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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wii Details, Screens Emerge

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Bringing the full online experience, a new co-op mode and Zapper compatibility.

Three months from release, Activision is starting to unravel what exactly it plans on doing with the Wii version of it's mammoth success story Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. As it turns out, they have quite a lot planned for it.

Treyarch, the developer behind Call of Duty: World at War, will be handling the port duties and they aim to bring everything gamers loved about Modern Warfare to Nintendo's little white box. That includes all of the multiplayer features: modes, perks, unlocks and leveling. The game supports up to 10 players online, which is two more than World at War Wii but eight fewer than the source material. More streamlined friend support is also in the cards. Sadly, WiiSpeak support will be left out.

New for the Wii version is a co-op mode similar to Super Mario Galaxy's. A second player can pick up a 'mote of their own and control a second on-screen cursor. They'll have no control over the character's movement or aim direction, but they'll be able to blast away at baddies and pick up items. MotionPlus will not be used, but the game will be fully compatible with the Zapper. Controls also promise to be fully customizable a la The Conduit.

The screens look a little rough, but we're reserving judgement until we play it. Modern Warfare releases on November 10 in North America, the same day Modern Warfare 2 hits the HD consoles.


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Supermarioman said:

If its decent I may, and thats stretching it, get it, lets hope the graphics are improved a little bit!



A-SWE said:

Looks kinda ugly. But I guess thats because it looks really nice on the other platforms.



Madara said:

I've been waiting, but yeah, Unless you're blind, The screens look horrible.
Respectable, that they're even trying this, but the graphics were and are the most important aspect of COD Games. I can shoot at someone, but if I can't see who that is, Not the best idea.



warioswoods said:

Not generally my kind of game, but it is nice to see that they thought to implement a co-op feature unique to the Wii; after all, you might as well let someone else fire at the screen with a second remote if they happen to be watching you play.



Knux said:

No Wii Speak support? I MIGHT consider buying it, but this really did not help.



slambert215 said:

I'll pass. I can get it cheaper for 360 and I don't like Treyarch. WaW was terrible, multiplayer was exactly the same and single-player was uninspired and boring.



The co-op mode is not new. CODWAW already had it.



apocalypse217 said:

I do not have a 360 or a ps3 so this is great its coming to Wii I just hope it turns out good. Since its a port it would be nice if they gave us a discounted price like the 39.99 instead of full retail but I kind of doubt they will. If not I might get it for Christmas or something.



Wolfang44 said:

is the same with wii speak or wiyjout, i don't have it, the same with the motion plus why you want that!?

anyway, nintendolife.. that co-op is old not new , the same that in cod waw



container1024 said:

wow! so many Wii users moaned so hard that COD:MW was never released on the Wii. Now its coming, there is hating going on! Crikey! I have COD:MW on both PC & PS3 and will 100% cert get it for Wii. Graphics matter not - as long as the controls are spot on. Honestly, I love FPS and the Wii has THE BEST control system for FPS. COD:MW had a great 1 player story that is soooooooo involving - with Wii controls added this story will be even more involving. As long as this is intact, I'll be happy. Treyarch - you can downgrade the graphics as long as it is to ensure the gameplay is a 100% from the other versions.



Junkface said:

Yeah liked the last one and even larger scale pvp is a step in the right direction.



calculon said:

Love the near N64 quality textures on some of the models. World at War looked 10 times better than this.

What pisses me off though is Treyarch has said that the only way we'll see Modern Warfare 2 on Wii is if enough people buy this. So basically, that means everyone who's had/got this on PS3/PC/360 will need to buy it again if they want to get the same game they're getting this year in another two years time. Nice.

My question is: "Why waste your time remaking the original - which will sell horribly - when you could have had a crack at MW2 from the start? Do you really think Wii gamers would care if you skipped the first game?"

I know that's two questions. But talk about having little faith in your target audience.



Matthew1 said:

I've gotten used to the poor graphical quality of the Wii by now but I still won't get this. I'll be getting the DS version so I can play it anywhere, the DS version looks almost as good as the Wii version aswell, I had World at War DS before and that was awesome.



Matthew1 said:

On IGN there is a video of the DS version and a few screens, one bad thing though, they must have gotten Americans to do all the voices on the game including the British soldiers, they sound awful. I hope that isn't how Americans think Brits talk.



Terra said:

Hmm... I'm not sure what to make of this version just yet. I'd like to see a gameplay video before I make any real judgement on this, just to see what it looks like in action



calculon said:

Well for one thing. I wouldn't trust many of the screenshots. In image 5, the dead guy it a midget if the soldier crouching is anything to go by scale. I'm sure opposition are usually a lot taller - unless you're playing Shrink on Timesplitters 2.

I think image 1 is more indicative of the visual quality Wii owners should expect with the N64 style flat guns and cut-out trees. Unless I'm being held at gun-point there's no way I'd pay over a fiver for this junk. Maybe this will be Wii's first full-priced DLC game - that would explain the total lack of visual polish. 500 points please and 100 points for each DLC mission should be about right.



container1024 said:

For the love of... Yeah the textures are low res - but why is NOBODY saying anything good about the lighting and partical effects?



Ren said:

geez. I guess I'm spoiled by having NOT played any of this before. It looks like great fun to me, and the graphics seem fine. I have a really big HD tv and I've come to expect Jaggies from all Wii games. I guess if I had a 360 or PS3 it would bother me more, but I don't. Especially looking at stills online people have such a knee jerk reaction it's weird.
still, though: the jaggies of low res graphics don't mean BAD graphics, it just means low res. That says nothing about design or playability. If you have another system to play this stuff on it obvsiously isn't meant for you so quit complaining.



Useless_Account said:

Actually there was this one guy who could play with all the fancy graphics and actually did better than everyone else. Imagine playing COD with NES graphics, that's basically what it was and he did WAY better than with the graphics. I read this somewhere... breaking all the graphics down to a bear minimum gave him the upper hand because it it was pixel perfect. A for sure thing.

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