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My Life as a Darklord Coming to North America on Monday

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Better get those Nintendo Points ready. Lots of them!

According to the official Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord web site, the game is set to hit the North American WiiWare service on Monday, July 20th for 1000 Nintendo Points.

Below is a list of all the available downloadable content and you can also check out the official trailer for the game on the official web site.

Beloved Wardrobe - 600 Nintendo Points
Designer Wardrobe - 600 Nintendo Points
Darklord Special Forces - 500 Nintendo Points
Darklord Elite Unit - 500 Nintendo Points
Kain - 200 Nintendo Points
Palom - 200 Nintendo Points
Bedroom set - 300 Nintendo Points
Living room set - 400 Nintendo Points
Darklord Armoury - 400 Nintendo Points
Vile Ribbon - 200 Nintendo Points
Nightmare Tiara - 200 Nintendo Points
Fatal Earrings - 200 Nintendo Points
Gloomy Armband - 200 Nintendo Points
Wailing Doll - 200 Nintendo Points
Wanted on Vacation - 500 Nintendo Points
A Fateful Clash! - 500 Nintendo Points

How's that for a wallet buster? That's 5700 Nintendo Points worth of extra content for a grand total of 6700 Nintendo Points to own everything available including the base game. We'll be curious to see how many of you end up purchasing all of that additional content.

Our review of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord will be up shortly, but until then you can check out the screenshots of the game in action below for a taste of what you can expect from the game.


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DreamWatcher said:

Awesome. Too bad my points are already reserved for some other games.
Edit: 5700 total for the DLC? 6700 if you add in the cost of the game. Um...I think I'll stay away from this one... The DLC might become too tempting and I'm not rich.



Gizmo said:

The DLC is absurd. Why should I buy a "Designer Wardrobe" for example?



Mario_maniac said:

I'm one of those suckers who would buy all the DLC just to say I have the complete game, so I reckon I'll hold off from purchasing MLaaDL for now.



Bass_X0 said:

"Why should I buy a "Designer Wardrobe" for example?"

Each dress gives you a different powerful attack to be used once per battle. The accessories don't show up on Mira's character model, they're just text and an additional 50 NP for each one you download. You can earn accessories in the game itself but the DLC ones are for those people who feel like they need an additonal boost. Basically, if you end up downloading all the content then you're pretty crap at the game. Or if you're good at the game and you download a lot of stuff, they will be completely pointless since you're good enough that you don't need them anyway or make the game way way too easy that you've just wasted your money to rush through the game without any skill at all.



Chunky_Droid said:

Well personally I'm not that interested in the game as it is, I never bought My Life as a King either.

Just don't have the time to plough into games of this sort :/ Though I wish I did.

And i'd probably download it all because I am a sucker and a completist.



ReZon said:

Avoiding a game because there's DLC that you aren't required to buy? Hmm... well good luck with that.

Insta-download for me on Monday.



Doogle said:

I'm gonna wait for the NL review. If I think the base game for 1000 points is worth it then I will take a punt, but there is no way I am shelling out for a bunch of DLC on top of it.



Bass_X0 said:

"there is no way I am shelling out for a bunch of DLC on top of it."

Then don't then. Just enjoy the game for what it is without any DLC.



Wolfcoyote said:

I've already fallen for purchasing way too much downloadable content with My Life As A King, and while the overall game experience was enjoyable I no longer had the time to sit down and finish it (building the Library for example). Add to the fact that I'm still embarrassed about purchasing Crystal Defenders R1 and R2 and incensed over the pricing of The After Years packs (I didn't purchase any yet) and I was ready to blow off Darklord. The core game looks good, but there's no way I'm going to purchase additional content (Cave Story and several other games a-comin').



Knux said:

Now Square Enix is just trying to rip us off with all that additional content!
But, I will buy the base game.



Bass_X0 said:

How is it a rip-off - I have the game and really don't see the DLC as a rip-off at all. I'll be downloading a few things that take my fancy, sure - but I shall not be downloading everything obviously. I appreciate having a wide variety of choice to pick what to download.



Knux said:

@Bass X0-Because some of the DLC sound unnessary [I'm reffering to the Bedroom and Wardrobe sets]. Still, the rest of the DLC is intresting.



Machu said:

They're aren't forcing anyone to download it, and it is a fully functioning game without. If you choose to download every last bit, is that SE's fault or your own? I downloaded about a 3rd of MLaaK DLC and glad I did, just don't buy dumb stuff like costumes.

This game costs 1000 points, and no more.



Bass_X0 said:

"just don't buy dumb stuff like costumes."

For MLaaK? I did just because I had 100 points left with nothing else to spend them on. For MLaaD? They're not dumb because the costumes give you a powerful attack when you wear them.



DarkLloyd said:

YES this is the game i was waiting for now i will buy another wiiware game which is this and it has been awhile since i purchase anything from the shop and i will be picking up crystal defenders r1 and r2 along with it



Gizmo said:

Thank you for the information Bass X0.

For me DLC like that, like the items, should be in the game from beginning.

At this rate in the next console RPG you have to buy the in-game weapons for real money...



Bass_X0 said:

"For me DLC like that, like the items, should be in the game from beginning."

You do get additional monsters, items and NP+ during the game itself - the DLC is to help gamers who are struggling with the easy levels. They may have to pay more for it but better that than completely giving up on the game by hitting an impassable brick wall. And as to whether they should be in the game at the start, I suppose you have to think about if there wasn't any DLC that not only wouldn't they be in the game but the game itself would be worse because the developers wouldn't have the extra income than the basic price to put into the game. Its just the way games are these days.



Objection said:

@Bass X0-I think what they're saying is that having DLC ready from the start means they could have just included it from the get-go.

Anyway, I will be getting the base game right away and will likely ignore all the DLC.



Sabrewing said:

Kain and Palom? Are those summonable units, or just decorator stuff? At least it looks like I could largely ignore the DLC for this game, since I'm not that big on customizing things of this ilk. I mostly download things that expand the actual games, like additional missions and playable characters.



SKTTR said:

Kain and Palom are of course usable units.

Kain is the strongest melee unit. He's also pretty fast. Since I've downloaded him and it's a pretty helpful unit, I use him on every tower.

Palom is the strongest magic unit. I download her next time.



Captain_Jack_Sparrow said:

Well at least there will be one awesome WiiWare game by tomarrow; now come on SSB64!! We're at 309 VC games now; so let SSB64 be #310!
Also with the streak of many WiiWare games; I wouldn't be surprised if Nyx Quest came out by tomarrow as well! For that would be a dream come true; FFMLaDL, NyxQuest, & SSB64... hahaha I can only hope!

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