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No US Plans For Black Wii

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

For the time being, at least.

So that totally cool black Wii that's set to release on August 1 in Japan? You know, the one bundled with Monster Hunter 3 Tri and a Classic Controller Pro? Yeah, it looks like it (officially) won't be coming Stateside any time soon.

Speaking to GameDaily, a Nintendo America rep confirmed that they have "no plans to have other colors of Wii in the U.S." Awww.

We'll see how long this one lasts. It's not like Nintendo haven't denied obvious things before, like both DS remodels. And really, with a money-making prospect like this, they'd be crazy not to. Then again, we do have to remember who we're dealing with: a company that marches to the beat of its own Kongas.


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Megumi said:

Well that sucks...if they ever do, wish there was a way to take your Wii in to get the different color without paying much...
EDIT: Woohoo! My first 1st comment! lol



JaredJ said:

Is the classic controller pro going to be released on it's own in North America?



derickw69 said:

I would buy the black one and finally give my kids the white one. I so want them to bring this here.



y2josh said:

Sales are slacking over there. Sales are not so much slacking here. Money is key.



FJOJR said:

Oh well, doesn't matter for me and those who own one, but it would've been cool to see in stores.



AlexSays said:

Josh hit the club on the seal.

Of course it's not coming here yet. Sales are fine here.

Once the Wii becomes unhealthy in America like it did in Japan, we'll also see colors.



Link79 said:

Remember when they had purple Gamecubes? Man that was dumb. I chose black because it just looks cooler. If they would have had Wii's in black In america I would have prefered that color. Imagine a black Wii with a red disc slot. I could have called it Kitt just like in my favorite show from the 80's called Knight rider!



CodyRBurns said:

Well, I'd almost buy a flippin new Wii if it ever comes in black. It's just that much more bad@$$



JimLad said:

If we want black Wii in the west we'll have to stop buying white Wiis first.
It could happen sooner than we think. Those reps are just robots really, they wont tell you anything you don't already know. "We have no plans" = "we haven't announced it yet" But it could be announced at any time by someone important. Maybe they'll package Wii Sports Resort with it.



Machu said:

Bring it to the EU, so I don't have to import it. Do you want me to import it Nintendo?



Corbs said:

I'm still holding out for the white Playstation 3 system so I can finally have an all-white gaming rig.



Will said:

You see, the white Wii, always be tryna keep the black Wii down.



xesbeth said:

"Occidental people have bad taste so they don't need a Wii other than white."

Nintendo staff.



Objection said:

It'll come someday.But as long as I have my White Wii, I'll be fine. (officially jinxed myself.)



Kawaiipikachu said:

@Link79 Same here I currently own a black GameCube (for the Gb player) because purple is ugh.

I can remember when Nintendo announced this sleek black Revolution.
Cool name cool colour then they renamed & recoloured it I was a bit disappinted.



TourianTourist said:

I already have a white Wii and buying a differently colored Wii NOW is just not an option. Thanks to not copyable savegames and VC games, plus all the additional equipment I bought in white... But I would love a black one, it really looks good.

They should have offered two colors from the start. Like the DSLite/DSi.



the_shpydar said:

I hope they at least release black (or other color) wiimotes in the US. A black Wii would be nice, but i've no plans to replace my system, and in my 20+ years of owning Nintendo consoles, i've never had a single one fail -- the closest is an iffy power switch on my NES-flavored GBA SP. My February 1987-purchased NES still works as well as when it was new! Meanwhile, other companies consoles have required 2 (under warranty) replacements so far ... ahem, RROD, ahem ... =P



SGAK said:

I agree with Adam016 -
When Nintendo finally decides to combat the not so threatening high def - consoles (if you look at sales numbers) they should do so with in style.
A Wii HD in, say, Black, Blue, Red or Green...
or why not start a new trend, with console patterns -
Blue underwater style, Red fire style or Rainforest style...
But that would be such a leap from their sleek minimalistic style...
although, they are known for taking risks.

Or just re-release the Wii with blu-ray and HDMI support and a larger built-in hard-drive?



TourianTourist said:

lol.... Wii HD... not going to happen

There's no need to combat the high def consoles, because they're no competition anyway. Let them canabilize theirselves, while Nintendo goes their own way. Actually, that the Wii is NOT a HD console is one of its advantages, believe it or not. The hardware is less expensive and so is developing games. HD was overshooting the video game market, most of the customers don't have a HD TV anyway. And the same with blu-ray. A more expansive re-release of the Wii with all those features, which only a small percentage of the customers actually wants, would be a bad idea.



mjc0961 said:

They can release the Wii in every color possible. I barely use my white Wii, and when I do, it works fine. No reason for me to buy a different one.



JimLad said:

"You see, the white Wii, always be tryna keep the black Wii down." - Will




Metang said:

@JJosh: You've hit the nail right on the head.

I'd take a black console over a white one any day, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's not like Ninty has denied stuff like this (such as the DS remodels) for that long...

@WolfRamHeart: LOL.

@Link79: Yeah, the purple Gamecube was such a bonehead move. Seriously, purple? WTF? That's why I got the black GC.



Mike1 said:

I like my white Wii anyway. It always looks clean while my black PS2 is always dirty looking thanks to dust.



IAmNotWill said:

Never liked the purple GC. I had a black one, broke it, then got the silver one which was the best color to me.



Crazed said:

As much as I want a black Wii, I would still have to keep my white Wii for all the games I've downloaded and the for the memory of the other games I've played, so in that respect this would just be a novelty item.




I already payed for my black jap wii,it ships to me upon release! Im sorry im a hardcore retro gamer and there are alot of jap games on vc that i want to play,so i also ordered a bulk of jap wii point cards with the system so im fueled and ready!!



blackwii said:

this is just stupid it wont come to north america and my other wii fails cause its been dropped at least 10 times at a total of 60 cm per drop so totaly its been droped 600 cm it can barly read my disks and it takes forever to load it from the start button to secure your wrist strap and i want a new wii that plays Blue-rays and it wont come to north america like come on japanese hoggers

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