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Nnooo Planning New DSiWare Franchise

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Coming sometime next year.

Australian devs Nnooo are hard at work on the DSiWare iteration of Pop and a suite of DSiWare productivity apps, with myNotebook looking to be first out of the gate. Anything else? Why, yes, actually.

Speaking to Vortex of Tech, Nnooo creative director Nic Watt's let slip that the developer still has a few DSiWare tricks lined up.

Well we have at least one more myLifeCollected app in the works, which we can hopefully talk about in the next few months, and we are at the beginning stages of our next game. Our next game is a brand new franchise which we think will launch on the DSi sometime next year. Sorry I cannot be more specific than that!

Oh, it's all right, Watt. Thanks for the heads-up though.


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TanookiMike said:

I wonder if he means for DSiWare, or an actual DSi exclusive release, like what was talked so much about prior to the DSi's launch.



Gizmo said:

I am wondering why it does take so long to release Pop. Maybe they should rather focus on finishing the title than announcing or beginning another DSiWare project.



WolfRamHeart said:

I think that Pop Plus looks pretty cool but I haven't even tried Pop on WiiWare yet. I hear that it is a really good game. I wonder if I should download it?



thaneds said:

gizmo your right, but what can be gained when you have not announced. take dragonball Evolution, they did not annouce it until they made it in the dark, it became stupid but it would have been easier if they told about it more. and the story would not have been screwed up too bad.




guys Nnooo finished pop+ solo there done with it. nintendo just hasn't released it yet. it was submitted to nintendo by nnooo 2 weeks ago



Nnooo said:

Pop+ Solo is with Nintendo as we speak They have to play it and do all sorts of fun tests to it to make sure we don't knacker your DSi Once they are happy with it we'll get a release date and let the guys and girls at NintendoLife know!

In the mean time we have to start focusing on what we do next which is amongst other things myLifeCollected with the first app being myNotebook...

And to the guys at NintendoLife if you don't ask for an interview I deliberately didn't reveal anything 'cos as you know you get our news first



Nnooo said:

We have out a short video of myNotebook to show it in action. Normally I'd give NintendoLife a copy however as this is a quick, rough cut I'll wait until we have a more polished video (if that is ok?).

check out



dsijared said:

hey Nnooo can you guys make music apps like a internet radio app like the psp,or a youtube app or just hurry up on the mynotebook app good jop on pop solo +



Nnooo said:

We hope myNotebook will be this year. Pop+ Solo is already in submission with Nintendo and we hope to have another app from the myLifeCollected range out this year too.

Our new game franchise will be out next year.

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