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Nintendo Download 01-02 September 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Another WiiWare holiday, but a few VC games and some DSiWare makes up for it.

After last month's WiiWare windfall it shouldn't be a surprise that Japan is taking a little break from the service.

Don't feel too bad for them, because there's three VC titles to tide over Wii downloaders and a few DSiWare titles from Nintendo as well.

Virtual Console
Taikoo Risshinden (Super Famicom 800pts - Koei) -- A 16th century simulation game where you assume one of several professions and make your way through life via a series of mini-games, battles and resource management. This game was only ever released in Japan; sequels have appeared on Sega Saturn, Playstation, Playstation 2 and PC.
Earthworm Jim 2 (Mega Drive 600pts - Interplay) -- The sequel to the popular annelid platformer. It's hard to imagine this would come out in Japan first, so it could be a preview of a VC release in other territories next week.
Xevious (Arcade 800pts - Namco) -- Another week and another arcade entry from Namco, but it's a classic, being one of the first games to use 3D rendered sprites giving it a slick look when it debuted at arcades in 1982.

Metronome (200pts - Nintendo) -- A virtual metronome for musicians with three different visual themes: analogue needle, digital and Game & Watch. Also included is a mini-game, Donkey Metronome, where clapping in time causes Mario to jump barrels and advance through classic arcade Donkey Kong levels.
Musical Instrument Tuner (200pts - Nintendo) -- An instrument tuning aid from Nintendo; as with Metronome there are analogue, digial and Game & Watch themes. Also includes a mini-game called "Tuner Fight," which appears to be a musical game based upon Balloon Fight.
Aa Mujou Setsuna (500pts - Nintendo) -- This one is a shooter that looks to be of the "bullet hell" variety. Two different ships on offer and WiFi leaderboards.
Puzzle Iroiro Crossword House Volume 4 (500pts - Nintendo) -- The fourth in a series of Japanese crossword games from Nintendo.

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User Comments (28)



Tails said:

Game and Watch Piano Game looks awesome hope we get Game & Watch Stuff soon in the NA.



Syr said:

AAAHHH, bullet hell DSi-Ware!!! If only it could come out over here .

The metronome and "tuning aid" look awesome as well for only 200 points each. Something to look forward to!



Sean_Aaron said:

The Game & Watch things are just skins -- not games. It's still just a tuner or a metronome; unlikely to be of interest unless you're a musician actually using it to tune a guitar or keep in time. There are mini-games included as indicated though which broadens the appeal.



Klapaucius said:

Odd of them to release Earthworm 2 in Japan first. Do they get any kind of reverse-HANABI festival there? They must get other previously unreleased VC games.



Cheezy said:

So basically everything that was announced in Japan for future release yesterday was already released today...



Adam said:

I hate to say this, but I could see myself getting the tuner. I always lose my tuner, but I never forget to bring my DSi if I'm playing music. Seems like a ridiculous idea for an app in general, given how few would have a use for it, but I certainly would use it.



Egg_miester said:

not a bad week for japan earthworm jim is the best game
i am wondering about koei game sounds great tobad its a japanese only



Knux said:

I would consider buying the tuner if it ever came out in North America.



Link977 said:

thats dumb, Japan's getting 4 games every week while we only get simply 1...



Token_Girl said:

If I still played an instrument, that tuner would be really cool. And the metronome seems more fun than a regular metronome would be for those who use it. They're pretty niche market right now, but I guess Japan's service is probably a bit more fleshed out than ours is at this point, so they could release these.

These are the kind of apps that should cost money, not clocks and calculators!



Sean_Aaron said:

@Cheezy: Yeah more or less. There's still three more of the announced VC titles to come and no doubt oodles of Namco classics. I do wish Rygar was coming next week, but I can wait!



Adam said:

Odnetnin, tuners are not instrument-specific. Your viola has the same notes as a piano. The screenshot shows a full range of notes, so you should be able to do any tuning you want with it.



Odnetnin said:

"Odnetnin, tuners are not instrument-specific. Your viola has the same notes as a piano. The screenshot shows a full range of notes, so you should be able to do any tuning you want with it."
Ohoho! Thanks, Adam. I really need to play my viola more...



SwerdMurd said:

man I was really hoping they'd release, I dunno, like a calculator, or maybe a photo calendar. Something like that would really spice up the DSiWare catalog.

Odnetnin, are you sure you play a musical instrument?



deadly_by_design said:

Why is EWJ2 on the Genesis? I understand that the first game had exclusive content on there, but I'd rather have the second on SNES. Then again, I still have the cartridge and working system, so it's not a big deal. (the Genesis versions sound like crap)



Vertigo said:

Were you drunk when you wrote "Xevious ... being one of the first games to use 3D rendered sprites giving it a slick look when it debuted at arcades in 1982"?
Its sprites are no more 3D rendered than this web page.



Supermarioman said:

The tuner and metronome actually interest me as I have a guitar that really needs tuning (I'm to lazy to take it to someone) and the metronome would be kind of useful with my drums!



CanisWolfred said:

If Aa Mujou Setsuna comes to NA's DSiware I will buy the DSi that very day.O_O I love shooters, especially bullet-hell games!

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