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Hudson possibly bringing Shootanto Kakohen overseas

Posted by Sean Aaron

Arcade-style shooter may be Hudson's first outing as a WiiWare licensor.

Siliconera have found a US Trademark filing which appears to indicate that Hudson are undertaking the localisation of Grand Prix's 2008 arcade-style shooter Shootanto: Kakohen in what is sure to please folk curious about this currently Japanese-only title.

The game was released in December 2008 and got some attention due to its off-beat concept of having the player control a monkey who throws coconuts and bombs at various prehistoric beasties coming towards the bottom of the screen in a gameplay style reminiscent of classic arcade games Cabal and Blood Brothers. The monkey gradually "evolves" into a human, whilst foes range from dinosaurs to giant bugs, sabre cats and lizard men through three stages that can be tackled by 1 or 2 players.

According to the filing the game will be called Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem, though Hudson have yet to make any official announcement. This marks their first time publishing a WiiWare title from another developer so it will be interesting to see if any other Japanese WiiWare exclusives are handled by Hudson in the future.

Grand Prix are also working on a sequel to Shootanto: Kakohen (Past Chapter) called Shootanto: Miraihen (Future Chapter). So far little is known about the latter title outside of it having at least one stage that appears to be set in World War II.


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Terra said:

Finally, is all I can say. This just makes me love Hudson even more. I wonder whether Europe will get it first, like with some of Hudson's other games.



Sean_Aaron said:

I never did put up first impressions of this title because it looked like Shootanto: Miraihen was coming sooner and I was going to do a big Shootanto post.

Screenshots for Miraihen were released in January -- hope this doesn't mean it got canned!



Rum_Rapture said:

I can't say I'm excited. I remember reading an import review of Shootanto: Kakohen that said it was slow and poorly designed, ultimately getting 1 star out of 5. Oops!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I had a strange feeling it would come but that doesn't mean I'll be getting it...

And I swear, if Hudson brings more titles over (especially the ones that, y'know, I really want to come over), I'm gonna love them even more.



accc said:

YES, I had all but given up hope of ever playing this on my Wii! Do want!



Toddr said:

Do you spell tire with a "y" in Europe? I've never seen it that way before.



Rum_Rapture said:

@Toddr: Yeah. "I'm beginning to tire of this tyre!"... You know, something you might write if you were tired of a tyre. Same sound, different meaning, different spelling!



JoeDiddley said:

The more Japanese wiiware games the better I say.
We have Hanabi for vc so why not?

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