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The Mystery of Whiterock Castle coming to WiiWare soon

Posted by Darren Calvert

Can you solve the mystery within?

We just received a press release from German publisher RTL Playtainment along with two screenshots about a new WiiWare game by the name of The Mystery of Whiterock Castle. It appears to be a medieval version of ‘Where’s Wally’ (Waldo), where the player has to search for items in the landscape.

The pedantic among you may have picked up on the bold claim “The Mystery of Whiterock Castle heralds Playtainment as the first German publisher to release a downloadable game on WiiWare”. This clearly isn’t correct as German based Shin'en Multimedia and Snap Dragon Games have both published games on WiiWare already. Better luck next time guys!

Here’s the press release in all it’s glory:

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle Appears On WiiWare This Summer

Cologne, Germany - July 20, 2009 - The Mystery of Whiterock Castle heralds Playtainment as the first German publisher to release a downloadable game on WiiWare™. The classic “hidden object” game developed by the Frankfurt studio keen games, promises to transport players of all ages on a medieval fairytale adventure when it premieres this summer 2009.

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle tells the story of a young knave on a thrilling quest to find his beloved playmate, a princess who has mysteriously disappeared from the royal apartments. Armed with only a sword and a magnifying glass, players assume the role of the young knave who must scour countless rooms and gloomy dungeons in the meticulously detailed settings, rendered with gorgeous hand-painted 3D graphics.

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle offers quick and easy accessibility for the most inexperienced players, allowing players to use the Wii RemoteTM to find and collect numerous hidden objects concealed in ten different settings, either in cooperative mode, competing against other players or in a single player game. With randomly generated objects scattered around the levels, secret nooks and crannies and a variety of multiplayer modes and highscore lists, The Mystery of Whiterock Castle makes for an entertaining adventure that the whole family can enjoy.

Playtainment will achieve a first on WiiWare™ with the release of a title in the successful “hidden object” genre, one of the most popular genres in the casual gaming sector.

“With our entry into one of the biggest online platforms, RTL interactive is paving the way for other German developers in one of the fastest growing distribution models”, says Birgit Hönsch, head of games publishing at RTL interactive GmbH. “We will increase our online presence over the coming quarters to deliver premium download titles to gamers worldwide.”

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle will be available to download on Nintendo WiiWare™ in summer 2009.

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Philip_J_Reed said:

Could be interesting, but it also sounds like it might just be a big ol' load of pixel-hunt. I'll try to stay optimistic, as I hope there is more to it than I'm giving it credit for.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Sweetness! Can already tell this could very well hold its own on the WiiWare service. Can't wait to hear more.



Stevie said:

Could go either way this one, if its a point and click along the lines of Broken Sword then im interested, if its nothing more than a shallow treasure hunt then im not. The graphics do look nice though.



John3714 said:

So you just have to find items? It looks like, in the first screenshot, you have to find nine pigeons. In the second, nine brown books. Go to your local dentist, and shift through their collection of Highlight magazines if you want this.



Bass_X0 said:

Its a shallow treasure hunt. My four year old nephew enjoys playing a haunted house treasure hunt game on the PC - this will be like that. Except with less variety it seems.



Sneaker13 said:

I don't like these hidden objects "adventures". It has almost nothing to do with my beloved adventure genre. But I do enjoy it at times. So if the price is right, why not?



warioswoods said:


Highlight?! I remember those from when I was young, but I thought they were long gone at this point. Time for me to find a dentist with better literature.

More on-topic: the fact that the graphics / environments seem to be rendered in real time might offer this game unique qualities for its genre... like better random generation and perhaps a zoom that works more fluidly (maybe even dark levels where you search with a flashlight?). The likelihood of it actually taking full advantage of the possibilities, however, is presumably quite low.

EDIT: and now that I look at it, perhaps it won't be real-time... which is a shame given that those graphics could be done pretty well even with the Wii's power. Also, what the heck does "hand-painted 3D" mean??



accc said:

That's crap, when I first saw the screenshot I thought it would be a point & click adventure game, then I read the press release and all my hopes were dashed.



Lady_Gryphon said:

I've played a couple of "find the object" games on the DS before and have enjoyed them. I'll have to see how the review ends up before I decide if I want this for WiiWare or not.



Dawnclaude said:

Hm Lady youre the perfect example for RTLs target group.
So after market analyses the publisher knows already that you will buy it. Congratulations!



MuljoStpho said:

I was thinking pretty much the same thing. The title sounds good and that first screenshot looks interesting, but then you read what it actually is...

I had the same reaction not too long ago when I first saw Cate West: The Vanishing Files. At first it sounds interesting, but then you look at it closer and you find out how shallow it is.

I've tried out a game like this from a DS demo in the Nintendo Channel (Mystery Case Files MillionHeir) and I'm afraid I really don't see the point in them.

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