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Bethesda To Publish Wii Racing Game

Posted by Brad Long

Known by two different names, and it's already out in America!

Hey - remember that really big Wii game Sean Brennan, managing director of Bethesda Europe, mentioned back in May? No? Well anyway, it's recently been revealed as a racing game developed by Awesome Play.

Called Wheelspin (Speed Zone in America, and that version is published by Deten8 games) features a variety of tracks set in the future and is played similarly to Excitetruck (so Wii Wheel play would be awkward). To gain speed is a pretty standard procedure, you just drive your vehicle over "speed pads".

It's already out in America, and should be arriving in Europe "sometime in Autumn". It's not exactly the big mature game we were all expecting from Bethesda, but this title promises to "push the hardware further than any other Wii racing game to date", so hopefully Bethesda won't let us down!


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SwerdMurd said:

Man I hope Bethesda releases some amazing minigame collection. The Wii could really use some more filling-out of that genre.



reborn said:

"push the hardware further than any other Wii racing game to date",...
I expect they're joking beacuse these graphics could be perfectly of a PS1!! I can't understand why wii has these types of games when Gamecube hadn't. What a pity!



CharlieisEverywhere said:

Contrary to what you might believe about this game, it actually rocks. It's one of my best games already because of how fun it is. And when they say they're pushing limits, I think they're talking about the local 8 player modes running at 60 fps.



IAmNotWill said:

@4: I was thinking the exact thing. Graphicly, this game doesn't look that impressive.



Machu said:

I am THAT desperate for a futuristic racing game that I WILL buy this. And I know I'm gonna hate it, but really hope I'm wrong. :S

Look forward to a review, send me a copy if you guys are busy, lol.




I read a preview of this in the latest ONM. Sounds decent, but also sounds like your bog standard racer. Still if its works well as a package, I may get this



Knux said:

I want to see Fallout for the Wii! But this might be a worthy purchase.



Pablo17 said:

The only place I have seen this game is via Gamefly. They have had it for rent for a week or more.



Slapshot said:

Bethesda is one of the greatest developers on the planet so Im sure its a great game. Bethesda made a racing game...... Hey I guess anything is possible.



nintendo87 said:

this game is the worst game on the wii played it and i cant even play it for more than a hour bethesda should take there name off this quick what are they thinking!!!!!!!



jbrodack said:

this looked fun from a trailer i saw on youtube but I've been hearing that the control is horrible.



Ruffy said:

I want to know where is the next F-ZERO for the wii?
Its been a while nintendo, and dont let someone else do it this time, fair enough sega did a good job at it, but i think the next installment should be handled back inhouse.



odd69 said:

After playing fallout3 and oblivion i must say that this is really a BIG let down for me.




I looked at the youtube footage and read a revw from someone obscure online. Doesn't look or sound good at all. The graphics are just slightly above N64 level and the controls slightly unresponsive. I know people will quote the FX Zero example but this doesn't seem to match up to that racer's lofty heights. I'll wait for the reviews from this site and maybe a couple of others.



Jockolantern said:

Saw this game at the store recently and thought it looked like another cash-in piece of shovelware garbage... and the screenshots have done nothing to dissuade me from that notion. Not to mention the terrible reviews the game is getting.

I was expecting Bethesda to develop a game from the ground up for the Wii, not merely publish one by another development crew. Ugh. Way to let us all down big time, Bethesda. This game looks horrible. I mean... have they seen the visuals Speed Racer and especially Excitebots put out? Speed Zone looks like an N64 title by comparison. Bleck.



Philip_J_Reed said:

The best part is that when this release flops, Bethesda can say, "It's not profitable to develop for the Wii" and then we'll never get anything more interesting from them.




Ren said:

I have to say, I'm usually a positive guy when it comes to judging by screenshots, but if choosing this one is the best anyone could find for a game it really doesn't bode well. Even in motion that looks like it'd be nice-price bin leftover. Maybe something to put into a pinata for a toddlers birthday so someone thinks they got an expensive prize.
Seems like a lot of potentially good racers suffer from the same lack of interaction. Racing is about interaction with lots of other cars (CPU or friends), no matter how great the graphics are there needs to be lots of bumping around and intense competition with other cars. Circling around a track alone or trying to just find the other racers is so boring.
Only the Excite series comes close to delivering the crazy physics that makes a solo race almost fun and even there they learned to add more competition in the sequel (Bots).
Ok, theres nothing that says this game isn't intense but based on that screen alone the scale and look of it is way too dull and sparse. I guess F-zero once looked like that in screens but that was a different age when that kind of speed was something new so it was excusable. Just 'whoa, I'm going really fast!' doesn't cut it anymore.
Plus when you find yourself enjoying "time trials" in a racer to beat your own last record, in a racer it's a sure sign you need to get out of the house more. Or try watching paint dry, at least then you know something in your house got painted.



maka said:

"I want to know where is the next F-ZERO for the wii?
Its been a while nintendo, and dont let someone else do it this time, fair enough sega did a good job at it, but i think the next installment should be handled back inhouse."

Agree!!! My favorite F-Zero is still the one for N64...



MrPanic said:

All we need is either Excitebots or a new F-Zero.




paulcmnt said:

OMG Bethesta, a generic arcade racer, you so totally exceeded my expectations!!!111

(Let's hope VALVe does a little better than this.)

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