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Tomenasanner Mad New Title from Konami for WiiWare

Posted by Sean Aaron

More mental game stylings as only the Japanese can deliver them!

It's not really apparent why Japanese game developers have such a penchant for wacky game ideas that provide a draw for many curious Westerners: it could be a reaction to growing up in a culture of overwork and is an explosive expression of repressed id. Whatever the reason, it's welcome by many who regard games such as Muscle March to be an expression of unmitigated genius.

Konami is joining Namco's foray into WiiWare weirdness with Tomenasanner, a game which appears to use a simple combination of A-button presses and motions to guide a breakdancing salaryman through a series of levels ranging from the city streets, underwater, the moon and, uh, Hell!

The game was originally created for mobile phones and seems to have gameplay mechanics combining Go! Go! Minon with a rhythm action game. It's probably best to let this excellent description from the official game site (courtesy of Google Translate) speak for itself:

Respect to high school students are scattered in the squid. You can buy the juice in vending machines.
You can rodeo a runaway triceratops.
work, travel, operating around intermittently while bringing the drama, the dead run well today!

The game will be 500 points, support 1-4 players and is coming to Japan "summer 2009." The official site indicates there are online leaderboards for comparing performance worldwide, so it sounds like a global release is a strong possibility! Of course you can look forward to first impressions on Nintendo Life as soon as this title is released.

Check out the game in action and dream:

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Adam said:

The panda is back. Still waiting for Muscle March more, but this looks like it'll scratch the same itch.



KeeperBvK said:

The style certainly reminds me of the shortlived Project Rub-franchise, which is definitely a plus for me.



naut said:

I'll be paying attention to this. Some of the weirdest games are the best.



Noire said:

I need something weird and Japanese every once in a while, and this game looks both weird and Japanese enough for me. Will get, especially with that price tag.



Egg_miester said:

damn another great japanese game that won't come here i hate living in america i feel like selling my wii getting a gun blowing away na gamers but i wouldn't sell my wii



Sean_Aaron said:

@Egg miester: I don't think we need to go that way; it seems quite likely this is getting a worldwide release.

Reading the translation again, it's not clear there are motions after all; mostly being repeated is "simple one-button action!" -- maybe this is the first one-button game since MaBoShi circle?



Egg_miester said:

@sean at times i go a little overkill but it frustrates me how many great games stay japan only i guess with the rodeo tricertops that sounds to awesome. i hope konami makes this worldwide release they do like releasing games everywhere, i am still praying muscle march get worldwide release



Sean_Aaron said:

Muscle March would likely require someone else to license it (maybe Hudson?) since Namco doesn't seem to do the worldwide thing (not making international versions of Mojipittan seems to be missing a trick as well -- it's massive in Japan and I expect it would do really well in non-Japanese form) for some reason...



timp29 said:

Hheheh Me like. Thats a game to bust out at parties for a conversation starter. Breakdancing through hell? Brilliance!



Ratengo said:

Should 'Tomenasanner' be identical to 'Crescendo' in the Coming Soon-list...? The latter was a working WiiWare title announced by Konami last year and has "a musical experience fused with quick, frantic action of classic arcade action".

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