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New Dead Space Extraction Shots Shuffle Into The Light

Posted by James Newton

EA's forthcoming horror-shooter shaping up to be a monster hit

Nintendo might not have a high-profile presence at the happening-as-we-type GamesCOM in Cologne, but that doesn't mean other companies aren't willing to show off a little something to the seemingly always announcement-hungry Nintendo fandom, with EA having recently beamed a set of new Dead Space: Extraction screenshots over for your pleasure.

The screenshots further enforce EA's determination not to skimp on the gore and horror that so enthralled next-gen gamers when the original Dead Space launched to critical acclaim last year, with the Wii version sporting some truly twisted beasties roaming dark alleys, terrorising young ladies and generally looking hideous. Sounds like something we at Nintendo Life Towers can connect with.

Accompanying these screenshots is the news that Amazon are offering a special pre-order incentive to all those thinking of dabbling in a bit of space death extraction, with the giveaway of a special "Challenge Mode" code that's otherwise only unlocked by completing the entire game. "Challenge Mode" is an all-action game mode that allows two players to fight side-by-side, competing for points, kills and style points too. This giveaway is open to both UK and US gamers, so get those pre-orders in at Amazon.

As if that weren't enough Dead Space excitement for you, coming up in the next podcast - out on August 31st, remember - we'll have an exclusive interview with Visceral Studio's Rich Briggs, Producer of Dead Space Extraction for Wii! Be sure to come back on August 31st for that and stay tuned to Nintendo Life for all the upcoming news on Dead Space Extraction.

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Chunky_Droid said:

Well this is a plus, though the pre-order code isn't THAT much of an incentive, I like free stuff!

(eagerly awaiting his rooster hat)



Metang said:

No further comment is needed.

Also, I just noticed: Before any comments are added, it says, "No comments yet... why not be the first?" That practically encourages "first" posts...



Chunky_Droid said:

Feraligatr: You have a point there, though people are doing it a lot less now which is good



James said:

It's just an incentive to get people to comment - to me it doesn't say "please post something banal!", but rather "be daring; get your voice heard; speak loudly; be forthright; stand tall"

Personally I only played Dead Space for the first time a few weeks ago, but surprisingly I quite liked it. I'm not really a sci-fi fan - and certainly not a horror fan! - but what I played I enjoyed. I'm hoping the Wii one will live up to its potential!



Machu said:

I'm looking forward to this, although I'm getting a bit bored of on-rails crap now, it IS just an excuse not to put more effort in and craft a 3rdperson game in the same environment.



warioswoods said:

I skipped all the other rail-shooters on the console, but this might just be the one I'll finally consider purchasing; that is, if they play with the formula as much as they've hinted, with branching paths galore and various other bits of increased freedom / interactivity.



Golgo said:

I just finished the PC version, which was excellent. And more than somewhat frightening. (Don't remember any of the 'young ladies' being terrorized that the writer mentions, though?!) Lousy 'giveaway'. Code for an in-game feature that's unlocked in-game?!



rustythekid said:

(you knew it was coming sooner or later)

anyway, I don't like on rail shooters, but this game really got my attention with the video they showed at E3, I don't know though, I really hate not being able to explore in a video game. I'll wait for the reviews though, and in a way I think people will be more pleased with this game then they were with the Conduit.



odd69 said:

I beat the original Dead Space a few weeks ago.It was the best 3rd person action/horror i have ever played.Not only that, but it made me jump a few times. It's a good series, i just wish we could have got another game like the first, on rail shooting isn't my thing at all.



Objection said:

I'm more liekly to get RE:DC. Have you guys seen the fairly awesome pre-order that has? Zombie shirt!

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