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Monster Hunter 3 Formally Announced For US, EU

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Slated for early 2010.

Just released in Japan, Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Tri is set to tear up the homeland in a big, big way. So when do the rest of us get a chance at hacking away at a swarm of giant ants?

Looks like North America and Europe will be able to get in on the action sometime in early 2010, Capcom announced today. We all knew it was coming, but now it's official and, well, still kinda vague. No word on whether or not the game will come bundled with a Classic Controller Pro or a black Wii like in Japan, but odds are in favor of the former, maybe not so much the latter.

Check out a new announcement trailer and the full press release below, if that's what you're into.

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London – August 3rd, 2009 - Following its recent and highly successful launch in Japan with day one shipment numbers exceeding one million, Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, is pleased to confirm that Monster Hunter Tri will be released in both Europe and North America for the Wii in early 2010. Monster Hunter Tri will set the bar in the action/adventure genre with the introduction of new features and gameplay elements as the multi-million selling franchise makes its debut on the Nintendo system.

One of the most strikingly beautiful titles ever developed for the Wii, Monster Hunter Tri depicts a living, breathing ecosystem where man co-exists with the fantastic beasts that roam both the dry land and the brand new sub-aqua environment - a first for the series.

Living the life of a hunter need never be a solitary experience with the option of split-screen mode where two players can hunt co-operatively or form a team of up to four hunters via the game’s custom online Wi-Fi mode. Even solo players do not have to face Monster Hunter Tri’s challenging quests alone as they will be ably accompanied by Cha-Cha, an AI hunting partner whose skills will prove invaluable. New items, weapons and armour sets will be also available to assist the hunters as they embark on the most epic Monster Hunter adventure to date.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, Marketing & PR, Nintendo of Europe, commented “The popularity of the Monster Hunter franchise in Japan is undeniable and the Day 1 shipment number indicates that the release of Monster Hunter Tri on Wii will be another major hit for the series. We are therefore really excited that Capcom is bringing this title to Europe so the Wii audience here can also experience the thrill of the hunt. “

Visitors to this month’s GamesCom - taking place in Cologne, Germany from the 19th-23rd August - will be the first to sample a localised version of the title on Capcom’s stand as it makes its debut to a western audience. GamesCom attendees will have the opportunity to play the same game that took last year’s Tokyo Game Show by storm, with queues that stretched around Capcom’s stand so long they nearly shut down the show; eager gamers waited in excess of two hours to play.

This desire to be one of the first to experience Monster Hunter Tri is indicative of the impact the Monster Hunter franchise has made on videogame culture in Japan. With series sales totalling well over 10 million units and 3.5 million sales of Monster Hunter Portable 2G alone, it’s no surprise to find that Monster Hunter has given rise to dedicated “Monster Hunter Summer Training Camps”, ”Monster Hunter Festivals” and numerous licensed products. The franchise doesn’t just top the charts, it’s become a social phenomenon.

Capcom is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment for game consoles, PCs, handheld and wireless devices. Founded in 1983, the company has created hundreds of games, including best-selling franchises Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man and Devil May Cry. Capcom maintains operations in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Tokyo, Korea and Hong Kong, with corporate headquarters located in Osaka, Japan. More information about Capcom can be found on the company web site,

Capcom, Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd., in the U.S. or other countries. Dark Void and Street Fighter are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Capcom U.S.A., Inc. “All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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Chrono_Cross said:

Tremendous news!
Monster Hunter 3 has to be my most anticipated Wii game and I've been praying for a release date thanks Nintendo Life! You guys rock!



Machu said:

I HATE hack n slash and have never played Monster Hunter, but this right now is my MOST anticipated game! It's up there with Other M and Other Z for frak sake, that's huge!

The wait is gonna be painful! But at least I can watch that awesome intro trailer 1000 times between now and then.



ToadFan said:




Rum_Rapture said:

Why is it called Monster Hunter 3 Tri rather than just Monster Hunter 3? [scratches chin]



odd69 said:

I'm sure there is a good enough reason why this series is so popular in Japan, so count me in. I guess in 2010 i can find out!



SSBFan_12 said:

Finally, I was thinking of buy a black wii and buying this for like 480 bucks, but now I dont have to thank god!!!



Noire said:

Too many games to be buying in 2010...Gah, I won't have the money for this, which is really too bad. I would love to go monster hunting.



Chunky_Droid said:

I've always wanted a Monster Hunter game but they've never been released in Australia, so I'll be getting this for sure! Hooray for American Wii



OldBoy said:

Cool trailer.Now I don't have to import ,woo hoo. Will NL be doing an import review?Not sure if I can wait for the worryingly vague release date.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Damn, 2010 is going to be the Wii's biggest year yet! Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, Monster Hunter, and who knows what else!



Supermarioman said:

WOW that was beautiful, I can't wait. But Damn I am going to be broke as hell in 2010. But this is one of the reasons I own a Wii!



Sephariel said:

It sucks that you have to pay for the Multiplayer , i think thath 800 point for 30 days is a bit much



cr00mz said:

is it confirmed West will get subscription based Online, or is that for japan only?



JonWahlgren said:

@cr00mz: I believe the subscription fees are for Japan only. The PS2 Monster Hunters had free online play in the US, and I'd imagine it'd stay the same for 3. The game just isn't big enough outside of Japan to charge for online play.



Karch said:

Holy Crap!
Go Capcom!

I hope online play is included for free here in the USA and for Europe as well. Really looking forward to this one.
And sweet Jesus, I'm going to be broke if grade A quality titles keep coming out like this (lol). Other M, New Zelda, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Metroid Trilogy, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, not to mention the countless excellent titles on Wiiware coming out. Nintendo sure knows how to make them. =)

And this right here is proof positive that when you have good developers, real quality titles and graphics CAN be made for the Wii. You don't need the latest "bleeding edge" technology to make fantastic games, only the desire and skill to do so.





astarisborn94 said:

Absolutely loved the news! I know what I'm getting for my birthday, Monster Hunter 3 Tri. And no paying for online, sweet!



Tsuchinoko said:

OMG, the advertisements are all over the place for this one. i can't go anywhere without seeing something for this game.



Sephariel said:

Yep the Multiplayer is going to be Pay 2 Play in EU and USA also. The price is 8 Euro = 30 days



Tsuchinoko said:

Haha, i'm happy, though i have to be poor to live here. haha...well, i was poor in the States and canada as well, so nothing has changed.



Crazed said:

I wasn't really considering this game before, but the trailers are absolutely beautiful, so hopefully the game is as good as it's graphics.



Kirk said:

It's a shame because a lot of this game looks really cool but I just think some of the core elements that make a game fun for me are going to be a little weak; that's things like the controls for example which from what I have seen and read are actually quite clumsy. I also don't like the loading between areas. I would rather they just made them separate levels entirely or they figure out how to stream the levels better to get rid of the loading. Also, if it costs for the online then that is a major no no imo. I'm sure it will be great but I'm not quite sold on it yet.

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