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Nintendo Download: Kirby's Dream Land 3, Twinbee, ColorZ, Heracles and Sudoku (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Hanabi Festival ends with its last two games.

The UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has once again spilled the beans on tomorrow's update in advance, although there's really only one game we didn't know about yet. As was pretty much guaranteed to happen, tomorrow sees the release of the final two Hanabi Festival games. They're accompanied by another two WiiWare games and one DSiWare game.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 is the third game in the Kirby's Dream Land series, which is quite odd, because both previous games were on the Game Boy! Any hardcore Kirby fan will obviously probably like the game, but if you're not a big fan you might want to look at the other options first - We think it's one of the worst games in the Kirby series. That doesn't mean it's completely terrible - But many of the other games are a lot more enjoyable. And since it's an import it'll cost you 900 Wii Points!

Detana!! Twinbee is one of many games in Konami's Twinbee series which was never released outside Japan. It's yet another shooter, but before writing off you should know it's a pretty unique one - Like Star Parodier, it's a lot more light-hearted. For example, one of your weapons are a set of boxing gloves you can shoot out! The game's main gimmick comes in the form of bells, which you will occassionally run into. Differently coloured bells will give you different powerups, weapons, invincibility or even simple points. If you'd like another shooter which stands out from the crowd, this is the one! Read our review for more. Of course the game will cost you 700 Wii Points.

WiiWare gets two games which were both already previously announced. ColorZ has already been compared to the popular shooter Ikaruga - You control up to 3 differently coloured UFOs as you fly through various levels. These levels are filled with flying orbs in the same colour as your ships - As you might've guessed, you can only get past the orbs with the ship of the same colour. This leads to a lot of hectic colour-changing and even combining UFOs to make other colours. The game looks quite fun and for 700 Wii Points seems to be decently priced as well. We'll have a review up soon, in the meantime, why not read our Exkee interview?

Heracles: Chariot Racing is Neko Entertainment's third WiiWare port and the first not to be part of their Cocoto franchise. As the title gives away it's a racing game set in ancient Greece, where you naturally race with chariots instead of the usual cars. It's not exactly a Mario Kart beater, but for 800 Wii Points it's fairly priced and could do well at parties. Our review will give you the lowdown!

Today's only new DSiWare game is yet another "little bit of" a retail DS game. A Little Bit of... Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training Sudoku contains over 100 Sudoku puzzles from the first Brain Training game. It's also a little cheaper than the previous Brain Training package, because it only costs 500 DSi Points. But Nintendo's really a bit too late with this release, as Hudson recently released Sudoku 150! For Challengers, which contains 150 puzzles and costs 500 points as well - I think it's quite obvious which one would get you more value! Nevertheless, we'll have a review of the game up soon.

So, now that the Hanabi Festival is over, will we be going back to continuous 1-game VC weeks or not?


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Rum_Rapture said:

ColorZ looks really interesting, I'm holding out hope for that. Don't let me down, Exkee!



calculon said:

God what a crappy festival. Outside of M.U.S.H.A. and Twinbee (unless you've already got Star Parodier) and maybe Bomberman '94 (unless you've got Bomberman '93) there really wasn't much worth looking at.

Colorz looks pretty good, although in all honesty I'll save that one for a rainy day when there's nothing better to buy (next week probably )



Bass_X0 said:

"america & japan got it like months ago!"

We had to wait for the Hanabi Festival since its an import to us. It originally came out in America and Japan only so they were free to release it any time in their own regions. Well its here now.



warioswoods said:

Sucks for that 3rd party, but I'm glad that Nintendo is putting out their own Sudoku from Brain Age, as their interface (and the sideways holding style) is perfect. It doesn't matter if the 3rd party offering includes 50 or 100 more puzzles, that can never hope to compete with an interface as streamlined as the Brain Age game, if you ask me.



jhuhn said:

Download headline: You'll see Twinbees, Chariots and Sudoku in this Colorful Dream Land.



Jazzem said:

Boo at DSiWare I've already got Sudoku 150 dammit! WiiWare might be interesting though, looking forward to a review of Colorz.

VC is pretty great for me, I got Pop 'n Twinbee on the SNES sometime earlier this year and loved it, so I'm definitely interested in Datana. and I'll check Dreamland 3 out as I personally enjoyed Kirby 64 despite the mixed reception, I think I'll enjoy this one too!

Overall, pretty good week I'd say! Though DSiWare disappoints



Sneaker13 said:

Still no LiT. I really want to save my points for that game, but ColorZ sounds fantastic. I will buy Kirby's Dream Land 3 someday, but I still need to buy, play and finish the other games in the serie.




Well, for me there are FOUR games that I'm interested in! Two of them are insta-downloads. So good for me. There should be MORE Wiiware titles though considering that we were promised many others...but I'm happy enough...

Insta-downloads = Heracles (unique control mechanism which worls well) and BT Sudoku (best presentation of sudoku on ds, though they should've released 200 puzzles NOT 100 ffs and at 200 points!!!)

Need reviews: Colorz and Kirby

I haven't downloaded any games from the Hanabi festival, but aren't most of them very good?! Therefore its been a good festival hasn't it?



Gavin_Rozee said:

Weakest HF so far IMO.

Colorz looks... colourful. I'll wait for reviews.

Oh, and DSiWare is fail.



warioswoods said:


I don't think so. As I noted in #13, the book-style layout and smooth handwriting interface of the Brain Age Sudoku makes it the only one I'd ever consider buying, and having the Nintendo name will likely boost sales even further. I'm betting that the 3rd party dev is the one to lose here--quality over quantity any day on this kind of thing--but we can wait for the charts to settle and see who stays on top.



Jockolantern said:

You lucky ducks finally get Kirby's Dream Land 3. One of my very favorite titles in the whole Kirby catalog. Simple and artistic platforming at some of its most enjoyable. Love the boss rush once you beat the game and the many Nintendo cameos throughout are a treat.



Jolted85 said:

the US got these games awhile back, Kirby is pretty good, I never downloaded Twinbee so I can't say if it's good or not.



Ratengo said:

It should be noted that ColorZ isn't coming to Australia. The game's official page doesn't mention about release 'down under' and there isn't any OFLC rating either.



touffeboy said:

We already have this game, but NOA have to waited 1 - 2 more Months to get the bests nintendo game _



Kobayashi said:

Detana Twin Bee is a very good shump. Now, I´ll be waiting the NES version of the first game.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'll be doing the Colorz review and I bought and played a bit last night.

It's brutal with a single player; that's all I'll say for now. I need more time with it to fully develop an opinion, but trying to control multiple ships at the same time is rather challenging since they're all mapped to different controls. The visuals are excellent, the sound is good and the mechanic is sound. If you're only going to play by yourself though, well, I find Bit.Trip BEAT an easier game to play!



mrPlow said:

Arrr!!! no Monkey Island , maybe next week.

Sean Aaron wrote:

It's brutal with a single player; that's all I'll say for now.

Say no more, if it's brutal I'll get it . Seriously going to wait for your review before buying the Colorz.



Bass_X0 said:

Can't australians just switch their region to Europe and keep it that way? It sucks for them not getting every game we're getting.



legochesser said:

Nintendo is 1 week too late with releasing their Sudoku, if I knew this, I didn't download A little bit of...Puzzle League. Now all my points are gone so I can't download it!



Alexei123 said:

Yay! EU have been getting great games lately! I want at least 1 from all the releases: Bomberman 94, FFCC:MLAADL, Kirby! Yay! Keep it up Nintendo!

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