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New Pop+ Solo Focus Bonus Round Video

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the Focus Bonus Round of Pop+ Solo.

Nic Watt, Creative Director of Nnooo, has just sent over the latest video for their upcoming DSiWare title Pop+ Solo. The video shows off the Focus Bonus Round and the gameplay that goes along with it.

Pop only the color you are instructed to. If you miss or pop a different color you'll fail!

As you can see in the video, this mode requires you to pay closer to attention to the exact color of bubble you're instructed to pop if you're to be successful during this bonus stage. This title is looking better and better and is definitely on our DSiWare watch list.

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We'll have more information on Pop+ Solo as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the DSiWare service.


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Nnooo said:

Well we submitted to Nintendo yesterday so fingers crossed we pass first time! Then it is up to Nintendo's release schedule




YAY its submitted!!!! YAYAY im going to go outside and explode! this game looooooooks so amazing for 500 points its like awesome. im glad i saved my 600 remaining points . So now all we gotta hope for is that Nintendo will please release this next week. come on! dsiware isn't getting any good games we need this! im sooo excited thank you Nnooo!



legochesser said:

Thank You Nnooo! I'm waiting for this, and every minute takes ages to pass the last time to the release! Now hope Nintendo does release this Friday in Europe and next monday in America!



Nnooo said:

Heh glad you are all excited by it! I very much doubt it will be out this week (or monday) as it takes at least a week to turn round a submission (presuming we pass first time). Then I imagine Nintendo will have a queue of games waiting to be released.

As for why we missed launch. A couple of things slowed us down, we didn't get our dev-kits early enough and Adventure mode took us longer than expected. It is all good now and we think it will be worth the wait.

We also have another announcement coming up about our first DSiWare non-game application so watch out for that on NintendoLife. Then we are going to start work on our second application and a brand new game just for DSi!!




JayArr said:

Non - Game App. you say? I'm intreaged.

Wait, it's not a clock or calculator, right?




whe do you think pop plus solo will be out? im going to get it the second it does. 12:01 p.m. Monday morning!

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