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Upload Your DSi Photos Directly to Facebook

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

New feature on European/Australian and Japanese DSi systems.

If you've got a European, Australian or Japanese DSi, you can now go to the settings menu or the DSi Shop to be presented with a system update - Once you've done this, the photo album will get a new feature.

After taking a picture, there will be a new button when looking at it in your photo album. Marked with a white f in a blue square, it's quite obvious what this does - It lets you send your picture directly to Facebook, that is, if you've got a Facebook account! The first time you try this feature you'll be asked to enter your Facebook login e-mail and password, but after that you're free to upload as many pictures as you want.

Once you've uploaded a picture, a new photo album will be created on your Facebook account, titled "Photos from Nintendo DSi," which will have every picture you upload in the future. Simple and quick to use!

We assume this update was released in Europe/Australia today to coincide with tonight's Wii/DSi updates, so we don't expect North American DSis to get this update until Monday. But you never know!

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SanderEvers said:

This also is bad news for DSi flashcards, which are blocked with this update.

But there is even more good news, there is also an update of the Browser.



Cheesycrazy said:

Cool, I knew this was coming out from the E3 but did'nt think now, who hopes that Flipnote Studio releases tonight. I DO! :S



Hardy83 said:

What's the point? A slightly better opera browser and a Facebook app thing I'll never use?



Chunky_Droid said:

@Hardy83: Always so harsh with the DSi . I know tonnes of people who'll use this function, I probably won't because I'm lazy, but if I see something crazy enough, at least I know it's there.

And for those who are curious it apparently takes 3 extra blocks from your DSi memory to perform this update.



MindFever said:

every once in a while that Americans must wait,is a good oportunity to learn patience.Just dont blame some middle-eastern country just kidding.A sour joke
dont worry,u will get it soon enaugh.well,at least u have more dsiware crap...err,games... than we do (right?)

I bet NOA has some exclusive dsiware stuff for our trans-Atlantic friends



MindFever said:

edit:sorry,i wasnt talking about your country,Knuckles - i noticed now u r from Canada.the war joke does not apply ...



MindFever said:

Dazza;hell yeah! or just a facebook chat applet 4 the browser or something... i wonder what will happen with the WEBCAM/IM rumour...dammit im so,IMpatient,get it? not haha funny i guess...



Roopa132 said:

Well I rather have Twitter since IFacebook doesn't interest me at all but it's a start in the right direction...



blackknight77 said:

The Dsi browser needs to be updated it just feels to slow and clunky to be useful. Glad I did not have to play Wii points for it. The Facebook app will be nice since you can do some cool tricks with your photos and then post them.



Roopa132 said:

Tony the DSi Browser has been updated in Japan and Europe and Australia.
I don't know why it hasn't been updated in the US yet though...



irken004 said:

I can't wait to use this It's easier than plugging my SD card into my SD card reader/writer, then searching for the file, then uploading it, etc....



Objection said:

Nice little update. Interesting that NA is last to get it, since Facebook is an American/English website, or at leaststarted as such.



motang said:

Awesome, now all I have to wait for lazy NOA to update us here in the states!



Token_Girl said:

Don't really use my DSi for photos (I use it for games, how novel), but this is definitely a good update for those who do use the camera's a lot. I feel like all of this stuff should be pretty much standard at this point. I am sort of interested in the browser update. Hopefully it will scroll pages a little more fluidly like the iphone does.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Apparently the Browser update increases the speed of image loading on web pages. It's 2 or 3 blocks smaller, too.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Photos and thumbnails in the album open way faster.

The DSi also plays NES, SNES, Master System, Mega Drive, C64 and TG16 games from VC now, too. You transfer them from your Club Nintendo account onto your SD Card via your PC.

Not really, but that would work pretty well.



warioswoods said:

This update is reportedly blocking all flashcarts that were previously compatible with the DSi. That's the best news I've heard in a while.

This means that all those (mostly Asian) retailers that are selling these devices in great numbers will have their entire stocks suddenly made useless, because they can't exactly sell them to customers with a note saying that you'll have to have a DSi on old firmware, never access the Shop Channel, etc.

The more Nintendo keeps doing this, the harder it will be for flashcart manufacturers to stay in business, because in one instant they can have their entire lot negated, and their retailers angry about a suddenly useless product.



Ark said:

I`m sure the homebrew/flashcard community will have solved the problem within a month. The DSi was supposed to block flashcards yet was hacked in a month. I would think updating the firmware would be much faster than the initial hack.



warioswoods said:


They may find another exploit and create new flashcarts, but the point is that these flashcart manufacturers have now effectively had all of their current stock invalidated, as well as everything they've shipped out to retailers. This means that the companies are taking a huge hit, the retailers will not be happy with the situation and may not purchase future cards in bulk, and the whole enterprise becomes much more uncertain financially.

All in all it's a good move. I actually follow DSi homebrew progress very closely, and I look forward to Twiizers finding a way to run DSi-mode homebrew in the near future, but the companies that are mass producing flashcarts for piracy are another matter entirely. They're easily the biggest threat period to the success of retail DS / DSi games, and anything that helps shut them down or damage their profits is a good move.



Yamishi said:


I most certainly agree with your desire to see piracy fail, but some of these flashcards have updatable kernels or something to that effect, which makes a kernel update the only thing needed to unblock them.



Ark said:

Yes, piracy is bad. But I mean this problem of AceKard 2is (or other cards) not loading on updated DSis can probably be fixed without having to buy a new flashcard. The card makers just have to patch the firmware and all is done. Flashcards newly purchased don't always even come with firmware(meaning consumers would have to go onto the website to download firmware regardless), so the retailers and manufacurers take no hits(or some, for a time).



warioswoods said:


Some of these carts have various update capabilities, but most currently do not, and even with those that do, it's still highly uncertain at this point whether or not they'll be able to get around the new block without a real hardware change. We'll have to wait and see. Either way, however, this is no small problem for the companies involved, even if a few of them manage to beat the update after a while.

EDIT: @zss

Again, some may be able to get around this by some sort of firmware update, but it's not entirely clear just yet. I'm betting that at least a very significant portion of those that supposedly are update-able will not be able to beat this one without releasing new hardware.



Cthuloops said:

DSi is looking slightly better to me, but still not sold. I'm keepin my Lite for quite some time, until I see something really great.



brandonbwii said:


Every once in awhile Americans don't get what you get either so it's a bit more than a matter of patience.

Lighten up sometimes, man. We get it, you don't like dsi. There is no reason to post your hatred everytime something comes out that someone who likes dsi wants. You don't want to become another Alexsays do you



fudgenuts said:

The only flash cards that may be fixed are:
M3i Zero
Supercard DSONEi
Acekard 2i

Like warioswoods said, these carts can update the core internal loader, which may make them compatible. But at this point, it's still not safe to update (duh). This is why I'm not buying a DSi until we get DSi mode flash carts.



Cthuloops said:

If they add on an IM/Webcam feature, I might actually consider buying a DSi. Very serious. Cmon Ninty! Take mah moneh with this idea! lol



brandonbwii said:

Facebook is a solid start, especially considering their new audience. However, I like many others wish they would up their ambition a bit. They treat Wii/DS/DSi as if they have a completely different set if fans and that's not entirely true. Up the Wii/DS connectivity Nintendo. Give us more personalization for both. Both your old and new audience would appreciate it. Quality and quantity.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I think I am going to delay my Wii Shop update until I get a DSONEi update...

Either way, I do not have a FaceBook account, but a blog (and DeviantArt), so this is not for me, anyways.



lunchmeats101 said:

I think that is stupid that NA hasn't got this update yet. Usually we get stuff before Europe and Australia. I'm not at all suprised Japan has it, in fact i'm more surprised Japan Didn't get it like a month ago. Anyway, Monday would be nice.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I hope we get this update soon. I have some pictures I wanted to upload for the forum thread about stuffed animals, but it's too much of a pain to copy with SD, so I haven't bothered, especially since I knew this update was supposed to be coming eventually anyway.



MindFever said:

meh... the facebook addon is not entirely without screwups.
example: i cant upload gives me an error code that doesnt exist in nintendo support.It does say comunications error though...but i can go online (like now) /w no probs.

in any case,this is a step in the right direction.Maybe its a begining or a test for them to realize how much online comunities r realy worth.Who knows,maybe by the next year we will have a youtube app or even an IM/webcam client.point being,it just shows u that maybe Ninty is not braindead entirely.
But i do know i wont dl any new dsiware app till next year.


A about the flashcarts&piracy: as long as Nintendo continues to give us payable crap via DSiware i have nothing against homebrew.Maybe they should get a goood look at themselves (nintendo) and see where the real problem is.Wanna inovate?Make something that we want...



warioswoods said:


It's much more than that. Those who already purchased a flashcard will have to choose between either keeping their card functional or updating, which involves more than just the Shop purchases -- they won't be able to get the new faster version of the web browser, the free Flipnote app everyone has been waiting for, or any further updates Nintendo gives us in the future.

But the even bigger issue, as I've noted above, is that the companies that manufacture these cards are sure to take a huge hit as a result of the update. They've been mass producing these things, and now their entire lots are potentially useless, because no online retailer is going to want to sell something that won't work for anyone who bought their DSi after a certain date, or for anyone who ever wants to access the Shop, has already updated, etc. So, Nintendo is attacking the business and profit behind piracy devices very effectively.



MindFever said:

warioswoods: u r wrong...they have a ton of material more to play than us regular users,so to speak.oh come on,the browser didnt become a cheetah ...but it is a bit faster.try looking at a perspective of someone who is totaly fed up of N`s lack of offer.weight the two and their will win in logical,im gonna wait for now...and we get it,u r a Nintendo fan;) (just kidding;) )



mjc0961 said:

Oh for ****s sake! I DO NOT NEED FACEBOOK ON EVERY ****ING THING I OWN! I DO NOT NEED IT ON MY 360! I DO NOT NEED IT ON MY DSi! Go **** yourself, Facebook.



MindFever said:

Anyone else having FB problems when tryin to upload pictures????? I CANT upload and it takes forever to tell me and give me an error code (369008) that doesn't exist.No support in the forums or anywhere else in matter of fact... it SUCKS big time.i am so irritated...

mjc0961: emm dude...u can just STOP using it ,okay? I think it is better to have something more or less? (okay okay,they shouldn't forget about other useful things.But Nintendo with its stupidity can be quite fascinating sometimes) I mean,it doesn't force you to use facebook ,man But maybe it would be better if the FB app would be a freeware thing from the DSiWARE store.U know,just an applet not a system-integrated thing.
But okay,i realy dont mind this ... i do mind this: IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER... i'm loosing patience



RooF said:

Just today i uploaded one photo and it works fine. Time to use the DSi camera

btw Nice avatar MindFever



MindFever said:

@RooF: hmmm ... dammit,i envy you all who can do this. I mean,what the hell is wrong with my FB applet? I am so frustrated... And there is 0 (as in ZERO,NADA,ZILCH) support for this problem.
hehehe i bet you do.It is Tucidides or Pericles (i forgot,but i think its Tucidides): "A man who has no interest to the state,we don't consider him harmless, but useless" <-- this was spoken by Pericles though (5th century B.C.,to the people of Athens after the Peloponesian war.Was it after Darius or after Xerxes,i forgot)




RooF said:

Your avatar is Periklis περί + κλέος the surrounded by glory

"A man who has no interest to the state,we don't consider him harmless, but useless"

If we translate it from Greek it would be more like:

"A citizen who does not participate in a states political life is useless" Because not all men were citizens of Athens and so not all men had the right to participate.



Feld0 said:

'K! I'll use this, but how about a full-on Facebook app like the iPhone/iPod touch one?

Better yet, they could start a brand-new category of DSi apps called "Online Services" or something, which could include apps for Youtube, Facebook's competitors (MySpace, etc.), e-mail, and so on

Not to mention that I'm hoping for video recording support for the cameras. I'd like to think that a simple update to the camera/photos app could add this in. I'm fine with SD-only support for these videos.

And how about using downloaded stuff that's on SD cards, a la Wii Menu 4.0?

And a DSi VC would be awesome, too.

Now, if only they could overhaul their software architecture to allow the DSi to multi-task (e.g.: play a game while running an app, say, the music player at the same time.).



mlfanatic said:

Okay; I'm having the same problem with the error code 369008; my son tries to upload a picture to facebook (newly created facebook account), it gets stuck in the "uploading photo" screen, then finally gives the error code. The album was created on his facebook page, but the picture just won't load onto it. Any suggestions??



MindFever said:

@mlfanatic: SAME thing here... it is weird.I have a Facebook account for a few years though.Too bad i can't use the DSi to UL pictures.
I mean, the Nintendo customer support won't reply to my questions and there is basicaly 0 tech. support for this problem.
I do use WEP encryption... i'll try switching to WPA/WPA2 and see what happens. So far,i had no luck. Dammit,i'm so pissed off... hurraaay for Nintendo ( )

@RooF: i stand corrected indeed... but considering the political view,the spirit of it , it is still a verry "modern" way of thinking. (exception taken on the trends that ancient civilizations had ,like women not being able to vote or people who couldn't be citizens.I mean... you know what i mean.Today these "trends",almost everywhere evaporated,for goodness sake)



MindFever said:

lol,i changed my passwd on my facebook account and now i have another error code 360102
god forbid Nintendo did something right ...



mlfanatic said:

Mind Fever: ever solve your problem? We still can't get the pics up. A call (2, actually) to Nintendo's support line reveals that they have "never" encountered this error code or problem before. They have a techie calling me back in two days, but I'm not holding out much hope.... Anyone else have any suggestions? The album appears on the facebook page, but no picture ever uploads, and the error message on the dsi is still 369008.



sergeant said:

If you have been getting error code 369008 when trying to upload a picture to FB I know a way to fix it. Because this worked for me. First go to your system settings then go to page 3 can click on internet. Then click on your connection then click on change settings then scroll over until you come to the screen that has MTU and put in 576 after you do that try to upload a picture then! good luck



Phantomlover13 said:

@ sergeant. Thank you for that tip. XD it totally worked. After I changed it my DSi failed the connection test but it let me upload my pictures. lol

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