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First Video of myNotebook

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out Nnooo's first DSiWare application in action!

Nnooo has just sent over a link to the first video of their upcoming DSiWare application myNotebook.

You can take a look at some of the many functions of the application in a hands-on type demonstration. It's looking like a very unique and useful application and we're already looking forward to giving it a try.

Check out the demo video below to see it for yourself.

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We'll have more information on myNotebook as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the application when it hits the DSiWare service.


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Larkin said:

I might get this but FIRST I must see the price

Achievement Unlocked!:Epic Fail



Golgo said:

"Congratulations, you have unlocked a new paper type!"
The might just break the internet, this!!!



calculon said:

Some suggestions for Nnooo:

1) The idea - no. Most people will find carrying around a pocket sized notebook more practical, not only does the recipient of a note not need any additional equipment but they're less likely to mug you from boredom whilst waiting for you to write something legible.
2.) How the hell does a video that begins by telling someone that they've unlocked a new type of paper inspire your target audience? Is that a joke or is it some plan to brain-wash people into thinking they're actually living in Animal Crossing?
3.) How the hell does 3 minutes of someone writing barely legible text inspire anyone? Shorten the writing part down to - oh say 10 seconds and no-one will care enough what my notebook does and still buy it, but watching 3 minutes of yawn does nothing.
4.) I suggest putting this out for free and then charging people for DLC paper and pen types - and maybe even colours. I'm sure someone will fork out 100 points so they can write in purple.

Can you add pictures? Are there any rubber stamps? Hell - can you even erase things/ Can you send notes to other users or print them out using some obscure Nintendo service or even send them to someone's Wii? How about including tracing paper so you can artistically render any photos you've got on your DSi? Why not include a paint brush where you paint on one side of the paper, close your DSi and when you open it the paint transfers to the other side? Why not add a paint blob mode where you can spot blobs of paint on the paper and then use the camera to recognise tilt and roll the paint blobs around the page until they're used up?

Seriously though, judging from the video, if I were a DSi owner this would be the last reason I'd think of to use it for and I'd rate the clip as one of the worst promotional materials ever.

Just being picky but in image three - which letter are you playing in Hangman? You're missing n's i's, o's and f's from what you've played and unless you're cramming 'do' into one space you've misspelled the company you're selling your product to.



nagareboshi said:

It is really necessary to flip the DSi to just write on the other page? Or was that part just to demonstrate that lefties won't have a problem writing?



eripmav said:

If it had full functioning calendar with the ability to add dates, times, reminders blah blah blah and of course, the ability to synch that data with your PC then wonderful...if not, bleugh.



Nnooo said:

200 points and its just a quick video to show one small part of it. More to come...



Nnooo said:

Heh will try to. This one was a quicky to show you the left/right hand mechanic

Cheer up calculon Pop+ Solo is coming soon!!



maka said:

I think the app is useful enough. This is the sort of stuff that comes free with any handheld computer such as the Palm, and I've used it on mine a lot.

I agree with features suggested above, and syncing would be great too, although I don't count on it....



Nnooo said:

For 200 points...

If this one is popular look for more Pro features in a Pro priced one



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I'm sure you have noticed it is much harder to write with the DS touch screen then with a regular pencil. For the same price I could just buy a small notebook and pencil. Besides, who wants to carry around their $200 Nintendo DSi in New York City?

Though, I still don't trust you on Pop. You said it would be out at the launch........months ago.......



Nintendork said:

I wouldn't suppose there's a typing option for the people that have even worse writing than you guys do (no offense )? Otherwise, I might get it.

Besides, who wants to carry around their $200 Nintendo DSi in New York City?

Raises hand all the time, actually. It's amazing how a quick game of Age of Empires can make the time waiting go by.



Nnooo said:

Yeah sorry about Pop+ Solo not making it out for launch. We wanted to spend more time on Adventure and it took longer than expected



irken004 said:

I think this has potential, but I think a typing option like Nintendork said could be helpful

It would be like Microsoft's Notepad, but better



Odnetnin said:

Well, I'm buying it! If you think myNotebook is impractical, wait for more information before deciding. I think it's great that Nnooo is starting to develop for DSiWare already, considering the service's rough start. They're games and apps are looking better than most of Nintendo's stuff.



motang said:

Wow...this is freaking cool. I will get this for sure, and hoping for more apps on the DSiWare!



Anfeli said:

Hey. if you are a perent like me, you can write your shoping list and just cross out the things you have.



Token_Girl said:

This is a great app for people who want to use their DSi as an organizer. I feel like most "grownups" who would be using it for that already have a crackberry, palm, or iphone/itouch. Writing is more convenient, but the finished product typing would be easier to read.

If I was a kid, this would be ok possibly to write a little note to myself (phone number, homework, something small I didn't want to forget). It's a shame that Nintendo didn't make the DS a viable organizer and just include these kind of apps for free (I wouldn't use them really, but still...).

In short, it's cool, but I have enough stuff that will do this already. Looking forward to some reviews for Pop though.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Calculon is a grump, but it's okay, because he's usually the first to admit it.

It's okay if you don't have a use for this app, but obviously a lot of people do, myself included. More pages would have been nice, but for 200 points I'll just download two notebooks and be satisfied. This will be great for all the times I get bright ideas on the go when a pen and paper isn't handy. (Or is liable to get lost.)

I'm looking forward to it.



anthonyb said:

Think of the app as a way of "going green". Sure you could buy a notepad and pencil, easy. But think of how enviromentally friendly you'll be carrying your DSi instead, and you'll look much cooler doing so.



Yamishi said:

@apocalypse217 post #1:
I bet your notebook also has a backlight and can be reset when you're done writing to play games, take pictures, browse the internet, et cetera. So I suppose you, with your awesome notebook, wouldn't need this app.

The video convinced me. I'm down for all three myNotebooks when they hit DSiWare!



Cthuloops said:

I agree with Chibi Link and some of what Calculon had to say. This could be a very useful app if done correctly. But since I don't even have a DSi, I think I'll stick to a notepad and paper.

Also for people who think Calculon is a grump, I actually think his comments are quite entertaining, and that negative criticism can easily help in developing something.



geek-master said:

nnooo? did you have influences by nintendo because that music suonds nintendo ish if you know what i meen



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

Also, one more thing nnooo, i think it would help people if you allowed the user to name each notebook, so it would be easier for the user, thats all



Nnooo said:

@Bahamut ZERO - Adventure mode is a brand new mode in Pop+ Solo with 4 boss battles, gold fish, sea mines and jets.

@Prochnow Left and Right handed people will see the book the right way up at all times Just imagine I'm writing with my left hand in stead of right and you'll get it.

Also to all the guys asking for more features. Please bear in mind that this is going to cost 200 points and as a small developer we have to make sure we spend the right amount of time on this for the price we are selling it at. We are not sure how it will do so we our dipping our toes in the water. If you all love it we'll do a Pro version with heaps more features!

Thanks again for all the great feedback.




Stuffgamer1 said:

This video just confirmed what I already figured out: This app controls like crap! I already posted those pictures on the other news post about this, so you should know what my problem is with it (I can't hold the stylus way the heck out there like you can). But even if I could, I still agree with my right-handed friends who said they don't want this because having to turn the DSi over repeatedly just to use it is STUPID! Frankly, I'm amazed you haven't gotten a LOT more complaints about this, as it seems to us to be a blatently obvious app-breaking flaw.

You should've just thown realism to the wind and made each page one-sided, moving on to the top screen when you flip, and given it a straight-up lefty mode. Until such an app is created, I won't be downloading any notebook-type app on my DSi.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Prochnow: If you must know, I'm 20. Do you really mean to tell me that having to turn your DSi over again and again ISN'T stupid? I'm not buying that.

If you pay close attention to the video, you see that Nic had to change how he held the stylus to write on the left page, and his writing quality dropped a bit. That's not a good sign, because I'm not the world's best writer to begin with. Basically, anything I might try to write on the right page would be completely unintelligable.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Prochnow: How it works for you will ultimately be irrelevant to me, to be honest, because you most likely hold the stylus a bit differently than I do and/or have better penmanship than I in general. Plus, even if I was right-handed, I wouldn't want this app because I think that having to turn the system over to write on a different page is stupidly inconvienient, as do the right-handed friends I've asked. The design simply makes no sense on a fundamental level, given that this app is supposed to be for our convienience.



mjc0961 said:

Stopped watching at 1:30. As previously thought, you have to flip the DSi around to write on the other side of the page. This is, as Stuffgamer already said, stupid. This is realism taken too far, and I will not be buying the finished product if it still controls like that.



Teodoro said:

This is the most fought over topic i've seen.

#1 if you think it stinks dont buy it

#2 if you made the app and priced it at 500pts. people would not be happy. After all, Noooo does have to eat as he stated.

#3 another way to resolve your issues is to make your own app or notebook and send it to Nintendo.

Im sure noooo(however many o's) would improve his app if he could but he has limitations like system memory, price, and more. If you dont like it just buy a notebook. No ones forcing you to buy it?? And who would bring a DSi to NYC?



Bankai said:

This would be the perfect thing to store my Dungeons and Dragons (pen and paper version) character - saving lots of paper and helping to organise the data - I'ma big fan and will definately be downloading at least one.

The sooner you can release it, nnooo, the better.



Hardy83 said:

Looking at your website I noticed that this apps section has this at the head.
"myLifeCollected is a suite of applications for DSiWare which we hope will make your life more fun and enjoyable!"

Now since it said "suite", does that mean (if these apps are successful, which I'm sure they will be since people want this) you plan on making more apps like this? Like a fleshed out calender or something? Cause that would be... Awesome!



JuneBelle said:

I am looking forward to this as the Flipbook takes so long to open up to take quick notes in. Page limitation is a little annoying.... But I guess I can use Flipbook for long notes and myNotebook for the quick notes as opening Flipbook does take a really long time when I'm just trying to jot something down.
(I think Flipbook just saves data to the system memory or the SD card, meaning that the number of pages is simply limited to the amount of memory the DSi is capable of..... I read that you guys are restricted from accessing the SD card; but given your solution to the page limitation is to have three notebooks, I'd guess that Nintendo is also limiting your pages as it would limit the size of the app, which doesn't make sense..... Have you asked Nintendo if the app size limit is to the app itself and not the content it saves? Cause....I wouldn't think the saved content would be limited to anything more than the amount of data the DSi can hold.)

Also, I have to admit that flipping the DSi over every single time I want to write on the next page is kind of annoying..... It's not a dealbreaker for me as I will simply write upside down if need be; but I would think that it would make more sense to hit the button and have it slide from the touch screen to the non-touch screen; then the flipping part can come when you switch to a new set of two pages. (and a lefty option being in the settings)

And I would love it if you guys made a calendar option!

I'm still getting this notebook.

Having the page slide over to write on the opposite page then flipping it when one wants to start on a new set of pages will also enable one to have your writing in the proper order at all times. I noticed that, when you flipped the note again, your writing was no longer in legible order..... But I guess it's too late....

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