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Gaijin Games Releases Teaser for New Game

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Can you figure out what they're trying to tell us?

Well Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games has just sent us their newest teaser for their upcoming WiiWare title. This teaser even has its own site that you can go check out to see if you can figure out what this whole thing is all about.

We'd love hear any ideas you guys might have as to what this whole "void" thing is all about.


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blackknight77 said:

Bit.Trip Grid is my guess. Possibly Bit.Trip fence but that does not have a good ring too it.



ChristeriousNinja said:

Hrm... I don't think anyone guessed the previous one, but if it hints at exploring, you'd think it'd be something more open ended. The fact that it's a void and a picture of a large area of space hints at something to do with flying, so why not a shmup, I mean you'd still be on a rail practically so it's still easy to set a rhythm to it, it'd be like a perfect mix of core and beat with a bit more freedom.



Philip_J_Reed said:

You control a stationary (but revolving) "turret" at the center of the screen, and you rotate it to fire at the beats as they fly by and sail through the sky.

Most of them will make a fairly direct beeline for the turret itself, and you'll hit them head on, but, of course, a few beats will be less predictable and you'll have to get in the habit of shooting them down when they cross other paths.

BT: Beat featured objects coming at you from one direction. Core featured objects coming at you from four directions (in the most conservative use of the term.) I predict six directions here, basically using Core's central command point and adding four diagonal lines of approach/destruction as well.

My best guess.



joeshabadoo said:

its def a Bit Trip game. With the release schedule they have planned, it only makes sense. It is delightfully cryptic, this. I do like hicken's thoughts, but I'm thinking it might expand upon core even further



vakama94 said:

woooo, they have released the teaser, now lets see,wow chicken brutus really put effort on his thoughts!

EDIT: it somehow reminds me of night game



V8_Ninja said:

It's obviously for Bit.Trip Space. The hints are:

1. In Nintendo Power Volume 244, they did an "interview" with Commander Video, and one of the answers to a question was:"MOVETOTHE(BEAT)1-LEARNABOUTTHE(CORE)1-CONTROL(SPACE)1" The Words in the boxes are the game names, as in Bit.Trip Beat and Bit.Trip Core

2. The word SPACE is sometimes called a Void.

I'm really surprised you people didn't figure it out =)



vakama94 said:

@V8 Ninja: of course i´ve seen it, but i dont think the "hints" would be so obvious



V8_Ninja said:

I see your point, vakama94. It was probably just me having dumb luck and remembering all that stuff. But then again, having dumb luck isn't so bad =)



Radbot42 said:

considering there was a graphical improvement from beat to core do you think there will be even more improvement to the graphics?



V8_Ninja said:

@zranoll My guess is no because the series doesn't need any graphical improvements. And besides, how graphically far can you take giant single-colored spheres and cubes?



Corbs said:

For some weird reason the background image reminds me of those large satellite dish setups like SETI use.



SpaghettiToastBook said:


I'm thinking that there's a void in the center, and you lead beats there by changing the direction (with the D-pad) of 8 arrows positioned in a rectangle halfway between the void and the edge of the screen. You also press the 2 button to suck the beats up. The challenge beats switch the position of the void and an arrow, and the two power-ups are hyperspace (points all arrows to the void) and the tri-void, which replaces two arrows with voids, making a straight line of voids.



Corbs said:

You've got some great eyes if you saw all that from that image. LOL.



SpaghettiToastBook said:

No, It mostly spun off the arrow part. And I really didn't think the next Bit.Trip game would expand Core's mechanics of beat shooting.



Crazed said:

Well, if I remember correctly, the previous two games were inspired by classic games. If this game has to do with space, could it be a Space Invaders-esque game? (Ikaruga also comes to mind...)

My best guess is that this game is alot like Bit.Trip: Beat, but beats are coming top to bottom instead of right to left, with the occasional target. My best guest for a name would be Bit, Trip: Space, but Bit. Trip: Invade also comes to mind. Whatever it is, I hope it's good.



Omega said:

Can you figure out what they're trying to tell us?
Isn't that obvious? They want to tell us: "Buy our game when it comes out!"



tripunktoj said:

Interesting... it reforces the theory I got from the Nintendo Power hints... Bit.Trip Space, which may somehow involve space-time control on its gameplay (likely as Chicken Brutus described, since his idea adds more dimentions to this new game, which could be in the form of time itself). I personally dont like the Bit.Trip series, but if my theory turns out to be real, the I am sold since I love studying Einstein physics.



Jockolantern said:

Didn't that last hint they dropped lead us to believe the third game would be Bit.Trip Space? I mean, through the fence, we are technically staring into space. Either that or it is going to be called Bit.Trip Void. Either way, bring it on! I can't freaking wait.



Rum_Rapture said:

I hope it will finally be BIT.TRIP FISH. Or maybe that's for when they're about to sell out to the masses and their fish-loving ways.

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