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Competitions: Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii Giveaway!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

To celebrate the release of Nintendo's stellar Metroid Prime Trilogy we're giving you the chance to win a Nintendo Wii and a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy to play on it!

Gaming fans around the world rejoice: bounty hunter Samus Aran makes her return to Wii this Autumn with Metroid Prime Trilogy, a deluxe collectors package that includes all three epic Metroid first-person action titles Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

The Metroid series follows the missions of Samus Aran, the original first lady of videogames, as she defends the galaxy from space pirates as they attempt to harness the power of the mysterious Metroids for their evil gains.

Very few games here at Nintendo Life receive the 'essential purchase' 10/10 score but Metroid Prime Trilogy did just that in our recent review. Together with Nintendo we're proud to bring you this chance to win yourself a copy of the game and for one lucky reader a brand spanking new Wii as well.

Unfortunately this competition is open to UK residents only, sorry Americans!

Head on over to the competition page and submit your entry to our incredibly difficult question.

Don't forget that Metroid Prime Trilogy is already out in the US and will be released next Friday (4th Sep 2009) in the UK/Europe region.

Good luck, our thanks to Nintendo for making this happen!

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Machu said:

What an awesome competition!!

Good luck to all (especially Machu).



Nanaki said:

Times like these, I wish I could enter these competitions!

Good luck to all our members!



Objection said:

Nice contest...for people who aren't me. Oh well. I guess that means I'll just have to win the NL contest that is for me.



skywake said:

UK only? aww

oh well, I was going to pick this up anyway. With this, New SMB Wii and Spirit Tracks Nintendo doesn't owe me anything this holiday season



y2josh said:

nice way to split your user base... it is nintendo life after all... lol



ejamer said:

US games (and often Canadians too) get so many exclusive deals and cometitions and other benefits that I don't feel bad to see the UK readers benefit a little bit. Good luck to all who enter!



edhe said:

What a stupid question! I'll give i a try though. I'll probably stand more chance than I did in the Flipnote compo.



Klapaucius said:

I've been visiting this website daily for months now, and had been thinking of registering and making comments... this opportunity was what it took to make me finally register, though
Doubt I'll win, but definately worth a go!



opeter said:

The Conduit competiton was available for the whole EU. Anyway, great prizes and good luck to all, who will compete!



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'd be mad that I can't enter if I hadn't already won a Wii and a copy of MPT from a contest at my local Game Stop.

All I had to do to enter was swipe my credit card and wait few seconds for bank approval. Lucky me!



pixelman said:

Noooo. I thought you had to answer a whole bunch of questions, so I answered the first one and it said I entered in the competition - And I have a Wii + the game already.

Meh, it'll probably just D/Q me anyway because I'm in the US.



Ben878 said:

I always visit here for reviews and news on wiiware. Never thought of registering. But this competition made me register Doubt I'll win but it's worth a shot _ Nothing to lose.



Starwolf_UK said:

I nearly selected the wrong answer. Must be a sign of my age...

Thank you Nintendo UK for letting this happen.



will_dsi said:

this is amazing,
My wii is about to die aswell.
answer is space pirates is it not... XD



Gamer1030 said:

I wasn't going to enter anyway, as I have Wii + MPT already, so I was kind enough to let someone else win it. Now I find out it's for UK only, so whatever. I still wish you made an actual contest like you did for Starfy. That would be more entertaining.



Cryptonic said:

how is this going to work out? you gave the answer away and i think people on nintendolife would know this answer......i dont get this........oh and uk only.....i should have known....just like all the other contests. why did i even read this? only.....



Mabbit said:

we should have nintendolife, battle of the countries! U.S.A vs. Britian vs. all other places



odd69 said:

OK, why have a competition on Nintendo Life if only certain people can participate? i find that stupid as hell.Oh, well i guess.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Your " incredibly difficult question?" Yeah, sure.

I'm getting sick of all the UK/Europe/not North America contests on this site. When do WE get a chance to win cool stuff? Does NOA just suck so bad that they never give you stuff to give us, while NOE loves to do just that? LAAAAAMMMMEEEE!

Still, the reason the contest is for one region is obvious: A European Wii wouldn't work for American gamers anyway! Not that this explains why it's not open to non-UK European residents...



IAmNotWill said:

Man If I won this, I could sell the wii and get a PS3 and keep the copy of Metroid Trilogy When are the North Americans getting a shot at a contest?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Hey, where did Corbie's "I told you so" post go? I wanted to ask what he supposedly told us!



Corbs said:

I told Daz that all these UK competitions were going to cause a NA revolt. LOL.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Oh. You were right! I'm sick of it! GRRRR! (only semi-angry now, really...too busy being pissed that we STILL don't have NPC Pikmin 2...don't suppose you have any way to get us some info on that?)



Corbs said:

There's not a single peep about Pikmin 2 NPC and believe me, I'm wanting it. And don't fret my fellow American gamers, we've got a little giveaway coming up soon for the upcoming Ignition release Nostalgia. Hang in there.

How's that uel?



SwerdMurd said:

The packaging is so unbelievably amazing. If only all Wii games received such a stellar presentation!



Kid_A said:

Why are all these compititions only for UK people only? It's getting ridiculous.



pixelman said:

How about a competition that anyone on the site can do (like an on-site compo, regardless of what region you're in), and have Nintendo Points for prizes again?



Corbs said:

Do I need to tell you what it will be like if after all of these UK competitions that we have an "anyone can win" type competition and a UK resident wins it?



Corbs said:

We're going to have a Nostalgia Giveaway around the time the game is released in NA. Just be patient.



Noire said:

A North American Nostalgia giveaway?! I'm gonna be sooooooo over that...

I'd be sad too, but I have my old copies of MPs 1, 2, and 3 to keep me company while I wait and save money for the Trilogy.



Noire said:

Me, Corbie? No, I haven't yet, but I'm already planning to buy it on launch day, so winning it in a contest would be awesome and save me some cash in the process.

EDIT: Oh, irken...Never mind then.



Buster13 said:

Don't cheat off of me, but the answer is that Samus is... female.

Good luck to UK-ians entering, although I doubt anyone on this site is finding themselves lacking a Wii.



MrPanic said:

The EUonly- and USonly-contests were fine with me, but a uk only contest is way too specific imo.



Nanaki said:

Sorry guys. Sometimes we just get given goodies that can only be dispatched to certain territories.

Of course, we're doing our best to get stuff for all out users - we love you all, after all - and will try out best to give you all a chance to win something.




Its great, I already have it and it awesome. Lucky Europeans. And cant you get a partnership with NOA?




There should be an all of the above answer, as each answer is to close to the other. Too challenging



James said:

Guys - we have hosted competitions for NA in the past and will do in the future, so please don't take offence when we run competitions just for UK or European owners, just as I'd ask UK and European gamers not to take it personally when we run US competitions!

And for anyone who thinks they can enter the competition by changing their IP address - unless you can also change your postal address to a UK one, I doubt you'll get very far



Machu said:

I think it's impressive that NL has been recognized by the big N. Well done guys!



Objection said:

Well, I appreciate NL having contests for anyone. It makes it a lot more fun. I look forward to the Nostalgia contest. That game reminds me of Skies of Arcadia (yays)!



Token_Girl said:

Nintendo UK is way cooler than NOA I guess. I don't think anyone here is ticked at NLife for offering out what is given. (I'm just ticked at NOA for not giving you guys anything!)



wmdwf said:

Garbage as usual. Only select places get to take part in the giveaway. That's just wrong. I'm through visiting this site for info you can close or shut down my user profile Nintendolife. I will never use it again.



antdickens said:

lol, are you guys serious? how many of you (in North America) really wants to win a PAL copy of the game?

The contests we run are based on what we're given to offer as prizes, different companies will have different prizes available. We're based in the UK so the majority of stuff we get is PAL, we'll be doing plenty NTSC competitions in the future where Europeans won't be able to enter.

Don't get your panties in a twist - maybe we shouldn't give away ANY prizes - keep everyone happy then



-TR said:

I remember winning the Sonic Unleashed compotision last year, only to end up with some 'Wii Remote Candy Dispencer', not what ever was promised. Ah, good times.



antdickens said:

@-TR, that was SEGA's fault, not ours I'm sure they told us they'd throw something else in for you.



SanderEvers said:

I entered as well.. If I have to swim across the North-sea to get it, I will.

(Not really though)



harj said:

who is the winner plz iam dying to know who is the winner ?????????

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