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myNotebook Development Nearing Completion

Posted by Corbie Dillard

New DSiWare app on tap for a release later this year.

Nnooo have just announced that development on their new DSiWare application myNotebook is almost completed and that the app is set for a release on the DSiWare service later this year.

You can check out the official press release below for a bit more information about this unique DSiWare application and what it will have to offer.

Nnooo announce the development of myNotebook™ as part of a brand new franchise. myNotebook will be the first title in their new myLifeCollected™ range of applications for Nintendo DSiWare™.

myNotebook is a simple notebook application which allows users to take notes, make lists (and cross the items off), play pen and paper games (games not included) or just have fun doodling away. myNotebook will initially be launched as three versions, Blue, Red and Green each featuring 32 pages and 18 paper styles to unlock.

"The myLifeCollected range is designed to give Nintendo DSi™ owners a fun way to carry aspects of their life with them at all times. Each application is designed to fulfil a specific task for example myNotebook is designed to allow users to jot down notes, make lists or sketch out ideas while out and about", said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo.

In myNotebook the user can select between a pen or pencil, 5 ink colours (black, blue, red, green or white), squared or lined paper (on a per page basis) and two line thickness. With a front, inside back and front covers to doodle on as well as 32 internal pages myNotebook represents a great way to jot information down in a hurry.

"We have focused on making sure that myNotebook saves each page as you write so that when you power down your Nintendo DSi and return later all the data is there for you. By pressing START at the first screen myNotebook will jump straight to the page you were on last time you used the notebook.", said Watt.

Users can unlock new paper styles to customise their notebooks as well as choosing from the Red, Blue or Green versions when they purchase.

"We decided to release 3 different versions of myNotebook for several reasons. Firstly to allow users a choice of colours, much like real life notebooks. And secondly as we are limited by how many pages we can add to the app we wanted to ensure that users could buy more notebooks if they perhaps did not want to clear pages in their original one", said Watt.

myNotebook is currently in the final stages of development with an expected release on Nintendo DSiWare later this year.

As usual, we'll have more information on myNotebook as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the application when it hits the DSiWare service later in the year.

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First third party app, a good sign. Yet this doesnt interest me. Too expensive



Cheezy said:

@uel - Well now we know what comes first This looks interesting, and the DSi's THIRD notepad thing (!!!) But I'll still buy it because I'm like that lol.



melvin2898 said:

It makes me so made when people act so aaaahhhhh.
This looks like a great game to me.
Flipnote Studio is a Flipbook game.
myNotebook is a notebook and games.
I have Flipnote Studio and will be getting myNotebook.



Objection said:

This is a rather pointless app. You could use Pictochat to save messages (in sleep mode) until you got home. There are various better forms on phones, iphones, itouches, etc. To each his own though.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yeah, but not everyone has those other means. Besides, the DSi is made to be a personalized device anyhow. Something more than jsut for entertainment but for multimedia as well. Also, I'm more on the side of melvin.



Grumble said:

Will this have a password-lock feature? I live around alot of prying eyes, and I write lots of poetry and journals... I am looking forward to this title, but... I need password protection Please include it!!



Grumble said:

Cheezy... Im right there with ya. That's how I felt about mario clock and calculator and i actually love those cheap apps and use them regularly! Let's hope MyNotebook isn't more than 500 pts, tho!



Objection said:

@KS8- I just listed those as examples of writing apps. Don't you think that the built-in Pictochat is just about as good for this purpose?



Hardy83 said:

@ Objection_Blaster

Just as good? You can't save text in pictochat at all.
A better comparison would be flipnote, but I would prefer this over flipnote for note taking because it automatically saves, and starts right at the last page where you left off. Flip note you'd have to go through the menu and the calander. Not to mention each note would take up external space ontop of flipnotes size.



lockd said:

After I get pop+solo i might get this with my last 200 points or wait for flipper...



FATEM said:

Automatic saves just strengthened my desire to get this.I'm sick of having to finding a random piece of paper and a working pen when I'm getting surprise information.



Matthew1 said:

This could be surprisingly useful, if its free like Flipnote then I'll get it but I can't see the point in spending money to get points for this. Already planning on spending £17.00 on 2000 points from, does anyone else know anywhere cheaper to get 2000 points.



melvin2898 said:

1. This isn't Nintendo, they probably can't afford to give away things for free, and 200 points is the cheapest price options for DSiWare.

2. They explained that due to size constraints and save size limits, they could only make the app 32 pages. So they decided to release 3 colours in case people wanted more.
I still makes me so mad when people keep acting like this game is Flipbook Studio.Stop comparing the games!



warioswoods said:

One use I might get out of this: jotting down dreams when I wake up in the middle of the night. I never want to turn on the lamp and thereby wake myself up too much, but I believe I could quickly scrawl out the basics using this app.

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