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DSiWare Going to Bullet Hell Soon

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Nintendo is about to make shmups fans very happy.

You don't normally associate Nintendo with anything that has "Bullet Hell" in the same sentence, but that's exactly what Nintendo is about to unleash on the Japanese DSiWare service.

Aa Mujyou Setsuna, as it's called in Japan, is set to hit the Japanese DSiWare service on September 2 for 500 Nintendo Points. You can surf over to Kotaku to check out a video of the game in action to learn more about this unique chaining-based bullet hell shooter.

While there's been no official word as to whether or not this game might be heading outside of Japan, as shooter fans we have to at least hold out some hope that we'll see this title in other regions at some point.

We'll have more news on this unique shooter title as it becomes available.


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fudgenuts said:

I posted this on the forum yesterday. It looks pretty cool for the first Bullet Hell game on DSiWare.



Ark said:

I sure hopes this comes to the American/European DSiWares, it looks a lot more interesting than some of the things we've gotten. Maybe the service is starting the kick things up a notch.
By the way, the title is roughly translated to "Oh Heartless Moment."






Supermarioman said:

This looks freaking awsome, but HELL+Nintendo=UnabletoCompute, MustFindAwnser,CannotCompute,Critical Overload, MUST SELF_DESTRUCT!



Alfred_ENG said:

If it's any good and comes out in England i will buy a DSi just for this game. I will wait for the reviews first. None of the Japanese Shmups on Wii discs have come to Europe yet. Which makes me sad.



Slapshot said:

OMG a real game for DSi..... did I just hit my head and turn on my laptop. THIS CANT BE REAL!!!!



Corbs said:

You bet. I got hyped as soon as typed it up. If it doesn't make it outside of Japan, I'll be picking up a Japanese DSi.



SwerdMurd said:

Unfortunately it won't make it outside of Japan cause the entire rest of the world is to ****ing weak-willed to ever attempt a shoot-em-up. This is seriously the most appealing DSiWare title I've seen so far...I wish more of my countrymen shared my gaming prowess.

Corbdozer, let me know if you find a cheap Japanese DSi.../sigh



SwerdMurd said:

:0 If I'm not mistaken, the second kotaku video reveals a Guwange-esque system of the held-down button fire halting enemy bullets/severely slowing them, possibly allowing for increased combo chain score.

Guwange is one of my favorite MAME games of all time. This just keeps looking better and better.

Too bad the demo play person is intentionally doing hard dodges to look cool...there are much less-risky ways through those same patterns that seem like you'd make the same kills in the same order.



ReZon said:

When it gets released outside of Japan, it'll be called Super Space Shooterz! or something less enthusiastic.



ToneDeath said:

Do we know who's developing this? My random guess would be Intelligent Systems, or maybe Treasure (though they should be busy with S&P 2). But surely everyone would like to see what happens when a shoot 'em up is given the Miyamoto touch; he, the modern Midas. (No, I haven't played Wii Music)

EDIT: According to the Kotaku article it seems to be a collaboration between Nintendo and Arika. Well, that certainly a change of pace from Endless Ocean.



Cryptonic said:

And why is this on nintendolife about 2 days after the news came out? i saw this on kotaku a while ago....



KeeperBvK said:

"None of the Japanese Shmups on Wii discs have come to Europe yet. Which makes me sad."
Blast Works has.

@ 16: I HATE how everytime a shoot em up appears anywhere, somebody has to say "it looks like Ikaruga". That's just BS. It's a vertical scrolling shooter. So what? There have been hundreds more in the genre and others are a lot closer to this, like Ketsui Death Label for example.

@ 27: Arika has ported a couple of Cave shooters to the PS2.



Syr said:

This alone would make my DSi worthwhile!!

The real question is why wouldn't they release this on DSi-Ware, since there is minimal translation and almost no production cost. Here's hoping we could see it sooner than 6 months from now



Terra said:


And coming from Nintendo, I have no doubt we'll see this in Europe and the US



tovare said:

@Syr Close to no production/distribution costs is a good point for getting som additional sales, but still Gyrostarr on wiiware hasn't reached Europe yet.



Meffaliss said:

Bullet hell for japan?!? How fair is that for me??? I want shmups here in america, but no, they're all in japan. I do not have the money to import all of them. So i guess i'll have to hope it comes out here SOON. I just hate nintendo now forreleasing games about half a year later.

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