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Incoming! Coming to WiiWare in July

Posted by Corbie Dillard

JV Games' strategy-combat game headed to WiiWare soon.

JV Games Inc., creators of Frat Party Games Pong Toss, are getting set to release their second WiiWare title onto the service in July.

Incoming! will make its North American WiiWare debut sometime in July. You can check out the official press release below for more information on this interesting WiiWare title.

JV Games Inc. is pleased to announce that Incoming!, rated “E” for everyone, will be available in July 2009 on WiiWare.

Be prepared to yell “Incoming!” while furiously avoiding flying cannonballs and missiles.

Incoming is a fast-paced strategic combat game. The goal of which is to defeat your opponent by destroying their tanks using the arsenal and power-ups you have at your disposal. Advanced munitions and defense items become available at different levels of the game.

Incoming features two distinct games: A progressive single player game, advancing levels as you pit yourself against and increasingly difficult AI; or multiplayer mayhem where you and an opponent duel it out and see whose tanks are defeated first.

Can you defeat your opponent tanks before they conquer yours? Collect power-ups to give your arsenal that tactical advantage. Your firing must be quick and your aim true to claim victory.

We're trying to get our hands on some screenshots of the game in action and we'll have more information on Incoming! as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service in July.

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Stuffgamer1 said:

From the creators of "Pong Toss?" I'm skeptical that this will be anything but HORRIBLE! But maybe they'll surprise us...MAYBE...



Haze4peace said:

I was excited when i first saw that picture. Would be nice to have advance wars on wiiware. I'm pretty sure they are just using those tanks cause they needed some kind of picture to entice us with. Hopefully all that money they made from Pong Toss will be put to use making a good game.



Corbs said:

That's just an Advance Wars graphic. Has nothing to do with this game. We just don't have any assets for it yet.



Egg_miester said:

it worrys me that the tank images seem to be an copy of advance wars the game better be cheep if it has ds graphics



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Finally! Been waiting to hear on this one. This one was rated by the ESRB last month before it was even announced.



Knux said:

JV Games Inc., creators of Frat Party Games Pong Toss.
Oh no,JV Games has not given up developing games after Pong Toss!?
I sense shovelware,but I hope I'm wrong.



Digiki said:

You guys suck, that picture made me think there was a possibility of an Advance Wars WW game



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yep, I just saw it now and I don't have high hopes for it, I'm afraid. I hope this doesn't completely discourage them though...



naut said:

I was about to say this game sounded cool...Then I saw the trailer. Never mind.



Noire said:

Man, I was like "Sweet! A new Advance Wars game on WiiWare, and it isn't that Days of Ruin crud!"




Olimar_91 said:

Got-Dangit, that Advance Wars art got me all excited for nothing!

Hopefully this game is OK too.



Corbs said:

We got in a bunch of screenshots and artwork for the game we'll be putting up tomorrow.



Ricardo91 said:

When I saw the Advance Wars picture, I thought it was gonna be some sort of Wiiware AW spinoff. Turns out I was wrong. I'm sad now.

EDIT: Just saw the trailer, and now I REALLY wish it was an AW spinoff. I mean c'mon. Tanks with eyes? WTF?



Vantes said:

Took me forever to realize that "Incoming!" is the name of the game...



Sean_Aaron said:

This really would have benefited from being turn-based, but that's my particular bias.

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