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Cyber-Squatter Uses PSPgo's Web Domain to Pimp DSi

Posted by Damien McFerran

Valuable domain name is nabbed from under Sony's nose

The practice of 'cyber-squatting' - which basically means buying a domain name in the hope that it will one day become valuable - has been commonplace for a while now, but this is one of the more amusing episodes we've witnessed.

An industrious Chinese person has registered the domain name, probably thinking that Sony will open its chequebook come release time and buy it off them.

We're not sure if that has happened or if Sony has decided it doesn't want the domain after all, but the squatter in question has decided to turn the site into a fully-working replica of Nintendo's own DSi site.

Even if Sony isn't playing ball, this is likely to make the company feel a little bit silly.

The site might not be live for much longer so be sure to take a look and have a giggle.

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Kawaiipikachu said:

Hehehe um amazing.
I thing is avalable so I might set up a Wii site there.



thebigM said:

very nice... another proof, that Nintendo gamers are more clever / creative



King_Elemento said:

Old. Also, I believe it was actually set up before the PSP Go! was announced as the official name.
But it's still pretty funny.



ueI said:

Why would the website be taken down? Is it against the law?



Gabbo said:

This is trademark infringement against Sony and Copyright infringement against Nintendo. Nothing to be happy about any more than the existance of thousands of piracy sites out there.



Hardy83 said:

Yeah, Sony might not care to buy it, but Nintendo could force them to shutdown because their trademarked and copyrighted images the site now.



arnpoly said:

It looks like it was just set up to forward to Nintendo's own DS-i homepage. All the links on the main page refer to Nintendo's website.



Machu said:

I hope Sony let it lie and use a different address, so as not to admit their mistake. I hope Nintendo see the marketing advantages and leave it where it is.

Best Nintendork fueled prank ever, ha!



AVahne said:

lol sony would probably just use if they need a UK website



Kirk said:

This actually looks like an official Nintendo site.

It would be kinda funny if Nintendo actually did this because then it really would be just a little bit genius.



RaviC said:

This is simply a link to NoA's official DSi Site. Right click and select page source and see for yourself. Nintendo won't have any reason to complain.



Starwolf_UK said:

but the squatter in question has decided to turn the site into a fully-working replica of Nintendo's own DSi site
I think you mean redirect it to Nintendo's own DSi site.

@Koto. surley? Still, going to or would re-direct to those if Sony cared. Thing is Sony might have cared but they didn't want to register the domain to keep the leaked announcement still secret...



Philip_J_Reed said:


Mmhmm. You're aware that your comment was word-for-word (well, with the exception of the LAST word) identical to the first example in that thread I linked you to?

I'm sure we'd all be fascinated by how many people are reading this here FIRST, but try something a little more substantial than that.



anthonyb said:

I think it's funny that it was used for DSi advertisement! XD It's seems I just missed it though- it appears someone has already taken it down. Oh well.

@Chicken Brutus: I'm glad someone stepped in and stopped the whole "first!" thing- that gets irritating, and I'm simply a reader. Also, same thing with the "Corbie only gives 7's". Both of those type comments are indeed old- I was actually wanting to inquire about that a while back. Anywho, cheers to more engaging comments!



StarDust4Ever said:

Um, no:

Program Service for Project GNOME Organization

Rats, I'm too late. Hmmm, maybe it'll appear someday on

EDIT: I remember the good old days (before the big Dotcom bust in 2001-2002), when you could key in www.[insert random word or phrase here].com and find some really cool stuff. It used to be pretty fun, and my friend and I made a game out of it. If you try to play that game on today's internet, you will most likely be redirected to ad portals, popups, "This domain for sale" messages, malware, and adult web sites.

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