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Nintendo DSi Hits 100,000 Units in Australia

Posted by Brad Long

The Nintendo train just keeps on rollin'!

In only the 14 weeks the DSi has been available in Australia, the total amount sold has already hit 100,000. Now for a population of 21 million, that's already 1 in every 210 people (which for a country like ours is a pretty high impact rate in such a short time!).

Here's more from Nintendo of Australia.

Independent market research group GfK Retail and Technology Australia confirms that the latest hand held console from Nintendo, Nintendo DSi(TM) has sold through more than 100,000 units in only 14 weeks.

Nintendo DSi - an upgrade to the Nintendo DS Lite hand held console launched in Australia and New Zealand 2 April 2009. Nintendo DSi's predecessor, Nintendo DS has been Australia's number one selling console since 2006.

Nintendo DSi's new features include: Nintendo DSi Camera - two cameras, 11 unique lenses, Nintendo DSi Sound - store, play and manipulate your music, SD memory card slot - for additional storage space - ideal for your photos and music, as well as a slimmer unit, increased sound quality, bigger LCD screens and the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Free to download, the Nintendo DSi Browser puts your Nintendo DSi online. Once online, you can visit the Nintendo DSi Shop and shop online for Nintendo DSiWare. The first time you visit the Nintendo DSi Shop, you will automatically receive 1,000 free Nintendo Points (available for a limited time only) which will allow you to download your choice of Nintendo DSiWare.

By purchasing Nintendo Points Cards, you can use your points to download Nintendo DSiWare from the Nintendo DSi Shop. Nintendo DSiWare is available in four different price categories: free, 200 points, 500 points, and 800 or more points.

Just so you know, GfK Retail and Technology is one of the top 5 market research companies worldwide. Now if only Nintendo of Australia would do more to please all the people buying these things!

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TourianTourist said:

I'm still waiting for Nintendo giving me a good reason to upgrade to a DSi. But if they do, I'll sure be happy to increment their sales here in Europe.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Oh great!
Nintendo's stopgap sold too much which means when Nintendo finish with the devoloment of there actual DS successor they likly to delay its launch for a year or 2 .

I still gbe going on my plans on replacing my worn out lite with another lite .



Hardy83 said:

Yeah, I got the DSi day one and MANNNNNNNN do I regret it, DSiWare is just garbage. I mean the worst of any gaming systems online shops... It's just bad.

Not to say there aren't good games, there are, but the layout itself, the limitations, everything..WiiWare blows it out of the water and even WiiWare has a lot of issues.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Tony: I'd wager Crocodile Dundee would be a Mario vs Donkey Kong man

For our country to sell as much as they do with such little support from Nintendo Australia is a testament to the hardware. I love DSiWare, but I do agree the shop itself needs serious tweaking.



Kim_Jong-Il said:

@ Kawaii
Want to buy mine? Wouldn't mind getting a DSi, even if it means no more GBA and GBC games.



Big_A2 said:

The picture of Corodile Dundee made me smile, but I would've laughed my ass of it it was a picture of Kevin Rudd with a DS.



Kim_Jong-Il said:

I would like to use this post to say that I do not pirate DS games, and have a hatred of it. That being said, I recently bought a flash card and some of the stuff you can do with it is cool. And yes, I do download GB/GBC games, but almost all of them I bought on cartridge too.

@ 16
There is probably some adaptor somewhere, but there is no mass-produced way of doing it.

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