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Rampant Speculation: What's Up With Guitar Hero 5 Wii?

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Official Twitter feed teases rumored "amazing new features."

Acticivision's Guitar Hero franchise has gotten some sweet love on Wii; Legends of Rock took the series online in a surprisingly solid way, and World Tour had it's own Mii-enabled mode and brought downloadable content as well, something still not widely done on the system.

Now, with the fifth entry set to drop on Sept. 1 in the U.S., the official Guitar Hero Twitter feed is going all Wii rumor-crazy.

WOW Wii!!! Rumor is that there’s going to be some amazing new features for #GuitarHero on the #Nintendo #Wii – What could they be?

Care to wager a guess?


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Edwin said:

Wii Motion Plus drumming. You won't even need the drum kit. Just hit where the imaginary drum would be.



Rocky said:

Maybe something that implements M+ and allows the M+ adapter to be used in the guitar.



Machu said:

It'll come packed with an acoustic guitar and some tablature. Now you can be a TRUE guitar hero. Awesome!



Pegasus said:

Bleh. I do just fine with Rock Band 2. It does everything I want and it has an ever-increasing music catalog. I really don't see a need for any other game of its type.



pagster said:

@2. Edwin
Would be so sweet.

@7. Pegasus
I'm not sure if this was true - but my main motivation for the new GH is that you can have multiple people playing the same instrument (ie: 3 lead guitars). I'm not sure why they didn't incorporate this at GH2 as it always spurs quarrels on who gets to play who. Plus, they could always have achievements/career modes to force a full band so that the bass player isn't forgotten



Pegasus said:

3 lead guitar co-op? 3 drum sets? What's the effing point? Seriously, all I notice is silly unnecessary features being added to Guitar Hero, while instead of properly updating their games' online music catalog Activision needs a new game for pretty much everything. It's getting beyond stupid now, not to mention the increasingly ridiculous amount of blatant advertising displayed in those games. No, thanks.



Kreegs07 said:

Wii Vitality sensor. If you do a line of coke before the game it will blur the screen according to your heart rate for that true rock experience.



brandonbwii said:

Actually some has been confirmed already. Mii mode and GH Tunes confirmed. NO FRIEND CODES, and some other things I can't remember right now. It's on Gonintendo.



Big_A2 said:

Activision can try as hard as they want, but they just won't be able to win me over The Beatles: Rock Band.



Pablo17 said:

This may end up being good. However, I just picked up RockBand 2 because of The Beatles.




They are ramping up the online. A lot. But I dont buy GH since now it feels a little too milked and exploited to me. Rock Band is much better. Mostly due to its deeper World Tour mode. Besides, doesnt it annoy anyone who only has a guitar and their friends come over and the only thing they want to do is play guitar hero? Im tired of it. Now to finiish my semi-rant, I will treat you all with a random word: broccoli.



Quimby said:

Is it's new feture going to be a promise of no more sequels? I don't want to have to own several copies of the 'exact' same game just to play certain songs that I want. How about the make a game thats compatable with all the available dlc and just work on pumping out more dlc...

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