Nintendo has released two screenshots of Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! to show people what they can expect from the Club Nintendo exclusive WiiWare game. Keep in mind that right now this will be exclusive to North Americans who have achieved a platinum member status!

As expected, it's pretty much an extra fight for the retail Wii game, in which you get to square off against the retired Doc Louis. Keep in mind that the retail game was big enough to fill an entire Wii disc - It's fairly impressive that they've managed to keep the graphics and (assumably) everything else at the same level for this WiiWare release.

It looks as though the code to download this unique WiiWare offering will be released on 1st Nov 09 for those lucky enough to qualify (unless you cave in and choose the Mario cap instead!).

The screenshots are below:


Now then, any guesses on how hard Doc Louis will be to beat? Keep in mind that he's the former heavyweight champion of the world!