate me for saying this"

@The Crow-Well you ain't winning any friends calling them stupid.



brooks83 said:

@TheCrow/Captain Jack Sparrow/ Party on Dude

So one minute your telling people to stop complaining about SSB coming out, then later you are the one complaining? Or is that just one of your alter ego's/split personalities?



Kadaj said:

As a Star Wars fanboy, I just gotta say...the use of the word "Jedis" made me /facepalm. There's no 's' when referring to them as plural; it's Jedi.

@TheCrow: Fortunately, Nintendo doesn't base their releases on your opinion. Your own fanboyism towards SSB64 (seriously dood, buy Brawl.) is duly noted, but neither we or Nintendo care.

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