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New Monster Hunter 3 Trailer Captured

Posted by James Newton

Plus an unconfirmed US release date!

Those lucky Japanese will soon be able to get their hands on Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~), as the game's Japanese release date of August 1st is now less than four weeks away, and Capcom are really stepping up the game's media assault with a new trailer launched within the past few days.

Combining the game's ever-impressive CGI intro with in-game footage of brand new monsters, areas and the underwater elements, this latest trailer should get your hunter's blood pumping if you're a fan of monsters, hunting or simply the prospect of a fantastic online hardcore title. It also shows off some more of little acorn-headed Chacha's role in the game, as he burrows into the ground to produce... a barbecue spit?! There's also interesting titbits for MH veterans to pick over - Felynes working the fields, different-coloured Rathalos and the sight of a huge Wyvern swallowing up the player's boat. Could this mean the series' first battle inside a monster?

Although there's no cast-iron release date yet available for the game in the West, rumours have started surfacing that the title will hit North American machines next March. There's no official confirmation from Capcom or Nintendo, so for now treat this as unconfirmed rumour and nothing more. Still, at least watching this trailer will bring its release a few minutes closer.

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Machu said:

Sweet trailer, I can't wait for this game, yet I'm going to have to it would seem. Any fanboys or developers who doubt the Wii's ability to make a proper game with good graphics and online capabilities, must be confused by this one.
This game IS the reason I am considering importing.



Golgo said:

This looks stunning. I've been getting back into my clan hunts in FFXII to get in the monster-hunting mood.



timp29 said:

Wow, that looks like it captures the very best of zelda-esque style boss fights. Looks epic!



Vendetta said:

I can't recall a more epic trailer for a Wii game. This is how it's done! And I can't wait to see more from the game itself!



hamispink said:

This is amazing, the only monsters I recognized were the rathian, and rathalos, I really hope that the online will be great and that the classic controller pro sees a U.S. release, I CANT WAIT!



motang said:

Damn that looks freaking awesome, I hope it comes out to rest of us soon (like this year)!



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow! This looks awesome! This will definitely be another title that I must add to my most wanted games list!



James said:

@Vendetta - I doubt it'll use Motion+ as most of the hardcore users will use the Classic Controller, and to be honest, it's not a game where M+ would be much use anyway, to be honest.

@Hamispink - there's rumours one of the monsters is a new Fatalis, but that could be wrong of course. The Monster Hunter wiki has some good shots and info on the new monsters though



opeter said:

Wow, is there really no date, when this would be released? March 2010 in US? And what about EU? Thanks.



James said:

No official date from Capcom yet, opeter - I was hoping to hear a date at E3 but sadly nothing came.

March is probably only the rumoured date as it marks the end of Q1, so if Capcom are declaring MH3 as a release for this financial year it'll need to launch before the end of March.

As always, when we get some solid information, we'll post it.



archaicmindset said:

as of now, MH3 was confirmed via Capcom's financial stuff that was released to the public. the date was 2010. during E3, Nintendo's press site was open to the public and even contained a release list for all the announced games. Monster Hunter 3 was listed as Q1 2010. this is official stuff. unfortunitly i didnt save the document, but im sure you can find it on the internet

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