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Flipper: New Screenshots and Artwork Showcase New Art Style

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

GoodbyeGalaxyGames' DSiWare game Flipper now looks much more detailed.

GoodbyeGalaxyGames has released five new screenshots and three pieces of artwork for the upcoming DSiWare game Flipper.

These showcase a much improved art style which looks slightly anime-esque. The game still seems to use voxel rendering, meaning that every single little block that makes up each object is rendered individually, instead of it just being one large object. Quite impressive for a DSiWare game!

There's still no real details about the game, such as an expected price point or release date, but you can keep up with the game's development on the dev blog.

The screenshots can be viewed below or on the game page, and you can view the artwork (As well as the screenshots) on GoodbyeGalaxyGames' site.


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Corbs said:

This game looks really cool. Very old school. I like that.



Roopa132 said:

Looks nice. I hope the gameplay will be good because visually it appeals to me.



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

yeah the main character looks better! I would like to know what you do, and I am hoping there is a story/plot in it.



HugoSmits said:


It's a platform-adventure game. Your basic goal is to find (and reach) your goldfish. You need to use powerups to change the landscape (i.e. blow up walls, build staircases, rebuild bridges).



Corbs said:

It's going to be a huge success. It's got fish in it! Fish + Explosions = Win



Corbs said:

Hey Hugo, I think you're going to have to update your avatar to take into account the new graphics style of the game. You're looking a bit outdated there. That look is so last week.



warioswoods said:

Hugo, not to belabor a minor point, but I'm curious about a technical detail:

If I remember correctly, you originally developed the voxel engine in use here for the standard DS and managed to fit everything within its 4Mb of RAM (which is pretty impressive!). You'd later mentioned something about wanting to take advantage of the extended RAM on the DSi, so I'm curious: did you or will you be making changes to the game engine in order to take advantage of the extra space, or is that not an option in this case for some reason?



Odnetnin said:

This game is looking much better! And I thought the last version was nice, too. Really good to know you're still working really hard to make this game the best it can be, Hugo. Day one download for me. Support indie devs! Woo!



HugoSmits said:


That’s a pretty good question. I’m going to use the extra RAM for some slick ingame effects. But I’m not going to make bigger levels. I thought about this a lot, and my conclusion is :

I had a lot of cool levels/puzzle ideas for the smaller levels. Bigger levels don’t necessarily mean better. Besides that I’m talking to a publisher (the deal isn’t final yet, but I’m pretty sure they will take the game onboard). Because of this we also need to look at Flipper as a ‘product’ and think about money and time (and what we can get out of it). I can’t keep on adding features forever!

This btw doesn’t mean the game is going to be small. Right now the content is as followed :

There are 4 worlds + 1 tutorial world. Each world holds 4 puzzles, 1 star level (you need to collect stars in the previous levels to unlock this one) and a mini-bonus game. Each world features their own theme and enemies.

Collecting stars doesn’t really sound cool. But it really is. They are just as hard to reach as the exit, and you need to use the same amount of powerups which leads to many interesting problems. For example, you normally might use the destruction powerup to blow up a wall in front of the exit. But you might need it to reach the star. If you use it to find the star, you need to find another way to get to the exit (since you can’t blow up the wall anymore).

It makes the levels a lot harder and interesting to play. As reward you can unlock the star-level (if you found all stars the world). And if your done with that, you might wanna try the time-mode for speed-runs

I personally believe that IS A LOT OF CONTENT for a 200 POINT game.



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

200 points? Awesome! Much better than some other 200 points games... clocks and calculators...

Edit: I went to the official site; so that is why the game is called Flipper; awesome.



warioswoods said:


Thanks for the detailed response! I agree that is sounds like a considerable amount of content for the 200 point price tag, and I know from my own work in application development (not games but database / integration / other apps) that you have to draw the line somewhere or the scope of the project will never stop expanding. It sounds like keeping the original setup for this release makes sense in a lot of ways.

My technical interest in the RAM question is that it's never been clear to me what Nintendo has been telling developers; I've been wondering if most DSiWare devs are given information on the differences between DS and DSi, or if they tend to just use the DS as their base test environment. I'm guessing that most of the DSiWare games already released were in development before the DSi hardware arrived, and probably had to go with the standard DS for most of their development.

In any case, if all goes well, maybe it will turn out successful enough to warrant an expanded sequel one day



Token_Girl said:

Wow! I can't wait to hear more about this game! I was thinking from the description it would be at least 500 pts. Unless the reviews suck, I'm considering this a mustbuy too.



Hardy83 said:

200 points? lol that might dethrone DSi Broswer. lol

If this game was good, I was prepared to pay 800 points, but 200 man, you got yourself a seller!

Your marketing department can update their quote to.
Fish + Explosions + 200 points = Epic Win.



Odnetnin said:

That's like getting each level (not counting the tutorial world, minigames and time-mode) for 10 points!
This game represents why there's still hope for DSiWare.
P.S. Hugo, can you still replay levels outside of time-mode?



Philip_J_Reed said:

Wait, this is 200 points?

That's...INSANE! For once I get to complain about a price being way too low!

My goodness. I love the notebook app idea, but it's downright nuts that this is selling for the same price.

I wish you the best of luck with this...let's hope it sets a precedent!



Paul_Veer said:

Thanks for the kind words about the art, guys I'm the guy who did all the new art. It's great to finally get some feedback on it. Thanks!



HugoSmits said:


Yes! In both modes you can play every level you unlocked. You can select a world and then the level you want to play. The level menu also shows your time-record and a little star (if collected) so you know which stars you still need to collect.



brandonbwii said:

I had no problem with the previous art style (any flaws I just chalked up to dsiware limitations). I like this update much better though. What'd I'd like to know is how do you know the game is 200pts. Isn't final pricing up to Nintendo when the game is released? Anyway, looking forward to it as I love character based puzzle games (MFC, Toki Tori etc.)



HugoSmits said:

@ brandonbwii
True, Nintendo has a say in this as well. But I’m really going to push for the 200 points price tag. Nintendo will most likely listen to the developers wises, unless they think their channels are unbalanced (between bad stuff and premium games).



brandonbwii said:

Well, from how you describe the game, I'd pay 800pts for another action-puzzler. Not that I'm trying to talk up the price or anything.



Oscarsome said:

Man I love the new look! It's much cooler now. If this is 200 points, then I'm sure everyone will get it!



brandonbwii said:

none of my friends own dsi so it's a bit tough to spread the word. In fact, I don't know what it will take to get my friends into dsi unless there's a NSMB DSiware game coming. Even my friend who owns a DS Phat won't buy one.



The_Indigo_Effect said:


Once the DSi acquires a bigger library of games and has more exclusive titles that take advantage of the DSi's tech, I think more people will feel the pressure to purchase a DSi.

That said, this is the first I've seen of Flipper, and you really can't go wrong for 200 points. The game's aesthetics have me intrigued.



Yamishi said:

I gave this game a passing glance; I wasn't expecting anything, though the art style caught my eye.

After reading this comment section, I must say, I'll be picking this up the moment it's available to me. In addition to the cool-sounding gameplay, 200 points makes it a no-brainer.

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