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Flipnote Studio Available This Friday

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you live in Europe, of course.

The wait is finally over - Nintendo has announced that this Friday, the long-awaited free DSiWare application Flipnote Studio will finally be made available in Europe.

Japan has already had this app since 2008: in fact, it was one of the very first DSiWare releases they got. Since then, they've even had a major update to the game adding new features and fixing some small bugs. It appears we will immediately be getting this second version instead of having to wait for it as well.

Flipnote Studio allows you to draw your own images, but don't think that's it - you can then put multiple images together to form a short animation, and even add sound to it. These animations can then be uploaded to a special site for the game to show off to everyone on the internet. And don't worry: upon the application's release in Europe, the site will be available in English as well, not just Japanese.

Just like in Japan, Flipnote Studio will be completely free, so you have absolutely no excuse not to get it. We wonder what else will be made available on Friday?


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Chunky_Droid said:

FIRST of all I probably won't bother too much with it, as I can barely draw a decent picture on the DS screen



Rum_Rapture said:

I was going to write "cue Americans complaining that Europe gets everything first" but it seems I might not need to...



siavm said:

I have been waiting for this since I got my dsi. This better be released on next monday.



warioswoods said:

Additional good news about the upload site: it would appear that they allow video embedding, which means that you'll be able to post your animations to other sites with ease, youtube style.

Question: Will this forum support that? I know that the BBCode here allows YouTube embeds, but can someone verify that we'll be able to embed with an object tag from a site like that one? If not, you ought to look into installing proper support, for I can foresee a great thread here filled with our users' Flipnote work.



Wiiloveit said:

I feel like being awkward, so I'm only going to be happy if we get this alongside Mario Vs Donkey Kong. Or maybe the new Brain Training game / Mighty Flip Champs. MAYBE.



Roopa132 said:

Wiiloveit wrote:

I feel like being awkward, so I'm only going to be happy if we get this alongside Mario Vs Donkey Kong. Or maybe the new Brain Training game / Mighty Flip Champs. MAYBE.

Well that would be awesome. But I don't think Nintendo will be that kind to us.



SSBFan_12 said:

It will most likely to come out next monday, and right before school starts to, hrm



jhuhn said:

I'm pretty sure because of this Nintendo of America will follow suit on the release of Flipnote Studio on August 17, 2009. Oh wait, we got it on August 12? So we actually got it before the PAL regions will get it. LOL!



Dazza said:

@warioswoods - We will look into adding a special tag for embedding Flipnote clips into the forum. Something like:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

It will be fun to have a thread to share the crazy animations you guys come up with on Flipnote Studio!



Odnetnin said:

Thank you, Nintendo! I'm really happy you Europeans get it, because you can help start the online community, tell us about it, and your announcement could mean we'll get Flipnote Studio soon after!



Knux said:

That's great guys, but why is everybody making such a BIG fuss over Flipnote Studios?



Darknyht said:

@SuperSonic1990: First, it's free not everyone has a job to get points (or is even old enough to have a job). Second, if you like animation it looks like an interesting way to be creative and share.

I look forward to seeing what is done with this. Hopefully it won't be like Check Mii Out where everyone just copies everyone else.



Hardy83 said:

I'm going to assume this mean NA will get it as well on Monday, and probably ONLY that... grumble...



Objection said:

Its been a long wait, but FNS is nearly here. I hope everyone produces some awesome artwork to make NL proud!



zane said:

"Thank you, Nintendo! I'm really happy you Europeans get it, because you can help start the online community, tell us about it, and your announcement could mean we'll get Flipnote Studio soon after!"

@Odnetnin Was that irony? Sure seems like it to me . The way i see it is that the "free" price is the only good thing about it...



Roopa132 said:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we'll get Flipnote Studio this Friday.



bubby323 said:

Flipnote Studio!
Good for Europe!
NA better have it in the store come August 17th...



Funky_Gamer said:

If it doesnt come out on monday, then I will have no time with it. School will start right after the 17th.

Please come out on the 17th.
Good for you Europe.



PhillaLoup said:

just today i stood in the kitchen an thought about "ahh there have to be a big announcement in a few days ... or i'll be bored" ... there we have it!



KDR_11k said:

I wonder why people are so damn hyped for this, it's just a drawing program!



Terra said:

Yes, finally. Now whoever that person is that keeps on going on about no Flipnote studio will stop complaining. Completely forgot the app was free, which is all the more better.



JDB720 said:

Well, we all love to draw - and better; Drawing animations!
Even though not everyone really can draw x D



bonii said:

Man I wish I was in Europe for this. Maybe it'll be out this Monday.



Cheezy said:

Of course they get it first. Why am I not surprised And I HOPE we don't have to wait a whole 3 months like Smash Bros.



ReZon said:

Nice! Enjoy it Europe, and everybody cross their fingers for it coming to NA on Monday!



ProfDocMF said:

For the people who don't understand the hype: It's all about the ability to be creative for some people and also the hype has been built up since friggin' forever on this with rumors and false release dates aplenty. This is also the first big app that is strictly for the DSi. I am not including the Facebook update because was as nice as it was, it's nothing HUGE. I for one have also wanted this since I got my DSi back in April and really hope Nintendo doesn't disappoint us in the US on Monday. If they do I'm sure there will be poo storm a brewin'.



warioswoods said:

I can't wait for the review... as of yet, I still haven't seen a complete and precise rundown of the game's features, so it remains a bit mysterious to me.

For instance:
What kind / length of sounds can you add to animations? Only through the mic, or also from the SD card?
Can you export / import your animations to / from the SD card?
When drawing an animation frame, can you show a guide / ghost from the previous frame or the next frame (crucial for animating)?
How many frames in length can an animation be, and is the framerate fixed or variable?
Are there key frames and smoothing in any way?



Odnetnin said:

@warioswoods As far as I know:
1. Mic only and for as long as you want. Well, I know at least that you can have sound running through the whole video.
2. You can save animations as .gifs and then put them on your computer, with your SD Card being the via point. I doubt you can import them, as you can easily download animations in the app itself.
3. Yes. I have seen "ghosts" of the previous slide/s in numerous Flipnote videos.
4. Not too sure about that. I think videos can be as long as you want, though.
Hope that helps.



Geo1AR said:

oh im so so soo pleased, i goin to america on friday and ill be able to play this, does that mean ill be one of the only people to hav it in america befor monday? if so, WAHOO!



Odnetnin said:

"Thanks, that gives a better idea now of what to expect; sounds like something I'll be getting a lot of use out of."
Exactly why I want it: it'll be the first useful DSiWare app (Browser aside).



Grumble said:

Considering this was supposed to come out Summer 2009 for us, we have like, what a week left, so yeah, of course its coming out Monday... or else!!



JDB720 said:

I think it's great that Europe get something first.. well, lately, Europe have got pretty much everything before NA. Like the Facebook update..



Odnetnin said:

"If we don't get this on monday, i'm seriously gonna scream!"
Don't you have the Japanese version?



Hardy83 said:

"I think it's great that Europe get something first.. well, lately, Europe have got pretty much everything before NA. Like the Facebook update.."

Not to mention all the art styles and the semi useful map apps.... And Disaster Day of Crisis.



Roopa132 said:

@JDB720 but what about Mario vs Donkeykong and Mighty Flipchamps? Those are the best DSiWare titles and we don't have them. I'd rather have them than Flipnote




Flipnote is probably going to be the best free app on the dsi for a long long time



bboy2970 said:

@Odnetnin: Yes but since I got an english DSi, my japanese one has been resting in it's box. Plus I just know that I'm overlooking some features because of the language barrier. I guess the wait is a little less painful for me but I still want the english version badly!



Metang said:

Why does Europe get everything good first? They got Revenge of Shinobi, SSB, and Majora's Mask before us, and now Flipnote Studio? Though maybe I shouldn't be complaining considering we got Super Star Wars first...



bboy2970 said:

@Blue Protoman: I don't agree with that. In a world where clocks and calculators cost 2 bucks a pop, I would gladly pay even 5 dollars for a creative, innovative new app like Flipnote. I'm sure that many would agree.



GamerZack87 said:

... ...
(leaps around room with excited glee)
This is FANTASTIC! I can't believe the wait's almost over! Finally, the non-Japanese can try out Flipnote Studio! I'm looking forward to making my own (what the Japanese call) Ugomemos, since I spend a few times a month watching (what the Japanese call) Ugomemos on the (what the Japanese call) Ugomemo Hatena website. I might make a video of Mr. Game & Watch eating (what the Japanese call) sashimi whilst speaking with his mouth full in (what the Japanese call) Nihongo and dancing with Princess (what the Japanese call) Zelda! Woo! Or, (what the Japanese call) Wuu!
/end humour



Kenji510 said:

Well mostly, if EU is getting this on friday, we should be getting on the following monday the 17th of aug as well... so remember nintendo, if u reading this right now, u better give this app to us too in the NA!!.. im serious and not playin around either... if it doesnt happen, u gonna make NA really mad, pissed off, disappointed and very disturbed too, so remember that.



thaneds said:

I LOVE NINTENDO OF AMERICA NOW (in a brotherly way of course, lol). PARTY!!!!!!!! I WILL DESTROY THE CREATORS WITH MY ART, lol just "CARAMELL DANSEN"!!!!



FATEM said:

@thaneds Caramelldansen will be my first animation.I hope america has to wait for months like we are still doing for MFC and MvsDK.



infoterror said:




infoterror said:

sorry for my sahd mistakes LOL but im just so exited and people in usa i am trully sorry... but in other news IM HAVING A HEAT ATTACK BECAUSE OF THIS ITS FREE ITS FOR ME AND IM FILLED WITH OMGS!



warioswoods said:


Fantastic, and quick work! You also chose an excellent clip for your sample embed. Let's see who here can top that one.



legochesser said:

Good job, now it's even more easy to share your flipnotes with NL users (and NL friends!)



fiddle56 said:

101 just like the Dalmatians! Anyway flipnote is litterally a new YouTube for dsi! Think about it. Well it wouldn't be that close to u tube but still....



Flipnote said:

Hey does anyone know if theres coming a other title in the DSiWare besides Flipnote Studio Friday?



Macaronius said:

the only reason they get things first is because they are closer to japan.....
damn continental drifts

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