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Interviews: Red Steel 2 Developer Videos

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Ubisoft throw us a bone with some excellent insight videos into the upcoming Red Steel 2 for Wii.

If you're a regular to Nintendo Life you'll already know our newly married James Newton has already visited Ubisoft to play their upcoming Red Steel follow up. Well now we've got some lovely new videos to show you detailing more of the 'behind the scenes' action that makes Red Steel 2 possible.

The Birth Of A Hero

Gameplay Demo from the E3 Booth

Red Steel 2 Interview

Nice one Ubisoft!

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fudgenuts said:

It looks good, but I have a 360 so I'm more interested in ODST and Modern Warfare 2.



Kirk said:

I still have this nagging feeling, based on what I have read about the game and all the videos I have seen so far, that something about this game just isn't going to satisfy me.



Jockolantern said:

This is an FPS to get excited about. I'm done with stiff, analog stick-based controls. Looks like the developers at Ubisoft have really crafted this game with some tender love and devotion. Gorgeous art direction combined with what looks to be some solid gameplay mechanics. Love the swiftness with which you can switch between gunslinging and katana slashing. Can't wait to give this game a go this November. I'm hoping it'll be the FPS to beat on every console; every one that comes out on the PS3/360 seems to be just one more tired rehash of the ones before. The Wii really opens things up and allows developers to look past pixel counts and analog-restrictiveness and let the first-person experience breathe with more life and run with a lot more kinetic, visceral energy.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I've had this on pre-order for some time and it's going to be my first Motion Plus game. The videos are nice, but I don't need more convincing that this will be worthwhile.



Ian_Daemon said:

Red Steel 2 looks like it can be very fun with Wii MotionPlus (WM+), I just hope that the 1:1 accuracy is there and the tracking is fast enough.

I have the Tiger Woods 2010 golf game with WM+ and I know that the accuracy CAN be there, it's just from the E3 video above it looks as if the Red Steel team has some work to do...



cr00mz said:

the second video with him showing 1:1, whats up with that horrible delay? and also it didnt seem to mimic exactly the move he made with the mote



Objection said:

This is looking quite nice. I hope that its singleplayer is strong enough to warrant the purchase, since it doesn't have any other modes.




I hate every single FPS that is available on any console other than the wii. Why? Controls. If this can give us the fun of shooting and slicing, than this will be the best thing ever since un-sliced bread. Sliced bread is a gimmick.



Vendetta said:

The only thing that's keeping me from being 100% excited about this game is all the negative feedback Red Steel received - mostly for the quirky controls.



Chrono_Cross said:

Red Steel 2 looks to be one of the best FPS to come out in the near future. With the lack of local multiplayer or really any multiplayer in general, is a bummer, though hopes to a fantastic story mode.



Modern_Legend said:

Looks like it could have been great, with no local multiplayer anymore im not looking into this game, lol sorry, i just need some competitive action for my replay value



brandonbwii said:

i was skeptic at first but after reading the interviews and faqs on the game im almost a believer...almost.

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