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Monster Hunter 3 May Get WiiSpeak Support

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Developers like the idea of it for Western versions.

Excited for the localized release of Monster Hunter 3 Tri? Capcom are considering turning that excitement up a notch.

Speaking to Spanish site Revogamers (via GoNintendo), producer Tsujimoto Ryozo revealed that Capcom has considered a few additions to the non-Japanese versions.

We love the idea of voice chat and we know that it is a minimum for Western players.

Minimum maybe on other consoles, but for Wii gamers it seems to be an underused treat. It's still undecided on whether or not it'll be used. Another thing Capcom hasn't decided on yet are any costs for online play; let's hope they decide against those.

Either way, kudos to Capcom for (thinking about) continuing to enhance their games for non-Japanese release. Keep your peepers pointed at Nintendo Life for further updates as they happen.


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Japan missing out on wii speak for this game; I like the sound of that!



Supermarioman said:

Any comment on pay for play? I really doubt that is the case, Monster Hunter has only a cult following over here, including myself, but it would be good to have Wii Speak!



apocalypse217 said:

I saw the promo trailer and it said you had to buy wii points for the pay for play option online.



AVahne said:

if it has wii speak,then itll be easier for me to scream RUN!!!! just for fun



Objection said:

I don't think enough people will be willing to P2P for online, even if it was say 500 points a month. I am happy that they are possibly adding features to the Western release, even though I personally don't have/need WiiSpeak.



astarisborn94 said:

Monster Hunter 3 with WiiSpeak? If so, then it is offically my most wanted game (Even more so then Super Mario Galaxy 2.), unless they charge us too.



I really really doubt that the online will be free. This kind of games require a lot of maintenance and they HAVE to charge.



Sneaker13 said:

I would love to see more games that use WiiSpeak. But they should aks for money for online play.



odd69 said:

I've made the decision, I'm going to at least try this out. I really,really want to know what the hype is all about. Besides If we don't get this, We might not get more games from Japan. Why do those guys think us American people wouldn't understand their type of games, is just rubbish to me.
One example : Valkyrie no Densetsu .



Sean_Aaron said:

Looks like they're going to have a story mode so that's positive; if it has no life outside of online I'm not interested.

The problem is that if they introduce something new like WiiSpeak it may mean sacrificing something else (at least that's what was said elsewhere in the interview).



Machu said:

I don't know what to think about the addition of WiiSpeak, as I don't know how the online works. Is it just a team of four friends or a bunch of random's wandering about? If it's the latter I shall turn Wii-Speak off, I can't be doing with randoms and their randomness online.

I'd prefer the ability to take photo's and post em to the message board like AC and M3troid. That would rock!

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