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LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Announced

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The amazing WiiWare launch title is getting a sequel.

Anticipation for a sequel to Frontier's WiiWare launch title LostWinds has been building for a long time now. We knew the announcement was coming, we just didn't know when or what to expect.

In the most recent issue of Edge magazine, Frontier unleashes a rather in-depth preview of their highly-anticipated sequel and tells gamers a few things they can expect from the title.

Along with the ability to switch seasons in order to solve puzzles, Toku can now swim in water as well as conjure up cyclones capable of drilling through rocks and picking up water.

As big fans of the original, we personally can't wait to find out more information on this upcoming WiiWare sequel and we'll keep you informed on any new developments as they become available. Since development of the game is almost completed, maybe it won't be too much longer until we see the game released on the WiiWare service. Let's hope so!

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Omega said:

@Dicesukeinuzuka: Yes, indeed. The game is quite short and there is only one boss which is easy to dodge and easy to beat.

I like Lost Winds. Though I hope the game is more substantial than the first one. Anyway, I'll probably buy it nonetheless.



SSBFan_12 said:

Finally i have been waiting for this one ever since I finished the first one.



Corbs said:

Why is there a part of me that wishes they'd make this a retail title and go all out. But I guess you take what you can get, right?



Nero said:

I loved the first game and I think it was pretty much a test about what can be done on the Wii with some nice ideas etc, and it looks like they know what worked and not and what needs to be added so I high hopes for this one.



Popyman said:

@Corbie: I know! That's what I wanted this to be. I don't understand why this took so long to be announced if it's just another 3+ hour journey with a few new things added in...

I'm still super happy about this and all, but it just seems it's going to take ages for the full game to come out with them doing these small parts...



Metang said:


I loved the first, but it was too short. Here's hoping that this one is longer.



TwilightV said:

It's about time they released a new one. And it has a season swapping ability! Will be buying this one for sure.



Atlantis1982 said:

Sounds like this one will be more winter centric, regardless of length and price I am getting this. I liked the first very much, and no doubt I'll get this one.



aidenlangan said:

Can not wait for this. The first one was a gem albeit short. This one looks even better! I really can not wait after waiting about a year (give or take).



Supermarioman said:

NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated the first one! I loved NyxQuest but hated Lostwinds, and I'll probably hate this one too!



Objection said:

As many will know, I was so excited for the sequel that this 15month wait for any details has been a hard one. Thanks very much for the story, NL, hopefully we'll get it soon.




YYYYEEESSSS!!! Brilliant, outstanding, excellent new. I loved the first game and have been wondering when the next game will be coming out! Officially one of my top 5 most anticipated games, thats retail or DL ware.

(I don't now how anyone could "hate" lovely LostWinds!)



KDR_11k said:

I hope it'll be significantly harder than LW1, at least on par with NyxQuest. LW1 never went above "brain in autopilot" difficulty.



vherub said:

purchasing this on release, will probably replay the first right before this comes out



SwerdMurd said:

agree w/ KDR. First was cool, it was just so easy. Still, it was leagues above anything else that came out for quite a while, as far as WiiWare goes. You've got my support Frontier--let me know when it's coming out and you've got $10.82-worth of points comin' your way.



Twilight_Crow said:

... Really?... Is finally coming!?!
This is great, love the first one, it was short but cute, besides it says that the developers listened to the complains about the length, so I'm sure this new LostWinds is gonna be a lot better.



Kid_A said:

SWEET! Lostwinds is my favorite WiiWare game and I've been really looking forward to the sequel



Vendetta said:

Finally! This is truly a day-one purchase for me. So long as the production is on par with the original, it's guaranteed to be a quality title.



Omega said:

Click here for more details (from the Article)
Wow, that are some interesting infos.

I have found the following additional information about Winter of Melodias (from Edge-Magazine):

  • Toku can change switch seasons from Summer to Winter to solve puzzles
  • Toku can now swim
  • Create cyclones that can drill through rocks and lift up water
  • New map system
  • New in-game hint system

For me the biggest complaint about the first game was the lack of an in-game map. (Besides the length.) I'm glad that they improved it in this respect.

I, personally, hope that this is not going to be a retail game. WiiWare needs some good stuff like this.



Jockolantern said:

Color me very freaking excited. I love the look of the new gameplay elements and... it's another LostWinds game. It's going to be awesome. Here's hoping we get to play it soon!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

The only thing that could make this better would be a confirmation of a proper co-op/multiplayer mode and/or a confirmation of the game's length and additional modes.



apocalypse217 said:

I think its a solid decision to make a sequel. The first is far from being my favorite game but it was a solid game in every respect of the meaning and if they can do just as good on a sequel and it turns out good then great.



Mayhem said:

Loved the first game, been awaiting some more concrete details about the sequel for quite a while...



i8cookie said:

The lack of a map didn't bother me in the original game, I found it quite easy to remember the correct route. I thought it was a great game but I hate it when western studios make a game in a japanese style, it's just like admitting they can't come up with their own ideas. Or anything made in the west that emulates japanese style. And while I'm complaining japanese stuff could use some original ideas too! Am I the only one who is sick of samurai's, old japan and anime style characters!! phew.

That said I'll prob get this on release.



VegimightSamich said:

the first is one of my favorite games that wii ware has come out with, it only loses to tetris which is godlike



JimLad said:

Such a relaxing game to play the first one, I look forward to this.
Frontier are the frontier of the pointer-platformer movement on WiiWare, they should be proud.



jordanr said:

Finally, been waiting for some info on this for what seems like ages. Will be getting it day one no doubt, going to keep some points aside especially for it. Going to play through the first one again just before the Winter of the Melodias comes out.



irken004 said:

Hopefully this is better than the first, it was too much of a collect-a-thon to me

....Though the music easily puts me to sleep



Curt said:

Awesome. I got Lostwinds on launch day, and almost forgot a sequel was coming. Let's hope it gets here soon.

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