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Sega Releases Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the announcement trailer in action!

Sega has just released the official announcement trailer for their upcoming Wii title Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll. The game is currently on tap for an early 2010 release and will center around the Wii Balance Board peripheral.

Are you ready to roll? Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll makes use of the Wii Balance Board in an all-new party game for the Nintendo Wii console. You'll tilt and lean your way through course after course.

As you can see in the video, most of the material is CGI, but you can at least get an idea of what Sega is trying to accomplish with this newest Super Monkey Ball release.

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We'll keep you posted on any new developments with Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll and we'll have a full review of the title upon its release.


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SwerdMurd said:

:0 :0 :0 Day .5 purchase. I will be standing outside the factory doors stealing a copy off the assembly line. This, to me, is the absolute definition of a Wii Game.

Monkey Ball is one of my absolute favorite series. 2 for GC was my absolute most-played game.



calculon said:

Awesome. I've loved every Super Monkey Ball game in the series (with the exception of Adventure) so this will be probably my next full retail Wii purchase.

Wow, it took over a year for me to buy my last full retail game, The Conduit, which sucks so bad it's laughable. Hopefully Sega will pull out all the stops with Step & Roll and make a game that's a true hybrid of the first two in terms of level design, mixed with Banana Blitz's rather nice visuals (although I also like the GC games visuals as well)

I guess there is one good thing about Wii - it does save me money when it comes to buying quality games.



Machu said:

I love Monkey Ball!
I love the balance board!
I love this news!



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

I had a feeling that super monkey ball could use the balance board because of that game on wii fit where you are in a bubble.



naut said:

Monkey Ball is insanely hard. Now we have to do it on the balance board...Great.




I need this game like food and water. Me want, me want bad.

Agree with Calculon, MB has generally been a brilliant series. I loves MB 2 and MB Banana Blitz too. Bring this fracker on.



IAmNotWill said:

I loved the gamecube games. I think I'll have to buy a balance board just for this! I really hope Sega can bundle this game with a balance board.



jackaroo said:

Uh-oh. Monkey ball on Balance Board. Isnt the game hard enough already lol. But this will be a definate buy for me. Ive played & Beat Super Monkey Ball deluxe on Xbox and Touch & Roll on DS. And Ive also got Adventure and Banana Blitz. The only one I didnt really like was adventure. And I didnt like the mini games on anything Past DX. Bring back the DX Minigames and keep the main game as addictive as always and this is a definate winner. Also I hope the minigames dont require a balance board. I dont wanna have to have 2-4 balance boards just so me and my friends can all play. I have one now that doesnt really get any use as it is. Dont need another one gathering dust.




Yeah, Monkey Ball IS quite hard at times and you would think the balance board would make it astronomically hard unless they toned down the difficulty a bit. I'm still very excited by this game. There's also something about Monkey Ball that makes it moreish.

I'd like to see a play it on wii Monkey Ball 2 with wiimotionplus too as well.



Crazed said:

I'm actually not looking forward to this version at all. I am a huge fan of SMB 1 and 2, and I somewhat liked Adventure (played it on my friend's PSP), but Banana Blitz was just awful (IMO). Plus I play SMB 1 and 2 with my friend all the time (same friend with the PSP), and he only has one leg, which basically excludes him from playing this. For me to consider getting this, I would need a video of an actual level (since the horrible level structure and graphics made the BB awful for me) and confirmation that there will be some other type of control scheme for this game. Until then, I won't touch this game with a ten foot stick.

Sorry for this rant. I'm just frustrated that there hasn't been an SMB game that has come close to SMB 2, and seeing this franchise go downward since then (in terms of quality) makes me sad. Hopefully this is good so that I can take this rant back, but it would need to be incredible to do that.



Aviator said:

Hopefully SEGA will include it to be played with the Wii Remote. Or maybe you have to control 2 monkeys at once!

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