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What Neo Geo games do you want to see on the Virtual Console?

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's time to let D4 Enterprises know what games you want to see on the Virtual Console serivce.

The Neo Geo was the Ferrari of video game consoles back when it was first released in 1990 and its sky high $600 price tag put it out of reach of the majority of game fans. But it also represented the first time actual arcade hardware was made available in a home console format. It didn't exactly help matters that many of the actual Neo Geo game cartridges cost in excess of $300 back when they were first introduced and this made them quite impractical for the ordinary video game consumer's wallet.

Luckily, Nintendo saw the potential of finally making these great games available at a much more affordable cost on their Virtual Console service and D4 Enterprises began publishing a good number of Neo Geo titles for the service beginning in October 2007 in North America.

Sadly, the Neo Geo has only seen 19 releases on the service to date and there hasn't been a Neo Geo release in North America since December 1, 2008. That means that there are quite a few great titles still available for a possible release.

The sheer size of some of the later Neo Geo releases most likely puts them out of reach of the Virtual Console service due to its strict file size limitation. So if you want your Garou: Mark of the Wolves or The King of Fighters 2002 fix, you might have to look to the Xbox Live Arcade service instead. That being said, there are still plenty of Neo Geo titles left that will fit on the service to choose from.

For starters, there's the amazing Neo Geo shoot 'em up Blazing Star. It's one of the best horizontal shooters available for the system and any other system for that matter. There's also American-Sammy's Viewpoint release as well. It's a shooter that will test even the most seasoned veteran shmup fans and makes use of some really amazing polygonal visuals, especially for the time period.

Of course if shooters aren't your cup of tea, there's always arcade hits like Nam 1975 and Neo Mr. Do. Nam 1975 has long been one of the most beloved of the early Neo Geo arcade releases and Neo Mr. Do is an outstanding and unique update of the original Universal arcade classic. And for those of you who like an offbeat sports title, Windjammers should do the trick for you. Think of it as a cross between hockey and Frisbee tossing. It went largely unnoticed in arcades the first time around, but has become quite a popular title among Neo Geo collectors out there.

In truth, there are a ton of great Neo Geo titles still available that D4 Enterprises could bring to the Virtual Console service. So here's your chance to let them know what Neo Geo games you'd still like to see released on Nintendo's Virtual Console service.

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WarioFan63 said:

Are companies actually asking for these or are we just hoping sending in wishlists will convince them to support VC more?



Ravage said:

Dagn, thought I could get my first first. Blazing Star sounds cool.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm not too familiar with the Neo Geo and it's games but it looks like it had some really great titles. I just hope this list will actually make a difference when it comes to seeing some of these games appear on the Virtual Console.



Corbs said:

We have a specific contact with these companies that we're doing these lists for and we send the link to the article to them and they read the comments. So it's a bit of both. These companies want to know and we want to give everyone a chance to chime in. So don't be shy.



MDee14 said:

I want King of Fighters 98 or 2002 to come out with online options. Since we missed out of 12, why not give us an old school version with online play.



dizzy_boy said:

strikers 1945 plus
the rest in the series for these games, metal slug, fatal fury, king of fighters, samuria showdon.
snk vs capcom, svc chaos
neogeo poket games for dsi download



Aenaida said:

Battle Flip Shot
Last Resort
More Metal Slug games
Neo Mr. Do
Nightmare in the Dark
Twinkle Star Sprites
Waku Waku 7



Adam said:

Twinkle Star Sprites (this game is brilliant)
All the Metal Slug games
whatever the best King of Fighters is (I've only ever played XII in arcades, but I loved it)
and any and all good shoot em ups.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I would love to see Mr.Do also as well as Twinkle Star Sprites. Oh and I'll put a nod towards Bust-A-Move!

Other mentions: Zed Blade, Pulstar and Over Top.

high-five to Adam for mentioning Twinkle Star Sprites.



Adam said:

High-five! Funny story:

I played this game for the first time recently at an arcade. It was a multi-game cabinet, and I was trying to play Mark of the Wolves, but I accidentally put my quarter in at the wrong time and got Twinkle Sprites instead. I almost walked away because it looked ridiculous, but I was like A quarter is a quarter, after all. Anyway, I ended up putting more quarters in to that game than any other game machine.



1080ike said:

I want some more of those series that D4 started releasing!
Meaning: Metal Slug, King of Fighters, and Samurai Shodown.



Bikeage said:

I don't know enough about the specific games to suggest any particular ones, so all of the above please! I would just like to see as many release as possible. I am far more likely to check out Neo-Geo games simply because the system is so unknown to me as opposed to the wide availability in their time of the other VC consoles. I knew a couple of guys BITD who had a TG16 or C64, but the only place I ever saw Neo-Geo was an arcade cabinet.



SwerdMurd said:

LOL Corbie. I didn't even need to look at the person who wrote the article when I saw Blazing Star as the pic. Btw, first Neo Geo game I want.



CanisWolfred said:

I loves these articles...

Aero Fighters 2
Aero Fighters 3
Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Andros Dunos
AOS II: Last Gaurdian(Alpha Mission II)
Blazing Star
Breakers Revenge
Crossed Swords
Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash
Fatal Fury Special
Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory
Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors
Garou: Mark of The Wolves
Ghost Pilots
King of Fighters '95
King of Fighters '96
King of Fighters '97
King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest
King of Fighters '99: Millenium Battle
King of Fighters 2000
King of Fighters 2001
King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle
King of Fighters 2003
King of Monsters 2: The Next Thing
Kizuna Encounters: Super Tag Battle
Last Blade
Last Blade 2
Last Resort
Magical Drop II
Power Instinct Matrimelee
Metal Slug X
Metal Slug 3
Mutation Nation
Ninja Masters
Rage of the Dragons
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
Samurai Shodown III
Samurai Shodown IV
Samurai Shodown V
Samurai Shodown V Special
Sengoku 2
Sengoku 3
Shock Troopers
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad
SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
Strikers 1945 PLUS
The Super Spy
Twinkle Star Sprites
Voltage Fighter Growcaiser
Waku Waku 7
World Heroes 2 Jet
World Heroes Pefect
Zed Blade

[BOLD]=highest priority
[italicized]=games I know many others would like to see, and I might look into upon release

EDIT: wait, were we only supposed to list D4 franchises?



Ricardo91 said:

@Mickeymac. Jeez man. Spent a lot of time experimenting with those ROMs, eh?

My list:

Blazing Star
Bust a Move
Magical Drop
Metal Slug X
NAM 1975
Shock Troopers
Super Dodgeball

That is all.



marktheshark said:

D4 or SNK Playmore, if you're listening, here's what I would like to see on the VC:

Samurai Shodown III (uncensored version)
Samurai Shodown IV (uncensored version)
Samurai Shodown V* (uncensored version. It should also have the cutscenes, pre-fight dialogues, & endings translated into English like the Xbox version has)
Samurai Shodown V Special* (uncensored)
Fatal Fury Special
Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
Real Bout Fatal Fury
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
Garou: Mark of the Wolves*
Art of Fighting 3
Top Player's Golf
Crossed Swords
Riding Hero
Blazing Star
King of Fighters '95
King of Fighters '96
King of Fighters '97
King of Fighters '98*
King of Fighters '99*
King of Fighters 2000*
King of Fighters 2001*
King of Fighters 2002*
King of Fighters 2003*
Shock Troopers
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad
Sengoku 2
Sengoku 3
Metal Slug X
Metal Slug 3*
Metal Slug 4*
Metal Slug 5*
World Heroes 2
World Heroes 2 Jet
World Heroes Perfect
Stakes Winner 2
Rage of the Dragons*
Savage Reign
Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle
Alpha Mission II
Andro Dunos
Twinkle Star Sprites
Last Blade
Last Blade 2*
League Bowling

*Might have to wait until at least the next nintendo system's VC comes out due to storage issues.



Objection said:

See, this would work if we were getting VC games (And yes, I'll take this back if we get a VC game or two next week.)



Ratengo said:

You all have to remember that so far, only games developed by SNK, Alpha Denshi and Nazca Corp. has been put onto Virtual Console. There are around 80 Neo Geo titles by the three companies in total, so D4 Enterprise has already made one fourth of these titles available on VC. I suppose that Neo Geo and N64 consoles 'play in the same league' and Neo Geo is therefore taking a long break and returns to VC in 2010, giving N64 time to catch up to 19 or more titles until then...



ToneDeath said:

Shock Troopers (please...)
King of Fighters '98
Shock Troopers (...pretty please...)
The Last Blade and/or its' sequel
...but mainly Shock Troopers! (...with a cherry on top)

If some Neo Geo games are too big for the current limits, how about adding a big red warning sign that lets you know you're going to need more space than usual, and suggests taking advantage of the (relatively) recent addition of the SD Card Menu feature. Oh, and 480p@60hz instead of the dodgy PAL conversions wouldn't go amiss either. Just look at the VCA.



Knux said:

I want all Neo Geo Metal Slug games [at least Metal Slug X], all Neo-Geo Samurai Shodown games, and Mr.Do Neo. But what is the point if the VC is truly dead? I hope it isn't!



CanisWolfred said:


Yes, in fact, I believe I have over a hundred MAME ROMs...yet, to be quite honest, I haven't even played half of those games I listed. In fact, some of them I hadn't even heard of until I looked them up on Wikipedia. Still, it would be nice if they came to VC.



Link79 said:

Gee I thought everyone was going around saying the VC was dead. If that were really true then why are all these companies asking what we want to see on VC? Something doesn't add up. Anyway assuming the VC is just in a holding pattern I would add some picks from Neo Geo but sadly I don't know hardly any of the best games.



Exciter said:

any Shock Troopers, Metal Slug for shooters,
any advanced Fatal Fury (especially Garou: Mark of the Wolves) and Windjammers. A whole bunch of competetive two-player fun!



Atlantis1982 said:


King of the Monsters 2
The Last Blade
Twinkle Star Sprite
Sengoku 1-3

...bring them all!

Too bad Nintendo of America is a (censored) big bag of (censored) failure.



Dazza said:

I'd settle for Blazing Star, one of my favourite shmups by far.



Corbs said:

Sorry Daz, I couldn't hear you. I was in the middle of playing Blazing Star.



Sean_Aaron said:

I can't say I'm that familiar with the NEO-GEO line-up in the later years so here's my list (of course there's other SNK arcade games pre-NEO-GEO that would be nice as well):

Neo Bomberman
Neo Mr. Do!
Nightmare in the Dark
Prehistoric Isle 2
The Super Spy



Starwolf_UK said:

Whichever ones Corbie would rate a 7...wait a second.

Twinkle Star Sprites
This. I came in to say this. I would have also said other puzzle games but Puzzle Bobble already has a WiiWare version (most people would buy that since it works out cheaper) and as far as Magical Drop goes I only want it if there an option to change the language/region of the Neo-Geo since the Japanese verisons have more voice samples and dialogue.



jesao said:

Soccer Brawl

(never played it, but it looked cool when Big Boy Barry et al used to play it on Games World)



gondazie said:

Yeah, a neogeo update would be so nice!

my favs:

  • Art of Fighting 3
  • Fatal Fury 3
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves
  • The Last Blade 2
  • King of Fighters '98
  • Ultimate 11 - Super Sidekicks 4


Betagam7 said:

Personally i don't care to see any more NEO GEO games on the VC for two reasons.

1. The PAL conversions are uniformly horrible, unlike the 60hz versions available on the SNK compilation disks available for Wii (arcade classics, Metal Slug anthology, Samurai Shodown Anthology etc)

2. Secondly in light of the aforementioned compilation disks the price structure of Neo Geo games on VC is terrible. It would cost me hundreds of pounds to assemmble a VC collection similar to the one I got for £10.99 with Arcade Classics. A total waste of money, not to mention the VC versions are inferior slowed down bordered tat.

If you are reading this SNK please note that your PAL VC games are horrible and fix it with 60hz releases in future as you do on your disk based releases.

Until then you won't get another penny out of me for VC games.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I´ve been longing for more Neo Geo games, we haven´t seen any for months... These are my top wishes:

Shock Troopers
Blazing Star
Aero Fighters 2
Aero Fighters 3
Twinkle Star Sprites
Waku Waku 7
The Last Blade
The Last Blade 2
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
World Heroes Perfect
Karnovs Revenge



ICEknight said:

The games I'd buy:

-Puzzle Bobble
-Magical Drop 3
-Aero Fighters 2
-Neo Bomberman

...But they'll be released running at crappy 50Hz over here, so I won't be getting any NEO-GEO stuff from the VC.



blackknight77 said:

Metal Slug 3 is a must. It was my favorite of the series and it would be great with classic controller support.
I would like to try Windjammers and World Heroes 2. Also if there are some side scrolling brawlers (ala Streets of Rage) that would be great as well.



blackknight77 said:

Would Nintendo Life conisder passing along some of the SNK NES game requests. I thought POW, Guerilla War, Iron Tank, and Alpha Mission would be good additions but there not technically Neo Geo titles.



Chunky_Droid said:

Personally if they can bring out more Metal Slug and King of Fighters I'm happy

EDIT: Oh and Neo Bomberman



sfog said:

Neo games I'd like to see (in no particular order):
Blazing Star
Twinkle Star Sprites
Sengoku 3



lester said:

I registered just to say GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES. There are FIFTY comments on this page, and NO mention of this game? Forget everything else, and for shame that it was allowed to continue on this long with no mention of the best fighting game alive.



Adam said:

It's mentioned in the article itself that Garou is unlikely for technical reasons, goofy.



morphballer said:

As others have said, the more games the better but the ones I would absolutely download are:

Blazing Star
Fatal Fury Special
Rage of the Dragons
Sengoku 3
Shock Troopers
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad
SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos



Rapadash6 said:

Well I have a feeling we've seen our last Neo Geo game on Virtual Console but if that's not the case I'd love to see Wind Jammers hit the service.



blackknight77 said:

If you want to try a good Neo Geo title that is not on a compilation disc then check out Ninja Commando. It's a fun action/arcade/shooter that is really a blast to play.



Bikeage said:

One more thing... I feel a bit ripped because I bought Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug via VC before I was aware of SNK Classics Vol. 1 available for Wii. I bought the disc off Ebay for $20, nearly the cost of those two games, which were on the comp! So if they do release any more Neo Geo VC games, buyer beware.... SNK classics 2 may be right around the corner!



Link79 said:

@ Tony.
Actually I've been thinking about getting Ninja commando for a while now. Since you reminded me I think I will go ahead and get it. Might as well since I've heard so many good things.



pixelman said:

The Neo Geo? Wuzzat?

Not familiar with any of the games on the system, so I really can't say.



brandonbwii said:

tbh, I know next to nothing about Neo Geo. I did see a youtube vid of NAM 1975 and thought it looked great.



Sean007s said:

$300 for a game?
lol your obviously joking right?
....i are.....haha good one guys....good jokes...



Adroitone said:

Size is not an issue because the biggest game was (if I remember correctly, around 35MB. Garou, SS5, and Last Blade (especially Last Blade) are below 40MB. So, having said that:

Last Blade 1 and 2 (my favorite 2D fighters of all time)
King of Fighters 99-2000 and 2003
Rage of the Dragon
Ninja Masters
Double Dragon
Super DodgeBall
Thrash Rally
Spin Masters
Sengoku 1-3
Shock Trooper
Metal Slug X and 3
Fatal Fury 3, Real Bout 1 and 2, Garou
Art of Fighting 3
World Heroes Perfect
Blazing Star
Street Hoops



Anyone that was a mexican videogamer in the 90s knows that Neo Geo was a very important platform for us (in the arcades). I hope that they release more NG games soon! My wish list would be:

King of fighters 95/96/98
Samurai Shodown 3 and 4
Metal slug 3
World Heroes Jet
Real Bout special
and how about that "Samurai shodown rpg" game that was only released on Japan? that would be nice to add to the collection



Stargazer said:

I will buy any shmup for the Neo Geo, from Blazing Star to Viewpoint to Pulstar. Give me shooters, please!



Betagam7 said:

To everyone asking for Shock Troopers, you can get it for a fraction of the cost along with most of the VC NEO GEO Library on the SNK collection for Wii. For PAL regions you get the "bonus" that those games are in 60hz and run proberly unlike the broken offerings on the VC



Adroitone said:

My god, how did I forget SNK vs Capcom? I've shamed myself. goes and grabs a katana



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

@73: But... but Shock Troopers is the ONLY game I want from that collection ;_; I´ve already got Samurai Shodown II and Metal Slug Anthology...

Still, a nice deal for those who want 2 or more games on that disc.



Ricardo91 said:

Neo Mr. Do! Looks fun too, but I probably wouldn't buy it if it ever appeared on VC due to my fear of clowns.



x10power said:

I don't know the NeoGeo line up that well but since the first King of Monsters is on it. I was have to guess the 2nd one is on it as well. I know there is a Snes version of King of Monsters 2 but I would take either version if they are the same game.



Adroitone said:


You not getting that file size off the Xbox Live version are you? I have the Rom for the game and the last time I checked, it was 35MB.



Aenaida said:

I find it rather strange that a 2D fighter would be larger than Paper Mario.



Corbs said:

I own the MVS cart for my Neo Geo arcade cabinet. I don't own the Xbox Live version. But I can run a boot check on the MVS cart and I believe it's about 117MB if I'm not mistaken. I'll check it later when I get a chance. Do you have the ZIP file?

EDIT: I checked it and it's 93MB. Sorry about posting the 117MB. One of the Neo games I have is that large, it might be King of Fighters 2002.



Adroitone said:

You know Sean, you have a point, it is a zip file, forgot all about that. I can't remember, what was the biggest cart? 700Mb? Well, regardless of anything though, I'm sure with the compression techniques we have now, those games can get below the 40MB limit (assuming Nintendo sticks with that limit).

So Corbie, is it confirmed that D4 is still supporting the VC? I ask because I saw in the forums that either you or someone else (can't remember) said that since the Neo Geo wasn't selling so well, we might not see anymore Neo Geo games



Corbs said:

Well Neo Geo VC sales have not been terribly great, but they also haven't released them on a very steady basis. Of course you still have to take into account that many gamers are just not very familiar with the system, even still. We're hoping we can drum up some support and maybe create enough of a list to let D4 know that there are still plenty of gamers out there who want to see more Neo titles in the future and what titles those are exactly.



Adroitone said:

Well, the Neo Geo, more so than any other system other than VCA, needs online play. These are arcade games that lack in single player content because they were made for the arcades. Most of all Neo Geo games have a focus on multiplayer; if people don't have anyone to play with, they will more than likely skip these titles, no matter how great the game is. (How in the world did Samurai Shodown make the top 20 but not Samurai Shodown 2?). I mean it's not hard to do, the technology is already out there (GGPO, Gametap emulator, etc) it's just a matter of if they are willing to do what it takes to get them more money. (Having said that, that would be all up to Nintendo with the online play).

Also, D4 would be wise to listen to the Europeans who are having emulation issues and also give use a way to configure out buttons because most of SNK fighters require to button presses at the same time, not easy to do with the face buttons. (Thankfully, I have the Neo Geo arcade stick )



blackknight77 said:

I think Neo Geo support would be better but the SNK compliation discs really hurt the sales. Thats why I think the VC Neo titles need a price drop.



Jolted85 said:

I'd like to see more neo geo games such as fatal fury special, garou mark of the wolves, or even SVC chaos.



GoldJumper said:

I am from Brazil !!!!
I love games with Aliens and Robots and like to see these games:
Robo Army
Mutation Nation
8 Man
Cyber Lip
View Point
AOS II: Last Gaurdian



Betagam7 said:

Corbie, what do SNK expect but poor sales figures for NEO GEO downloads when they give us downloadable games that are ten times as expensive and inferior in options and PAL conversions to their disk based release? Do they honestly think people will pay hundreds of pounds/dollars to acquire NEO GEO games that can be obtained for a fraction of the price on complilation disks and which are superior in port quality and features?
NEO GEO downloads are the biggest rip off on VC in my opinion, up their with SEGA's PAL Hanabi games.



Adroitone said:


The compilation discs are not superior in emulation quality. I have the Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters collections on the Wii and they both have little issues (especially sound) that the VC versions don't have. Having said that, I do agree, SNK needs to do one or the other. If they are going to give us collections, please add online play like you promised SNK.



Betagam7 said:

Adroitone, I did not say anything about the disk releases being superior emulations of the games. My complaint was in the comparison of price and lousy PAL conversion.
As an NTSC gamer you don't suffer the problems PAL users do with the NEO GEO's lousy VC conversions (borders, squashed graphics and slower gameplay and music). Consider yourself fortunate you don't.



reploidx said:

I wouldn't buy any more Neo Geo games until they allow for button configurations. The Hori Wii Fighting Stick is pretty much useless because of it, unless I mod it.



Shin_Kazama said:

Garou mark of the wolves
Last Blade
Last Blade 2
Snk vs Capcom Chaos
King of fighters 99
Double Dragons



reploidx said:

I already have the Hori stick, and the Neo Geo one is a little too specialized - 4 buttons doesn't work for Guilty Gear, or for any older Capcom fighters they ever released the arcade versions.

Since the VC is emulating other systems using Wii controllers, it should at least allow you to remap buttons on non-native controllers.

I would also like to be able to play the arcade versions of Neo Geo games, not just console.

If Nintendo thinks button mapping and different versions are too complicated for people, they should allow a basic and advanced mode of running these emulated games.



Adroitone said:


Hey, I agree that Neo Geo moreso than other systems need button mapping, because it's almost impossible to press 2 buttons at the same time in which most of SNK fighters require with any of the controllers Neo Geo support. It is specialized and if you are not interested in that then it's find.

Just to let you know, you would rather have the AES versions instead of the MVS version of Neo Geo games. AES games are the exact same as the MVS games, however, they generally have more features and options than the MVS version. In reality, the Neo Geo CD versions are the ones you want since those had more options and generally more characters and modes than both the AES and MVS versions.



Adroitone said:

Later games used the memory card to get rid of that in the AES versions. I mean you still ran out of credits, but you are able to save to the memory card and start from where you left. Metal Slugs and SS2 does this (I believe Ninja Commando as well). The MVS versions all have credit.




Last resort,blazing star,zed blade,pulstar,twinkle star sprites,andro dunos,strikers 1945 plus,view point,alpha mission 2,ghost pilots,iron clad,aka brikinger but it's a very rare neo cd game! all shmups! and for all those who say metal slug...why would they release them if they were smart when metal slug anthology is on the wii? i have all these games on mvs except ironclad which i have on cd but to carry them all on my wii would be great.



Zork2 said:

Give us Pulstar! and Shock Troopers! and Nightmare in the Dark! and Blazing Star! and Last Resort! and Garou: Mark of the Wolves! and Twinklestar Sprites!

I would buy all these games. Also, the other Metal Slug games: X, 3, 4, 5.

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